Earth Mothers Chronicles: The Gospel of Ego


Left unchecked – it didn’t take much to set Ms. Ego awf
Not plain and simple pissed off – but AWF
As in fly pass go with a single-minded focus
To create some straight up mess – AWF
Ms. Ego was a trip
Hardliner reminisces with a certain pang of nostalgia
Cause Ego was about drama – and you know sista is a creative being
Caught up in her little reverie she is oblivious to
The presence of Rennah who carries about her an airy melody  Continue reading


Life according to Ego Chronicles: How Aliz Found her Wonderland


Ms. Jill is in the house – phunking up a storm
With her haterism anthem
“Hate on me hater – now or later
Cause I’m gonna do me – you’ll be made baby”

Yessssssssssah! – Hardliner can identify
She aint no hater
Though she may dislike a couple of folks here and there
But sista gurl aint about hating on nobody
Cause God bless the diva that’s got her own Continue reading

Hardliner #19: Life According to Ego Chronicles: Dayum that Gurl Eve


Hardliner is on a mission to forgive a sista friend
Who done her wrong – the chick totally blindsided her
And one would figure that at some point in fifteen years
She would have spotted the pigeon
Surreptitiously laying underneath all that sisterhood
Despite the strong desire to administer a beat down
Cause she could go that way real easy
Hardliner reminds herself that Queens don’t get their hands dirty
For no man – and especially on no foul bird Continue reading

Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: Die hard B*#@ch


Ego is a bitch
But at least Hardliner knows where she stands with her
Dayum irascible – opinionated – and vain as hell
But sista knows where she stands with her
Hardliner fidgets – fighting apology swelling within her
Lawd knows she don’t like to crawl
It sets her teeth on edge

“Apology accepted babygirl” Continue reading

Life according to Ego chronicles: If this be love


So Hardliner is in this eh – relationship
And one could say that sista gurl is sprung
Despite the fact that she is in denial
Preferring to believe that it is just the high concentration
Of dopamine in her brain that is making her do stupid stuff
Like smiling twenty four seven
Staring into space at the thought of her lion
And giving him all her sugar without a prenup
But she aint gon accept the dopamine coup
Planet Hardliner has been able withstand
So much more in the past
Although her lion heart is strong and shit
He wears confidence like second skin
And knows how to tell his diva NO Continue reading

Life according to Ego chronicles: That whiff of ancient


There are two kinds of crazy
Certified and a little something extra
Now Hardliner gats the little something extra going on
And she is cool with that
Cause if too much sanity took up roots in her dome
She would be certified and on meds for life
Now – seeing dead people to add to her cray-cray
Has produced a hybrid kind that Hardliner has unearthed
And dem deceased individuals just don’t get it
That she aint interested in their friendship
Poookie go home – I aint gats time for yall Continue reading

Life According to Ego Chronicles: The Murmurings


Now there is this chick named Hardliner
Whose planet is governed by a Leo Sun
Sista girl is determined to live by her own rules
Set her own dayum destiny
Cause she be a baaaaaad diva
Who on the flipside – also moonlights as Ego’s bitch
But at least she can face her reflection each morning
She aint about to give into the Murmurings of Conscious thought
That has taken up residence inside her head
Murmurings – seemingly evolving into a coherent voice
Carrying the scent of something ancient Continue reading