Life on the outside chronicles: Those Hard Conversations


You gon win this battle easy

Hardliner wonders why in hell she listened to those Irates
Spiritual guides / higher consciousness / Angels/ whatever

You gon win this battle easy

It takes every ounce of serenity she gats
To prevent a rapid descent into ratchetossity
Cause the volatile energy of profanity is dayum near choking her
Like a fool she went into this battle thinking that
She could do an emotional purge – get all vulnerable and what not
And that she would find solace in compassion and understanding
Well aint that the joke on her Continue reading


Earth Mothers Chronicles: Earth Tremors


There is a rumble in Hardliner’s earth
Oya is on the move – again
Whipping and wielding dem soulful change winds of hers
In the midst of Hardliner’s backbone-breaking – James Brown sweating
All holy-ghost praising earth tilling exercise
Up until then – sista gurl was feeling comfortable
Within herself to say “and it was very good”
On the account that her earth looked
And felt a whole lot better
But Oya thought a little supernatural tilling was in order
Now the pungent aroma of her newly turned over earth
Assails her nostrils – thank-you-very-much Ms. Oya Continue reading

Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Love and War


Now this shit right here aint for public consumption
You hear me?

Ms. Ego warns off the bat
There are degrees to which you let out our buiznass
Never mind that being brutally honest – self cleansing crap
If you gon do this – you gon do it my way!

There is only one way – one truth
The Irates remind her in that infuriating ultra dry tone of theirs Continue reading

Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Breakthrough Interrupted


O.K – sista gurl needs to get a grip
She needs to give King George and Queen Victoria their eras back
Cause the Jane Austens and dem Bronte gurls
With their Rochesters – Darcies – Binglies
Willobies and Wickams is doing a number on her
Their old world charm befuddling her brain
Makes her want to write really bad poetry
Oh love – where for art thou?

And then into her period drama brew
She has sprinkled some red light district lustfully spun Continue reading

Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Sweet Love and Affection


Now Hardliner will never be a mushy person
No amount of accepting and receiving love undefiled
Gon change that fact
Sista gurl just don’t do cloying
She don’t do pet names like boo boo – sweetie – suguh
And sure as heyul no – Pookie
A sista gats a reputation to maintain

So what do you consent to?
Her Irates humour her –
Fully aware that she is in resistance mode Continue reading

Queen of Thrones Chronicles: About that Love


Hardliner is going down punkass
And like Faith Evans puts it down in her soulful testimony
“There aint no explanation on this Earth”
All gurlfriend knows is that she’s going through somethin
And that this badass R&B diva is letting it rip on Planet Hardliner
Sanging ‘bout tears of joy
She is pulling an Aretha Ms. Franklin
And slaying that song like a dayum beast Continue reading

Valhalla Chronicles: Boning Crazy


If there is a thin line between love and hate
There is one thinner between love and cray cray
And Hardliner has sure-nuff crossed it
Sista gurl is boning crazy right now
Straddling and riding it like she be possessed
Leaving her nothing but a scary – adrenalin fueled high on insane anger
Ooooooooh – she is so wired – so ready to tap
Into the overwhelming compulsion to do some ugly-ass mess
Cause the sweetest woman in the world
Can be the meanest bitch in the world
If you make her that way Continue reading

Valhalla Chronicles: The Snow White Complex


Snow White is all up in sista-gurl’s dome
Singing in that thin shrilly voice of hers
‘Bout whistling while she works – all happily dee – happily dum
Aided by her rabid forest animal crew
Hardliner lays down the law – she don’t want no vermin all up in her crib
The cute watercolour birdees she could just about stomach
But it is high time for Prince Charming to come –
Astride his gallant steed and whisk that nut case away to his Royal digs
To deflower her ass into the real world
Of hardcore matrimony and motherhood Continue reading

High Queen Chronicles: Woman in progress


Are you ready to look into your mirror sister
You will not break
A daughter of the Great I am cannot break

These words jar in her dome
Branching out into spasms throughout her body
Their deadliest concentration within her centre
Existing purely at a cerebral level aint nothing
But an experience of life from the neck up
Magic only happens when a truth sown in the mind
Is birthed in the soul
In other words – you gats to acknowledge it then feel it
For any healing to take place
Now Hardliner is a head and neck gal Continue reading

High Queen Chronicles: On the Run


Her grandma used to say – “lè i bon – di i bon”
When it is good – say it is good
And Hardliner is shouting it from Mt Kilimanjaro
The shit’s been coming down good lately

“I’m lost without you – can’t help myself
How does it feel to know that I love you baby”

Umph – dat white boy Robin Thicke
Gats some mad flavor up in his gravy
So finger licking good – Hardliner figures she gon
Set up camp in I-Wants-me-Some Ville semi-permanently Continue reading