Life According to Ego Chronicles: The Murmurings


Now there is this chick named Hardliner
Whose planet is governed by a Leo Sun
Sista girl is determined to live by her own rules
Set her own dayum destiny
Cause she be a baaaaaad diva
Who on the flipside – also moonlights as Ego’s bitch
But at least she can face her reflection each morning
She aint about to give into the Murmurings of Conscious thought
That has taken up residence inside her head
Murmurings – seemingly evolving into a coherent voice
Carrying the scent of something ancient

And every time intrigue pricks her to wander off into its direction
Ms. Ego drags her ass right on back home
Despite this unbearable curiosity
Hardliner aint faulting Ego for her paranoia
Cause she is her Lady Protector
Who readily and regularly goes into battle
To fight for Hardliner’s honour and emotional dignity
Besides – after catching a whiff of that ancient energy
Hardliner has decided that somethin’ somethin’ about it
Don’t quite sit right with her –
Somethin’ akin to the churning of her soul
With one primary objective – the regurgitation of all her internal mess

Now Hardliner is also a spiritual chick
Although landing on her Planet one
Would not automatically come to that conclusion
Anyway diva girl has decided to answer
The call to evolve into her higher self
First awf – when she decided that she gon
Practice prayerful meditation to acquire inner peace
She did not bank on becoming Oda Mae Brown – a la “Ghost”
Yeh – on and off during her childhood she would say
Some profound shit – do a bit of lucid dreaming
But dang it – a grown ass woman in her twenties
Don’t just start seeing Pookie who is supposed to be
Kicking it with ancestral kin in heaven
Scaring the shit outta her to the point that
Pookie figures that approaching Hardliner in
Stone cold sober waking hours aint gon work
So he/she gon show up in her dreams
Well – nobody showed Hardliner that memo
About her being gifted to see dead people
In dreams or waking hours
She just wants her old life back
Don’t wanna take no message to no one
Don’t want to know if she has been on this Earth in past lives
And sure as hell don’t want to know about them

And you are already cray-cray as it is her Ego quips
All banter aside Ms. Ego does not want Hardliner
To get side tracked by the Murmurings in her head
She aint about to tell her flat out that
The Murmurings – growing ever more clear and concise
Incite revolution to Ego’s code
This is the voice of the Ages here
The ancient energy implanted in the core of all human life
The knowing that babies are born with
Ms. Ego would sooner die – hard
Than allow Hardliner’s Irates to topple the her dictatorship
Humph – so the mighty Irates have thrown down
The gauntlet for Hardliner’s soul
Ego is ready for the war
She aint ah gowin’ nowheres
Cause she has shaped Hardliner for the world
She has made it ok for sista gurl to face the mirror of self
Even if she sees a phantom reflection – but she is ok
Cause she is fine by herself – living by her own dayum rules
A hardened warrior who sings the song of ONE

If you say so

Dogone it here they go again – for the first time
Loud enough to make the hairs stand up
On the back of Hardliner’s neck

Gurl don’t listen to no murmurings – just do you
Ego’s game is tight – though she is braced for the ultimate war


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