Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Get Ready


Umph – the devil is a liar!
Hardliner is seeing red – not roach red –
But fire engine red with its siren screaming
At ear busting decibels
Yeh – she resigns to the truth that shit happens
To test misdemeanor divas like her
But it is so dayum hard to pull Ms. Ratchet away
From the precipice of no return when the shit does go down

It so happens that Hardliner has to face the fact that
She gats a hater in her camp!
Like what the heyul is wrong with women?
Why do they always feel that they gats to pull out
That old blood stained – thirsty saber to slay a member
Of their sisterhood crew
If there is one thing with Hardliner – she don’t abide haterism
Right now she is channeling a terrible rage from a friend’s betrayal
She is so raw that her insides are trembling
And her halo is making a bee line for the base of her neck
But since she knows better than to pop a bitch right now
Hardliner gon hold on to do better with every once
Of will and sweat within her

Ooooooooh she so wanna pop a bitch right now

Ah – Boo your halo is already kissing your neck
If you keep up – it gon be on the ground right quick
And you really don’t want to go there

Her Irates advise

Hardliner ignores the righteousness in their tone
Ominous storm clouds hog that empty expansive space
She has occupied since leaving Hatshepsut’s Valley
Their humidity almost chocking her

That’s what pent up rage will do you

If yall allow me to let Ms. Ratchet out
That pent up rage gon dissipate just fine

Is your mouth sour enough Boo?
Bear in mind that acidity can jack up your pallet

Another thing Hardliner don’t abide and that’s a smart Aleck

Especially when you are not the one flowing like one
They contend with their ultra-dry humour
What is the lesson here Hardliner?
What does it serve you to be so angry in this moment?
The humidity from your storm clouds are jacking you up Boo
When they burst – they will be merciless
Is your righteous indignation worth a nasty ulcer
Or how ‘bout a stroke –
Cause the haters gon hate anyway
Take your pick – we’ll wait

Dem Irates gats some nerve
She scratches the back of her neck absent mindedly
The weight of her halo bearing down on it
A thing she muses – that is supposed to be as light as air
Pursing her lips – Hardliner begrudgingly acknowledges
That her halo is laden with the destructive
Negative energy she carries
Which has also taken away its hallowed glow
Now sista gurl is caught up in an itch fit
Scratching her neck like she is possessed

That’s what brass does to your skin

Their sarcasm is not helping the situation either
But Hardliner knows – the more she stays
Encased in her negativity – the worst she will feel
Dang when will she ever learn?

Her Irates take their cue from her apparent surrender to truth
Ready to give up the juice?

Hardliner inhales deeply – pulling self-forgiveness
Into her lungs and clarity into her dome

Now to the business of getting your halo
Back to its rightful place

The storm clouds have dissipated and her Irates
Are channeling the energy of peace on Planet Hardliner
Her infinite space is still a little opaque
Caused by her confusion and hurt over the betrayal of
This sista friend

Baby girl you have been feeling a nasty current
Flowing from this sista friend of yours for a while
The truth you have to welcome within is that
This chick was never your true friend
She is showing you who is really is Hardliner – believe her
The bonds of genuine sisterhood uplift and enrich your life
This chick aint gats nothing but bitterness spewing outta
Her mouth when it comes to you
She is not your friend!

Hardliner takes in their old school counsel
She feels like a green Queen being taken in hand
By a counsel of wisened Earth Mothers
Who have faced the kind of stuff sitting down
That she could not even imagine facing standing up

And that is life Boo
It will throw human curve balls at you
A Grand Dame Queen Beast is a messy making business

And Hardliner concludes that if
She is to be – even one tenth of – queens like
Angola’s Nzinga or Kemet’s Hatshepsut
One of the many facts that she must reconcile with is that
Not everyone – particularly her sister women
Will herald her ascension

Get ready Boo
The stronger your Queen becomes
The more her light will dazzle
Obviously you must be doing something good
For the haters to be coming out of the wood work
And Hardliner this is only the beginning
Those you least expect will show themselves
Shocking the ebony off of you
The beautiful thing about your ascension to
Grande Dame Queen Beast / Budda Seer is that
It is a marvelous filter –
As it shows you who are the truest and dearest in your life
Let the haters be to deal with their own issues of inadequacy
It is their journey to take
Cause right now all you can do is to tread your self-enlightened path
Get ready

Hardliner can taste purpose on Oya’s transforming winds
She is determined not to get trapped in the analysis of
The why and how of this haterism situation
She will not waste her energy thinking about
The actions of this sista woman she once called a friend
Oya has something up her sleeve
And her Irates have impressed on her the need
To be ready for this change

And being ready means that you must
Accept praise for your accomplishments when it is given

Hardliner acknowledges their counsel
As it resonates with an internal thud
Here she thought this breakthrough was about haterism
But Oya’s winds have turned their direction on her

Baby you are gifted
The Universe has plans for you
Why do you squirm when people compliment your achievements?
They see You in the light you were made
Why do you run from this?

Hardliner twists this way and that
As though her space is suddenly too small to inhabit

Isn’t this what you have always done Hardliner?
Inhabit spaces that are in actual fact too small?
Could it be that only now you are seeing this for yourself?

Sista gurl feels claustrophobic
Sweat dots her forehead and her mouth is dry
Dang it – what’s happening to her?

You have finally realized that you are more
Than the space you inhabit
A space is just that Boo – a space
You have to fill it – you do not accommodate a place of being
It is there to accommodate you

Hardliner finds herself breathing
In response to a sudden tightening in her gut
Gawd dayum it she’s in the throes labour?
What the heyyul?
Though she finds that with every painful push
In this breakthrough her halo rises a little further

There is no hubris in acknowledging your worthiness Hardliner
Playing down your accomplishments keeps you living small
Take pride in your achievements
Do not dim your light to make others feel secure
Haters in their own personal insecurities
Relish when you do this

Now Hardliner is breathing fluidly and pushing with purpose
Her counsel of wise Earth Mothers stand with her
In birthing this breakthrough
They stand as midwives to her green Queen
Who intends to accept praise with a sincere thank you
And not a wince
Because she is growing accustomed to her authenticity
To be seen in the light she was made – even if
Her achievements fail to reach her obscene standards of perfection
Hardliner marvels at how in the past
She would retreat into harsh self-criticism
Instead of allowing herself to take pride in her achievements

Now you see how skewed this picture is Boo?
You let perfection steal your joy
Take a bow for attaining this victory

Her Irates applaud her in acknowledging this truth

Hardliner can see the damage that her perfection issue
Has wreaked on her life
Perfection is unloving and unforgiving
As it has taught her that there is no good enough
Thus reinforcing her inner child’s beliefs of self-lack

God – this cycle will end!

Hardliner makes a choice – coupled with divine will
To no longer allow perfection to steal her joy
And every time perfection raises its ugly head
To keep her contained and feeling small –
By dimming the light of another wonderful accomplishment
Gurlfriend gon decapitate the bish
Until perfection ceases to loom large in her dome

Because you are badass on purpose Boo
And that means not only thinking that you are the shit
But also believing it to your very core
And carrying this belief with a respectful knowing
That you are simply doing what you were born to do – brilliantly
So when persons compliment you for doing your thing
What you gon say?

Thank you
Hardliner responds

That’s right
Get ready Hardliner
You have many wonderful things to accomplish
You gats work to do

Hardliner is sweated out and tired as heyul
From that funky-ass breakthrough
But her halo is atop her head – though a little lopsided
But hey – that’s just how she roll
Her Queen is standing now – on dem green legs
Tired but determined to mature her greenery into gold
Yeh – a Grande Dame Queen Beast is a messy making business


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