Hardliner: the 411


Welcome to the world of Hardliner – Planet Hardliner. Sista is a Misdemeanour Diva whose rap sheet includes laziness, disobedience, indiscipline and impertinence that continue to impede her spiritual progress. Nevertheless, she is determined to get her shit together – to come out on the other side of fear, inadequacy and unworthiness so she can live authentically.

Here are her journals – brutally honest and more than a little cray-cray; chronicling her journey of self-discovery and ultimately to healing. On her journey of self-discovery Hardliner is guided by the power of Spirit, as she learns valuable lessons from life’s painful and uncomfortable experiences.  Learning that self-enlightenment aint for wimps was the first lesson, which has gurlfriend living in a semi-permanent state of pisstossity. So naturally being the misdemeanour diva that she is – Hardliner can put guardian angels and spiritual guides in recovery. Despite her resistance, she is being ushered into a life of purpose – come hell or high water.

Hardliner’s journals are posted once – sometimes twice monthly – there is only so much breakthroughs that a sista can handle at a time. If you learn anything about yourself from Hardliner’s internal mess that inspires the embarkation of your own spiritual journey of self-discovery – power to you.


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