Earth Mothers Chronicles: Let it Rain


An expectant energy hovers above Hardliner’s jungle
Scary veins of lightning electrify her heavens – laden with moisture
Seemingly in the throes of labour
With contractions coming in thunderous peals
Well Hardliner wishes that it would rain
You know – just get this shit over and be done with it
Even if it means her skies being ripped asunder
Cause this unnerving energy is dayum near suffocating her ass

And yes – her panties are in a twist over it
Almah shoots her a withering look – then shakes her head
And Hardliner has enough decency to feel contrite
About her loose and free swinging lingo – aka jungle talk
She still feels some kinda way though –
Concerning Ms. Rennah’s use of her jungle talk a while back
As a matter of fact – Hardliner was left feeling a bit traumatised
Cause “slippery bitch” hits the palate real funky
When coming from an esteemed Earth Mother

But it does not seem to traumatise you when you use it
Especially since you made the vow to exile the energy
Of profanity from Planet Hardliner

Rennah counters – coming forward

Well technically – bitch and ass are not real cuss words

But they hit the palate real funky though
Rennah’s white gown swirls at her feet – almost taking on a life of its own
The creative energy she carries soothes Hardliner’s listless spirit
It inspires sista to create something new – fresh
And bold – like the sun coloured head wrap she is rocking
But it is like Hardliner can’t find it within herself to
Harness this creative energy
A sudden whip of lightning slashes her skies followed
By a peal of thunder that could fell a mountain
Everything in Hardliner’s jungle goes still
Sista finds herself holding her breath – waiting – anxiously
Waiting – like every living organism in this here jungle
Waiting for what – she don’t know

You know more than you think you know baby
Rennah advises
Breathe Hardliner – you keep forgetting to breathe
You have a choice in how you face your life
And you know that when you meet uncertainty and chaos
With nervousness impatience
You end up with jacked up skies
With lightning and thunder mercilessly ripping through them

So this is her
Hardliner muses – glancing up at her dark skies

The one and only
Comes a spunky reply
Sista purses her lips as she glances at Alma
Who is dressed in a flowing orange garment
And her head – wrapped with a blazing red cloth
You’re going to do something about this?
She points to Hardliner’s skies

Like sista gats the power to make it rain
Hardliner retorts with hot sauce lacing her tone

Strip your tongue chile
Clearly – you have not pulled enough air into your lungs
For clarity to illuminate your mind
The knowing is already there
But it makes no sense if you do not channel it
Sink your feet into your earth and breathe Hardliner
Lift your face to the sky and raise your hands
In supplication to the Great I Am who made you

Ms Almah’s fire catches in Hardliner’s spirit
She admits that her three week funk zapped the light from her skies
So Sista surrenders in deep breaths
Her frustration – chaos – worry – fear – anger
And the psycho PMS that has her trippin’
She surrenders all her stuff
Then forgives herself for the drama she put herself through

And? – Almah pushes her further

Dang –Hardliner winces
Clearly not wanting to face what Almah preaches
Look she was crazy for the past three weeks
She is dealing with it and gon keep it movin

Do you want to see blue skies chile?
You need to clear your stuff with…

Ok – I will sort it out
Hardliner interjects with irritation

Almah gives her a steely eye
Quite aware that sista does not want to surrender to
Any kumbaya moment with her husband
Who you think you are fooling Hardliner
To unclog that nasty energy around you
Absolute forgiveness has to rain from your skies
You have to forgive yourself yes – for being
A real Misdemeanour Diva
But also apologise to your husband

Lawd – Hardliner doubles over in discomfort
Almah – how you be?

No baby – not me
I am not the one you are to pay obeisance to
Forgiveness is a law of the Universe
And when you are cleansing negative energy
It demands that you leave no stone unturned
You aint seen blue skies in a long time baby
Think about that

Hardliner drops to her Earth
As thunder performs a drumming séance in her skies
Basically she aint gon feel right or see real progress
Until she balances her situation
She lets out a deep sigh and closes her eyes
And a sudden silence enfolds her
Peace comforts her and she raises her face to the sky
Rain drops anoint her forehead – eyes – nose
Run down her temples and chin
They are coming down heavy now – umph
Her heavens are going to be ripped asunder
And it is all good


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