Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Snake Charmer


Lawd knows Hardliner abhors snakes
If there is one creature the Almighty has made
That she just don’t gats the stomach for is the snake
Heyul – didn’t Lucifer come in the form of a snake
In that whole Garden of Eden fiasco?
Well Hardliner don’t abide none
From the tiny garden ones to the real muthas
That can take a person out stone cold within seconds
As far as she is concerned – aint no snake is harmless
Anything that crawls around on its belly aint fit to be trusted
And its stealthy nature is not restricted to its species either
‘Cause there are many reptiles walking this life on two dayum legs

Right now Hardliner is in the vengeful glare
From one of this hybrid species – a snake woman!
Queen diva has taken to her incense and psalm chanting
With some extra fighting mojo delivered by Bob Rastaman Marley
Skanking up her dome with resistance and reasoning

“Some will hate you, pretend they love you now,
Then behind they try to eliminate you.
But who Jah bless, no one curse;”

Jah Rastafari!

Her queen is at war – burning holy fyah on the pestilence
Whose head is reared and anxiously waiting
For the importune moment to strike mercilessly
Oh yeh – sista gurl gats an Naja haje –
An Egyptian Cobra on her hands – dangerous mutha fu…

She warily stops –truly remorseful of befouling the air
Her inner ratchet is a slippery hoe

Haters + victimization = renewed prayer
The Irates’ clear voice slices through fog of
Incense smoke clogging her space
Sista gurl purses her lips – she apologiesd for the cuss word
That sarcastic comment was below the belt
As if she don’t pray at all – uh – most –
Well she prays when she can
Dang – that smoke is befuddling her brain

Or more like the sacred energy of prayer is forcing you to
Acknowledge the truth

And the guilt that comes along with it
Hardliner knows she is on her knees because
She is in this here situation with a venomous snake woman
And it can break her into more pieces than Osiris
Before Isis put him together again
When shit is going down who the hell she gon turn to
Apart from her heavenly Daddy?

That is all well and good Boo
But it is your pattern to fall at the feet of discipline
When you are facing major adversity
You are praying diligently now because that Naja haje
Gats her evil eye on you
Call a thing a thing Hardliner
Acknowledgment does not herald guilt
But it offers a chance to right your destructive pattern

Aside from being grateful that God is holding her up and all
And her Irates are clearly preaching like nobody’s business
The bandying around of destructive pattern rankles her

Yes destructive – because you walk this life
Unprotected – undisciplined and unfocused
You create situations that are not harmonious with your spirit
When you are not fortified and peaceful within
And do not keep your Ego in check
You are vulnerable to its righteous indignation right now
This present situation aint about you Boo

Hardliner is nonplussed cause she is plum smacked
Right in the middle of her situation
If it aint about her then who?
Her bottom lip is quivering cause Ms. Ratchet’s voice
Is egging her on mercilessly – go on say somethin’ – say it – say it

Light some more incense Boo
Her Irates retort drily
Maybe you need a heavier rhythm to channel
The energy of the ancients within you
Burning Spear is the Ultimate master

Hardliner can’t tell if they are being facetious
She fidgets uneasily – unsure of where this thing is going

This is not about you Hardliner
Yes you are in this situation – but it is not your situation
You have out rightly – almost righteously claimed it
This experience is not about your Ego
You have been disrespected and you feel affronted
But your lesson here is not about vengeance through spiritual warfare
You can only win this war when you cease to fight it with your Ego
When you appear before your Daddy – the All – the Great I Am naked
Stripped of your indignation and aggression –
You will open yourself to wisdom – you will know the way
But you have to stop wanting – stop seeking – stop needing
And if you gonna do Bob Marley Boo – heed this
“Every need has an Ego to feed”

She feels the pull of truth in her soul
The Buddha seer in her urges kneeling before this alter of truth

Surrender Hardliner
Her Irates interject
Surrender to the Ageless and Infinite source whom
You have asked to intervene on your behalf
Get out of way and let God help you
You have been so caught up in your holy war
Chanting with purpose to break the jaw of your enemy
But there is also lots of malice and anger up in this chanting
The voice of Ego registers loudly in your prayers

Cause she is pissed awf
That miserable snake woman has played the wrong woman

Yeh that is why you have to disarm her by charming her
Think Hardliner –
And the only way to do so is to get centered within
Why do you ask God for help when you only get in his way?
So caught up in the lie Ego feeds you about
You being the one who is fighting this holy war
Baby fight your wars and battles through your Heavenly Father
Fight with a pure heart – clean spirit
And a mind as clear as water
Stop seeking – stop wanting – stop needing to be right
Simply surrender to love and compassion
Keep patience and peace closer to you than your shadow
And most of all Hardliner – forgive
Because this sista woman who has wronged you
Is also at war – with herself
This is how you charm that Naja haje

Hardliner accepts their wisdom
This situation is a divine lesson for everyone involved
To learn something about themselves

That’s right –
Stop seeking – stop wanting – stop needing
When you do this – the way will reveal itself to you

Her Irates reiterate – on the account that girlfriend is
A hard headed change resistant negro

Well – all this stop needing – seeking and wanting
Flows like some Chinese Buddha vybe
She half expects to see some ancient wise man with a long white beard
And an accompanying white brow
Carrying the melody of oriental strings about him
Hardliner senses reprisal for her irreverence in the air
So she shuts up and gets centered
Maybe she was she was a little blood thirsty at first
Cause that chick triggered her issues of invalidation and inadequacy
And Ego came outta nowhere flashing the holy bible
To unleash her righteous wrath and all
Bottom line – her Irates are right when they said that
She had vengeance on her brain
And it should not be about that
The fact of the matter is that Hardliner is creating boundaries
Right now people gats to know that they can’t
Talk or act towards her any which way they like
Albeit she would be lying to herself if she said that
She was not afraid
In this here moment pee is gushing down her dayum leg
In this moment she is being shown what she is made of

A grand dame queen beast is a messy making business

No shit
Yall could have told a sista that it involves charming snakes

That’s all part of the fun of coming into your higher self
They answer – their tone injected with that saintly infuriating dry humour

Hardliner shakes her shoulders and decides that
Snake charming is a cool addition to her spiritual resume
Which includes her seeing dead folk
But that one – she could do without

Her Irates sharply reprove

Hey don’t sweat me – I am working on it
She is also working on not wanting – not seeking – not needing
A lesson that promises to be learnt to perfection
Through more knee bending supplication
Though sista gurl knows the day is fast approaching
When like Ms. Jill Scott – she gon say with that inner knowing
Infinitely resolute – like the Rock of Ages
“I am a Grand Dame Queen Beast!”



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