The Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Live and Let Die


There is a certain energy that lingers
After dreaming about dead folk
Coming to think of it – this energy kinda reminds
Hardliner of a pesky mosquito with an obdurate will
To die harder than Bruce Willis
Especially when that Spirit gats a message
They wanna offload on her
Hardliner is in a foul mood – the weave snatching kind
You do pisstossicity better than love
Her Irates recently told her

No shit!

She does not go out looking for pisstossicity
It is like the bish can’t seem to get enough of her
Right now Planet Hardliner is being roughed up
By Oya’s transforming winds – with this particular storm
Being fuelled by her daddy issues
Dang it!
Can a sista experience the joy of veging out
Under a windless summer sky – just one dayum time?

Cut the melodrama Hardliner

Dem Irates gats some nerve

Yall talking to me?
They be swinging their sarcastic swag
On top of their foul behaviour – thus presenting girlfriend
With a deliciously tempting offer to give her inner ratchet
Some much needed breathing space

Yall springing family ghosts on a sista and what not

Careful Boo
You have been praying diligently of late
Backsliding into ratchetossity is not an option

Well I don’t appreciate your supernatural interference
All up in my grill
And then yall pull a real foul move and glamour me
Into calling the man

You mean your father

No the man – she retorts emphatically
He was never father – and sure as heyul no – no daddy

Shit – one would never believe she prayed this morning

Chile – you were given instructions
We spurred you to action

By glamouring a sista?
In her neck of the woods they call it vehglay
Blinding a person with supernatural energy
To do something not of their own free will
One minute here she is – reminding herself not to call the man
And in the next minute picking up her mobile
Then dialling his number
Yall must have had a real dry chortle at my expense
Hardliner is in full misdemeanour mode
Aint yall heard of free will?

Yeh good old free will has led many a fool straight to his grave
Little girl – you are stroking nerves that you don’t have
The balls – in your present
And in all your past lives combined to play with
Take a deep breath – no – just suck in some air
And hold it in until it renders you cockeyed
Then after you exhale – shut the hell up
Because you do not want a supernatural Madea
Jacking up Planet Hardliner – amidst Oya’s gale force winds

Before she has a chance to respond
Oya lets loose a primal scream that could raise the dead
The change goddess’ drums are spewing fire
Spurred on by her tribal dance
Her chaotic and almost violent rhythm seemingly
Interwoven in the very air
Hardliner knows when it is time to reign in Ms. Ratchet
She quickly inhales and waits for Cockeyed Sue to come a callin’

Honour thy father Hardliner
Even though he did not do right by you
If it was not for him – you would not be here
You owe him this respect

Their tone is coming down real serious
As Oya’s bare feet raise tornadoes from infancy
To grown ass natural disasters
Hardliner listens contritely –
Cockeyed Sue gon come at any moment

You think that you have settled your beef with your daddy
And you have made great strides in dealing with those issues
But baby – the forgiveness you think you have
Found for your daddy lives inside your mind

Don’t call him that
She kicks Cockeyed Sue to the curb
Letting her breath out explosively

We rest our case
For any healing to take place Boo
Forgiveness must be processed in your heart
Sweet Chile’s daddy fantasy must die
So that a healthy relationship with your father can live

Who says she wants a relationship with that man?
Hardliner knows better but her Ego has a long ass memory
Feeling acutely her inner chile’s pain
From her daddy’s abandonment

And that is your problem – your five year old self
Is driving this relationship with your father

Her Irates unfold their infinite wisdom
That at times makes her wanna – umph
Lawd Jesus – she don’t want Cockeyed Sue all up in her dome
She thought that her queen had already ascended this throne
That dayum dream turned up all this shit

No Boo
This dream has shown you that your daddy issues
Still resonate deeply with you
Basically they are still being fed by your inner child

Hardliner gets silent within herself
Noticing that Oya’s drumming séance has transitioned
Into a smooth and mellow rhythm
Like a soft – seductive sea breeze
And she could literally smell the ocean

Face this vast expanse of water
As you would your Heavenly father
And speak from your heart baby

Hardliner finds herself clamming up
Not wanting to relinquish her precious anger
Her feelings of betrayal – inadequacy – rejection

But these are not your feelings Boo
They belong to Sweet Chile – your five year old self
Take another breath
her Irates urge
And as you fill your lungs with air
Go further inward – deep into you being
To the place where you feel most vulnerable
That place holding your deepest hurt
The Holy Grail of your daddy related pain

There is no sanctuary from spiritual transformation
Hardliner muses

Because it means to make one hell of a Queen outta you

O.k. what does she do with her daddy issues?
What the hell was that about growing up her inner child
She is still here – in this space
With the little twit’s gripe about daddy going AWOL on her

Hardliner be gentle with yourself
This right now is your Ego mouthing awf
Trying to discount your raw emotion
Because it makes you feel weak
If you want to end this once and for all
You have get clear within yourself what you want
Out of this situation with your father
Face your ocean and speak from your heart

Gawd – the answer reaches Hardliner before
Her Irates even complete their question
She bristles at the thought to humbling to this truth
Nevertheless she faces her expansive ocean and sighs

I would like to build a relationship with my father
Lawd have mercy – she feels bare – emotionally naked
And scared outta her mind

Bravo for honesty
And is this so bad – to want to get to know the man
Who sired you?
To weave into your fabric a newfound piece of your ancestry
You have been gifted the opportunity to enrich your life
All you have to do is to take that chance
Step up to your fears – and they are just that
Mistruths that you have given credibility in your mind
This man did not reject you – when you reached out
He has tried to make peace with you Boo
Now you have to show your willingness to connect with him
And that involves defining a whole new relationship
You have that power because you are a grown woman
Who will get to know him as the man he is today
Let go of the man you hurt you in the past
You have to build this relationship on honesty and acceptance
Baby – you have to let go of Sweet Chile’s daddy fantasy
To allow your real father into your heart space
It is time to take the reins from your inner child
She does not drive this relationship anymore

Hardliner needs a moment to contain herself
Totally shook up from those soul shattering epiphanies

You can admit now that we were right to vehglay you
We can wait

Yeh the joke is on her although they could
Cut back on some of the gloating
Hardliner digs deep – real deep
To get out of the chokehold administered by Ms. Ego
She may have overreacted just a smidgen

Uh huh

Dang it they aint buying her half-ass mea culpa

O.K. she was wrong

Eh – personalise it

Aww yall trippin!

Your Queen needs to learn how to squarely stand in humility Boo
There is a gravity in their voice that tells Hardliner
That they mean business

I was wrong – I am sorry about that ratchet ass mess

Doesn’t that feel good?
They announce flooding her space with a soothing energy
Now look how that glorious sunset hits the water
Aint nothing like when water and wind meet
Their harmonious dance balancing your chi

It aint summery or windless – but yeh –
She’ll take that golden wind caressed sky


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