The Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Live and Let Die


There is a certain energy that lingers
After dreaming about dead folk
Coming to think of it – this energy kinda reminds
Hardliner of a pesky mosquito with an obdurate will
To die harder than Bruce Willis
Especially when that Spirit gats a message
They wanna offload on her
Hardliner is in a foul mood – the weave snatching kind
You do pisstossicity better than love
Her Irates recently told her

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Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: Blood Outta Stone


For anyone trying to get a stone to bleed
Yall need to call on Jesus
Cause aint no mortal alive can achieve that shate
And while he at it – ask him to hook a sista up
With her stones as well – bitch-ass hard mutha fu…
Umph – she’s supposed to be spiritual and all that
On a holy pilgrimage within kinda thing
But the shit won’t let up
And Hardliner’s about to blackout on her
Re-programmed response to jack-you-up stress Continue reading

Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: Wading in Shit


One million steps forward
Two freaking million backward
All Hardliner seems to be doing these days
Is wading through her heavy shit
She is overwhelmed with all the self awareness up in her dome
Which by the way has catapulted her no further than her big toe
Sure she has acknowledged her damaged inner child – Sweet Chile Continue reading

Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: This Little Light


This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine
This little light of mine
I’m gonna let it shine

Hardliner is born again
Giving thanks and praise at the Holy Mt. Zion
Soul revival – love thy self – living life in the light of
Christ in whose name all things are possible
So that I can evolve into the budda-seer I was born to be
Rock of Ages Episcopal Church – halleluyur! Continue reading