Hardliner #19: Life According to Ego Chronicles: Dayum that Gurl Eve


Hardliner is on a mission to forgive a sista friend
Who done her wrong – the chick totally blindsided her
And one would figure that at some point in fifteen years
She would have spotted the pigeon
Surreptitiously laying underneath all that sisterhood
Despite the strong desire to administer a beat down
Cause she could go that way real easy
Hardliner reminds herself that Queens don’t get their hands dirty
For no man – and especially on no foul bird

Ego is spitting fyah about being disrespected
But her pop a bitch solution to this painful
And confusing situation – aint righteous
So Hardliner will go with her Irates’ counsel to forgive
Lawd-have-mercy – it aint gon be easy
She has been wracking her brain for answers
To the big WHY question –
What in God’s name were the gurl’s motives?

She is a pigeon Boo – ratchet-ass mess
What motive does a hood rat really have
Other than “just because” to wanna take your man

Ego’s tongue slashes like a lethal Samurai sword
Hardliner shakes her head in resignation

And what little fool sits around trying to ponder her motives
After dayum near fifteen years of sisterhood
That bitch showed you who she really is
Whoop her ass and keep it movin

Ego don’t know where she went wrong with Hardliner
Thinking she was schooling a badass
Only to see her wilt like a puny flower against the
“Coming into her higher self” – game the Irates be preaching
Now she’s on some mission of forgiveness cause
Her Irates say it gon bring her peace
Humph – beat downs can bring peace of mind too
She gon be at peace knowing that she handled her business

And on her journey to peace
Hardliner reexamines her close sisterhood bonds
Her gurls – her tribe –her crew – from puberty
To the crazy nonchalant – twenty-something years
And the fact that as a grown woman she really does not know
Any of dem heffas in the way that she could boldly profess
Them to be like kin
Basically Hardliner has out grown their bond of friendship
The weight of her womanhood requiring a deeper level
Of enrichment than what their bond could offer
And it dawns on Hardliner that a real woman who is truly secure
Within her own skin – who knows her worth
And carries this weight like a Queen
Does not make a play for her sister-friends’ men
What is it with womankind that they feel it so necessary
To screw each other over for men?
When did all this shit start?

Humph – check Eve
Ego’s tone is doused with hot sauce
That bish messed up big time
And womankind aint been the same since

Despite Ego’s sour mood – Hardliner figures it aint gon hurt
To look more closely at the Garden of Eden Mess
She could see some sense in her theory
Eve – Eve – Eve
What exactly was that gurl’s problem?

Hardliner could see the set up
Eve being innocent in all things – yet somewhere
In the recess of her virgin mind the sublime player
Waits patiently for her day of liberation
And Ms. Player wants to have some fun – real bad
She figures that the Great I am – God Almighty
Has not given her a coke bottle figure for nothing
And she knows she is foine as hell
Something not gone unnoticed by Adam – who has been
Sizing up her foxy-brown structure whilst they frolic
In the deliciously cool crystal clear waters
Deep in the bosom of God’s eternal Garden

Now Ms. Virgin is aghast by the Player’s randy agenda
Here the war between the two mindsets of Eve
Render her totally confused
And that was her problem – her inability to reconcile
Ms. Inner Freak with Ms. Pure and Sweet
This situation is compounded by the arrival of Hell at Eden’s Gates
See that infamous Snake – who Hardliner pictures as a personification
Of a narcissistic smooth cat – Huggy Bear – pimp – typa dude
Offers to help her outta her situation by bearing the message
”If you gats the horn mama –G’on gets your freak on”
Now from this point Eve’s situation gets real twisted
Cause it has been accounted – and pitifully so
By the decedents of Adam – the other party in this woeful tale
Since before the coming of the Messiah!

What Hardliner gets is that life in Eden is true bliss
Just a bit to joy-filled and peaceful for Snake – eh Huggy Bear
So he decides to bring a taste of the Red Light District
Just to spite his eternal foe – God -The All – The I am
Huggy Bear in all his pimp pomposity enlightens the Player
In Eve’s mind about the sweet rush of adrenaline
Soaring crazy endorphin heights and overdosing on the
Smooth flow of dopamine – every time she allows Adam
To munch on her delectable apple
Huggy bear reveals to her the vaulted secret about
Man’s greatest weakness – his addiction to pussy!
To sum it up – our gurl Eve finds Nirvana when
She discovers the orgasm
And here she is – so sprung and strung out on this freaking
That she fails to contemplate what is in it for Huggy Bear
Who always comes at a steep price
And every God fearing person and their mama knows
That the Devil is a liar – evil don’t do anything for nothing
It wants your soul and Eve’s came real cheap– real easy
So our gurl gets the raw end of the deal
Whilst Adam comes up smelling sweeter
Than the scented oils of Solomon

Humph – the bish got played by the quintessential player
Male chauvinism

Ego puts the hammer down on that one
Harsh – but Hardliner can hardly disagree
As the sins of Eve have been proclaimed by the authority of men
In high places – low places and the scum of the Earth
Eve is responsible for the sexual revolution that evicted humanity from Eden
Never mind that Adam could not keep his hard on to his dayum self
Through her seduction of Adam – religions have decreed
That mankind is born of original sin – which is compounded
When that stork arrives with its bouncing bundle of oooops
To parents on a hook up vybe

Aint no sting like that of illegitimacy
Hardliner can testify to that
It can leave indelible marks on the soul
Especially if daddy makes a bee line for beyond the Rainbow
Countless women walk this life hurting and yearning
For the fathers who never showed up in their lives
Who never kissed their boo boos to make it better
Or took down the Boogey Man in their bedroom at night
They have no idea what a real man looks like –
Since they have no model on which base their standards
For finding a good life mate

Hardliner is getting riled up
And Ego wants her to chill the hell out
Don’t go crying over spilled milk gurl
Daddy has pulled a nigga run – deal with it
Putting out all your businazz like that – smh

“It is best to let it out your pain
Than to stifle it baby girl”

Her Irates try to turn her away from Ego’s path
Which adds another level to Ms. Ego’s pisstossicity

The first man to tell a girl that she is beautiful
Loved – precious – gifted should be her daddy
A five year old little girl needs to hear that shit
Cause it builds her self-worth and self-esteem
Preparing her for all the Casanovas who will
Come at her on a Trick daddy vybe

Dayum that gurl Eve!
Hardliner can’t lay all the blame at her doorstep for womankind’s issues
Even though she got played for a dim wit
Then labeled Jezebel for relishing getting her freak on
And the power she wielded with her kitty cat over Adam
Meanwhile – his decedents can hoe straight to
And through Heaven’s hallowed gates

Cause men be ‘fraid of the potency of our sweet juice
They gats gats to keep us in check cause
They fear that all this power can turn good gurls to the pole

Lawd-have-mercy Ego – sit down
Just – umph
Hardliner inhales to allow clarity into her dome
And finds that underneath Ego’s warped reasoning – lays a truth
Love and sex in relation to womanhood is too dayum complex
To wrap her mind around – or far less – to transcribe in words
That offer any kinda profundity
But what she gleans from all this is that women carry the weight
Of labels on their backs
Their sexual behavior is attached to their honour – respect and virtue
Every good woman knows there are two kinds of woman
The hoe and the wifey
A man – even a man-hoe – aint gon bring home a
A hood-rat or a pole girl to his mama!
Wrong or right – the ideal woman is a good gurl who could
Cook up a storm in the kitchen – sweetly kiss her kids on
Their foreheads at night – then turn on the red lights
To become a pole swinging freak in the bedroom

Hallelujah! Ego concurs

So where does that leave the hoe – hood rat – side piece
What becomes of these daughters of Eve who perpetually
Go after unavailable men – Hardliner wonders
Inside every hood rat there are wounds of rejection
Most operate from a place of lack
Most have never known love from an undemanding place
And cannot respect boundaries of sisterhood
If they lack boundaries and respect for themselves
Hardliner realizes that she has to look at her friend
With the eye between her eyes
Although it is not her job to analyse the gurl
But she does believe that her friend is operating from a place of lack
Being moved by desperation and fear
Only she knows the reasons for fracturing a fifteen year bond
Or maybe truth is that their bond
Was not worth anything much to her anyway
And Hardliner is cool with that
Either way compassion spurs her to forgive her friend
Dang – who would have thought!

Yeh – you have taken punkass to a whole other level
Ego is spiteful – her substance is being eroded
And she faces fading into obscurity
But like Huggy Bear – she gats her tricks
Aint no way she’s going down like Ms. Eve
Humph – stupid gurl did not know how get her freak on
And still get her life
Well Ego gats hers
In fact she gats more lives than a purring pussy cat
No pun intended


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