Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Doing Joy in the Meantime


Gawd dayum –
If she hears that “Happy” ass Pharrell song one more time
With its cute infectious beat – she gon flip
Cause life aint cute and happy

It never was baby gurl
Life is what you make it

That is all yall gats?
Some lame ass cliché?

Did you pray this morning Boo?
The saccharine in their tone could trigger a diabetic shock
Not to mention that it has taken her pugnacity
Up more than a few notches

What yall think?
She bites back

One giant leap towards Budda Seer yesterday
Regression into ratchetossity today

A sista gats so many choices
She saucily adds whilst sticking out her tongue
To sample the air for retribution
Humph –sure nuff – Oya’s winds have begun their tribal dance
And not the celebratory kind
But being the masochist that she is
Hardliner pushes her pugnacity even further

You know the Twilight Zone is just a thin line away

Fool – more like beyond that rainbow you are always referring to
It seems that you’ve finally found your inner slave’s digs
But that chick is free now and will not think twice
To kick your ass off her sacred front porch
Cause your bullshit aint working for her no more

Flatlined – Gawd dayum!
Hardliner is reeling from their Big Mama bitch slap
That has scattered her face to various locations
And what is worse – her dome is vibrating
With the rich timbre of Nina Simone’s voice

“It don’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got that swing
Don’t mean a thing, all you gotta do is sing”

Yall gon bitch slap a sista with Nina Simone?

The ultimate diva!

With a bit of bipolar in there too

Chile contend with picking up the pieces of your face
You are not built to take another bitch slap

Her Irates warn

Hardliner deeply inhales – trapping the carbon dioxide
Laced breath inside her lungs for a while
Oya’s winds – wild and hot – swirl around her
Carrying her gritty issues that add serious bite to their fury
Dem ghetto style Irates are tripping

Or maybe we are intolerant of your crap today
They retort – their dissatisfaction with her clearly evident

She exhales explosively
What the hell yall want from me?
Like this right here is fuc…

Remember gurl you are vain as hell –
Revelling in that honey smooth ebony skin of yours
If you are not careful – Oya’s winds will skin you raw
And even for a masochist – you don’t want that kind of pain

Hardliner in the midst of her growling change winds
Has been knocked down unceremoniously
This is humility 101 for the nappy haired – change resistant negro
Nina’s voice reaches out – tearing through those furious gusts
With the merciless will of an Abolitionist
“It makes no difference if it’s sweet or hot
Give that rhythm everything you got
It don’t mean a thing, all you gotta do is swing
Dooa doa doa doaa”

Dang it
Sista gurl just don’t gats the strength
So she contends to sit there whilst Oya’s transforming winds
Strip away her precious ebony
She feels the sting of tears in her eyes
Forlornly she mutters to herself that she is tired
Of searching for happy – so far it is an elusive bitch
She is a simple gal – she don’t want cute happy
Just plain old happiness to hold her up
When her life is anything else but up

What is going on with you right now Boo?
What is it that you really want?
Speak the truth

Their gentle tone makes her want to fold into an ugly cry
Emotions swirl like those wild winds
She wants her life to be MORE than it is right now

And what is MORE?

Bigger than constellations

And are you in that place right now to handle
The responsibility and all what this bounty entails?

They ask pointedly
When you put it out there to the Universe that you want MORE
The kind that is too big to fit into constellations
You have to know what that MORE is
You aint ready yet mama

Say what?

Hardliner you still have not defined that MORE
What do you want right now?
What do you want in the future?
What are you doing to get to that place of comeuppance?
The Great I Am is your Ultimate Daddy
He knows you better than you know yourself
But he delivers on what you ask for
What you put out to the Universe is what comes back to you
If your game aint tight all you gon get is loose ends
And by the way – in the meantime while you are getting ready
For all this bounty to hit your dome
How goes it with your spirit?
How you be in your spirit Boo?

Dang it – too many questions yall!
To her chagrin – Hardliner does not even know how
To begin answering them

And how you gon get the answers if your
Knees don’t hit the floor every morning?
You are waiting on your bounty – half ass banking on God
To deliver it like yesterday
Without prayer and patience
Without even knowing what that bounty is
And then you bitch about not finding happy
When you figure things in your life aint going down
The way you want them too
Chile – life is what you make it

And what does she do in the mean time when
Disappointment and frustration stank up Planet Hardliner?
Cause this is where she at right now
With howling winds and watery eyes
And then there is Ms. Nina swinging her jazz

“It don’t mean a thing, if you ain’t got that swing
Yeah, doa, ooh, doa, ooh doa, oh yeah
It don’t mean a thing, all you gotta do is swing
Well, doa, ooh doa, ooh doa (doa doa)”

Her infectious rhythm carries a strong spiritual current
That moves through Hardliner – lighting up dark spaces
Expelling the obstinate despair that has seized
Her dome for the past couple of days

Ms. Nina is trying to free your mind Boo
She is singing about life
It don’t mean a thing if you are not authentic
If you do not sing that one song you were born to sing
This is how joy finds you
Don’t bank on happy – she is a sometimish gal
She loves you only when things are good in your life
Cause happiness is conditional
But joy is eternal
Sing your song Boo – when your skies are falling
Swing that jazz when you are tired of waiting
For that job promotion to come through
And stop fretting over how or when that sweet life gon show up
Your bounty is already here – it is not material wealth
And all the perks that come along with it
Your Bounty is your light – your gravity – your inner worth
That indefinable – priceless thing that makes you who you are
You will do joy in the meantime – all the time
And you will swing your song like Ms. Nina done told you

“Don’t mean a thing if you can’t sing
Sing your song, all day long
All the time, right on time
Every day, every way
Makes no difference, sweet or hot”

Umph- Ms. Nina is taking it to church
Doing a holy ghost number on her
Ooooh – this jive feels so good –
Sweat dripping – spirit sanging
Heart rejoicing

“Give that song, all you got,
Sing it, sing it
Doa, doa, oh yeah, doa”

Yehhhhhhhhh mama!

She gon have to go back to the drawing board
She has a lot to work out – in defining her bounty and all
Bearing in mind that what she may think this bounty as being
Aint what the Universe has in mind
But as long as she gats joy
She will get through her meantime

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