Earth Mothers Chronicles: The Gospel of Ego


Left unchecked – it didn’t take much to set Ms. Ego awf
Not plain and simple pissed off – but AWF
As in fly pass go with a single-minded focus
To create some straight up mess – AWF
Ms. Ego was a trip
Hardliner reminisces with a certain pang of nostalgia
Cause Ego was about drama – and you know sista is a creative being
Caught up in her little reverie she is oblivious to
The presence of Rennah who carries about her an airy melody 

You speak of your Ego in the past tense
Has she gone somewhere?

Hardliner is awakened from her reverie by the sound of a flute
The purity of its notes lifts her spirit
Dem Earth mothers are powerful women
She envisions a babbling brook and being caressed by a fresh spring breeze
Which is laughable on the account that she is roaming
This here uncomfortable hot jungle

Is that all you see sugah – just dense vegetation

Oh – don’t forget the blood thirsty mosquitoes
Vampires are so overrated – she mumbles sourly
Plus she is itching and her sinuses are sooooo loving all this humidity
Umph – sista presses pause as she glances sideways at Rennah
Lawd – she is already folding into a woe is me rant –
Which is so damn easy – since pisstossity and transformation
Get on like a house on fire
She takes in a deep breath – knowing that this rant aint working for her
She cannot get caught up in the spirit of pisstossity
During this here breakthrough – which by the way
Looks like it might just fell her ass

Surrendering might just do the trick
Rennah smiles with teasing eyes

You know Ms. Rennah don’t mock me

Oh chile – you bruise too easily
You like to liberally dish out your sassy one-liners
But you don’t like to take them
Ms. Ego taught you very well

Yeh – there is no disputing this fact
Out of all her inner struggles – subduing her Ego
Has been the most difficult for Hardliner- no matter how many
Times she turns her earth over
Ms. Ego’s DNA cannot be expunged from it
And there is just so much slaying of one’s ego
That one can take – sista gurl is bone tired of fighting
For control over Planet Hardliner with her Ego
She drops to the ground – screw dem creepy crawlies
She don’t care – she is tired of all this

Rennah gazes upon her – the unnerving soulful kind
That reduces Hardliner into a squirming mess of a little girl
Like how do those women do that?
To draw the insecure little girl out of the grown ass woman
No baby – it is not done to show you up
But to make you see that you aren’t fully grown as you think
You still lie to yourself
You still pile on the bravado to cover up your insecurities
And Hardliner – you still give away your power
By allowing people and experiences to reduce you
Into that squirming mess of a little girl

Hardliner absorbs this breakthrough
As hard as it may be to acknowledge the truth
She stands firmly in it
If she can look at persons who end up in funky situations
Because they are so driven by their own Ego – and judge them accordingly
She has to take a good look at her own marvelous shit!
You see Ego had this code – her gospels so to speak
They were her golden rules to survival in a life
That could gobble a person up like a greedy wolf
And as Hardliner sits there on her jungle ground
Ms. Ego’s rules race to the front of her mind

1. Never trust anybody or anything at full 100% –
     cause one day it may come back to bite your ass – real hard!
2. Define thy womanhood for thyself
3. Never depend on anyone but yourself
4. In life everything is everything – what you see is what you get
5. Do-right man + do- right woman = sublime balance
6. Submission to a man is suicide
7. Vulnerability is for wimps
8. Never cry in front of anyone – exceptions childbirth
9. Thy world will still revolve without a man – do not wait to be saved by Prince Charming
10. Queens never get their hands dirty yet they do not sit on their thrones like
     Peacocks when pigeons hover above their property
11. Keep your shit covered – don’t spew it out there for public viewing

Dang – that was her code man
In the bright light of self awareness it seems so finite
So harsh – well – hardliner-eque
But what really floors sista gurl is that
These rules were born out of fear
Well thank the lord she is already on her ass
Because this is a felling right here
Although it is not something she did not kinda know
But for it to presented in this light – man that is rough!
Hardliner’s hard stance on life and love is based on
Fears of being hurt – fears of the unknown
Fears of feeling unsafe in life’s emotional waters
In all honesty some of these rules have withered away
However – there are couple that she surreptitiously lives by
Because Ego is a slippery bitch
And Hardliner still wears her armour of mistrust
Ms. Ego’s number one rule
Absentmindedly she fingers her earth – playing with it
Feeling its texture whilst in deep thought

What Hardliner has not counted on is the ME in trust
By not trusting anything or anyone in life
It has blocked out the capacity for her to place trust in herself
Or to even trust in God
She has hardened her heart so that she operates outside of herself
Again – she knew this – but never – never

Felt it in your core? – Rennah answers
Baby this is what it means to communicate with your earth
You have been sitting there in silence communing with it for a while now
When you slay your Ego it gives you back your power
Your earth will always have Ego’s DNA in it
But the battle is not about the expulsion of Ego
It is about recognising the error of listening
To Ego’s voice rather than your inner voice
The battle is about debunking all those lies
Told to you by your Ego and choosing to believe otherwise
So that Ms. Ego has little to work with
And this is a continuous exercise baby
There is no let up – Ego is the Queen of Resurrection

Yeh – the more I slay her more that bish rises

And she rises each time you are getting ready to
Fell some mountains within you
Every time you reach for a new experience that dictates
You to share yourself Ms. Ego senses your discomfort
And springs into action to thwart you
By spinning foreboding tales of failure and emotional pain
You are a warrior chile – you will be in battles
With your Ego until the day your spirit is no longer in your body
Rise up chile
Your sojourn in Woe is Me Ville is over

Woe is me Ville?
Dang Ms. Rennah

Well when you are in the Jungle
You do as the jungle folk do

What about individuality and uniqueness?

Oh Chile – don’t flow with that mess just because it is the in thing
You do you – if that is who you are
Don’t go for individualism when it is really at war with your spirit
Aint nothing wrong with falling in line with commonality
If this is who you are – just as there is sublime joy
In marching to the beat of your own drum
There is a certain joy in sharing things in common with people
As long you know who you are

Well I like being different
I like being the pawpaw among the grapes

It does not mean that you are better or above anyone
Ms. Rennah counters wisely

I know –
Although Hardliner does recognise the taint of
Ms. Ego all up in her different talk
Dang – Rennah is a sharp one

And keep that cutlass just a sharp
As you said – Ego is a slippery bitch

Hardliner stops in her tracks – shocked by such language
Coming out the mouth of the Earth Mother

Jungle talk baby
Keep walking


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