Life according to Ego chronicles: That whiff of ancient


There are two kinds of crazy
Certified and a little something extra
Now Hardliner gats the little something extra going on
And she is cool with that
Cause if too much sanity took up roots in her dome
She would be certified and on meds for life
Now – seeing dead people to add to her cray-cray
Has produced a hybrid kind that Hardliner has unearthed
And dem deceased individuals just don’t get it
That she aint interested in their friendship
Poookie go home – I aint gats time for yall

Too bad you can’t un-see the unseen
Comes a very solid and dry response to her rant

Hardliner stops –
Startled and just a wee bit breathless
She wonders if real bitch ass crazy has come
To visit Planet Hardliner

Deep breaths Gurl – I gats this
Ego reassures her

Uh – who you gats Ego
Cause dem Murmurings are now a solidified
Right back at you kinda VOICE

They are of no consequence bish – don’t sweat it

And her Ego gats the gall to pull
A rude attitude when she is freaking outta her mind
Trying to get some answers
Right about now her soul is churning up somethin fierce
And that ancient whiff is more like
A full-bodied presence all up in her dome
Not wanting to go down like a punk
Hardliner gather’s all her balls and asks

What the hell can I do for you
You land on Planet Hardliner – speak your name

Yet she is met with an unnerving silence
And some of her balls drop
Ego apparently has also lost a few of her own too

Sit with your churning Hardliner
Intuitively you know with whom you speak

Comes an unruffled reply

Yall gon pull the holy ghost vybe
Ego mutters begrudgingly
As a few more of her balls drop

Remember who you are Hardliner admonishes herself

And do you really know who you are baby girl?
The voice ever so gentle probes Hardliner

Their unruffled flow rattles Hardliner’s core
As she gets a sense of an ageless and ubiquitous serenity
That can shatter all her isms and heal her schisms

Gurl you don’t need no healing Ego interjects

Yeh now you make an entrance
Hardliner is not sure about Ego anymore
Something tells her that she would
Not be able to hold off the weight of
That ageless and endless serenity
Furthermore Hardliner suspects that Ego
Has been keeping things from her
That bish as shifty as a pimp
Cause she is acting like she knows the ubiquitous
Presence wrestling for control over Planet Hardliner

You wanted to meet your higher self Boo
The journey inward aint gonna pretty
When the student is ready – the master appears

Hardliner swallows and tries to ride the
The waves of nausea assailing her soul
All she wants is a little peace
Do a little meditation and be cool with that
Now she gats dead people and an ageless dry voice all up in her crib
And her Lady Protector – Ms. Ego has gon AWOL
Now let’s get thangs straight once and for all
This bish is in charge
Order will be restored

Indeed – you have begun the journey home Hardliner
And we are your guides / guardian angels / voice of spirit
The connection to the Universe / your higher consciousness
Or in Rasta talk – your Irates

Say what?
Yow Ego say something

It will be an honour to school you Hardliner
For you are made for greatness

Good lawd – her knees wanna buckle
Just a little meditation she said

Lesson one Boo – nothing is truly what it seems

No – in her world cray-cray is cray-cray!


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