Earth Mothers Chronicles: 20/20 Vision


Hardliner aint even gon question how
She has come upon this here waterfall scene
On the account that she has been walking
Through her hot – humid jungle
Without meeting a trickle of water
Heyul – it aint worth the mental exertion
She just gon chalk it up to the way that Spirit moves
Sista gazes admiringly at the masterpiece in front her
Its Chrystal clear waters gush with purposeful vigour
The air here is deliciously cool and a peace washes over her

Take off your shoes baby and sit for a while

Umph humph – there is Spirit moving again
With Rennah sitting on a huge bolder on the banks
Of the punchbowl waterfall
Looking like she been there all the while

Hardliner proceeds to the boulder – walking gingerly
On the pebbly ground – trying to keep a good footing
Whilst biting back a sweet and sour complaint

Chile – stop playing the city girl and walk
Aint nothing to there to cut your feet up
Jagged edges have been rounded and smoothed
By the water – you can learn much from observing the way of water

She extends her hand to Hardliner
To help her mount the boulder

Hardliner takes a deep breath – she can’t help herself
Her surroundings are so crisp and pristine
Clarity comes without even reaching for it
It feels like a load has been lifted off her
This freedom feels so good – she daren’t take another breath
Wanting to prevent this blissful moment from fleeting

Let the high go Baby and live in the moment
In clinging to the high of a blissful moment
You can lose track of your life
Cause you focus too much on reliving the moment
Instead of enjoying it for what it is
Savour your precious memories Baby – but keep it moving
Life calls you to live in the present
Look at this here water – see how it flows
Continually moving forward –
It does not have time to carry burdensome debris
It flows with vigour – totally intent on following its path
This water flows with clarity and purpose

Ms. Rennah radiates the energy of yellow in deep waves
Her gentle – musical voice together with the gushing falls
Is doing a number on sista gurl
Not to mention the gentle administrations of water at her feet
Right now she is real pliable to the elder woman’s counsel

Now – how’s the vision board coming along?
Rennah asks pointedly

Hardliner rolls her eyes skyward
It aint– what can she say?
It has not passed go

And naturally there are excuses

Hardliner sighs emphatically
Well – yes – primarily financial
A vision board costs money

Take another deep breath and come again baby
There is no sign of rebuke or admonishment in Rennah’s tone
Hardliner could almost see musical notes wafting in the air
And comes to the conclusion that Ms. Rennah is a weapon all by herself

Sista admits that laziness is really the culprit
Or maybe she is going for perfection
Her vision board has to be just right
Ms. Rennah gives her a good and long look

O.K. a vision board means that she holds herself
Accountable for accomplishing her goals and dreams
A vision board scoops the possibility out of impossibility
In that – it forces her to reach beyond her own limited thinking
To dig deeper for the answers as to why she sets her ceiling so low
This is the startling epiphany that hit her like a sucker punch
In looking for pictures to pin on her board
Hardliner looked purposefully for reasonable images
Take for instance her dream home – she did not go with her
True desires – her dreams –which she deemed to be wishful fantasies
She did not access the place beyond her gut to find the answers there
Nah – sista went all clinical on the exercise
She chose realism – there is grounding in realism and shit
Cause aint no way she gon put a picture of Oprah’s digs on her board

Why not?
Rennah asks

Oprah? – Lady O?
No Life Class can convince her that
She can scoop that possibility outta impossibility’s ass

Why is that life out of your reach?
The Elder woman continues – her eyes trying to reach
A part of Hardliner she has locked away

Ms. Rennah what are the odds of that happening?
One in one million

It happened for Oprah – Bill Gates – Mark Zuckerberg…

Jay-Z and Beyoncé – Hardliner interjects with salt in her tone
Oh wait – she aint sure on that one
If you taking into account dem Illuminati rumours

The point is – Chile if they could reach for extraordinary
Why can’t you?

Ms. Rennah is persistent – not easily provoked by Hardliner’s verbal hot sauce
This is Abundance Theory 101 for the Change Resistant Negro

The sun caresses her face lovingly
Its light seems hallowed somehow
Hardliner takes a pause – musing to herself
That she just don’t know about all this
Like the fiery Earth Mother – Ms. Alma said
There is a difference between receiving a mental Ah Ha
And feeling its vibrations in the soul
Which in the case of the latter – inspires real change in a person
Sista gurl can wish for digs like Lady O’s all she wants
Not that she would truly be comfortable in such opulence
But she don’t see no way that this shit can manifest
Hardliner grapples with this breakthrough

No – you are fighting the truth that is revealing itself to you
Could it be that do not think of yourself courageous
Enough to soar these crazy heights
Or maybe you are worried about the responsibility that an overflow
Of goodness of in your life would demand of you?
“To whom much is given…”

“Much is required” – Hardliner finishes

Hardliner you fear rising to the challenge of living
The fullest expression of your life
This is not about Oprah’s wealth or her path
This is about what you believe you are worth
If you do not feel comfortable in such opulence
Could it be that you do not believe that you belong there?
What is it that separates you from someone like Oprah?
And do not reach for what you cannot do or who you are not
Affirm what you can do
Affirm the gifted woman in you
But if you do not believe that you are limitless
You will forever construct low ceilings

Oooooh – Hardliner doubles over with stomach cramp
Lawd have mercy – c’mon

Well if you would stop fighting this breakthrough
You would not be birthing it with this pain

Ms. Rennah replies in a matter of fact tone

No lie – Hardliner is struggling with this breakthrough
And she does not want no birthin’ drama
But she is huffing and puffing all the same
Lawd – could Ms. Rennah be right?
Is she one of these persons who shrink from situations
That they think are too big for them?
Is she such a person who lets her insecurities take over
When she is in situations that call for her to be fully present
In the midst of influential folk?
Does she let self-doubt and inadequacies rob her of a
Chance to rise to such occasions?
And in the space being real Hardliner admits that
On some level she lets these situations intimidate her
Turn her confidence to quivering jelly

Umph – Cockeye Sue gon jack her up in this place
Hardliner is cramping – real bad

You are in resistance mode dear – let go
Rennah’s voice – calm and musical is battling Sista’s resistance
Take in this truth

Hardliner finally allows the realisation hit the place beyond her gut
That if she believes in her unworthiness of abundance
If she continues to let her doubts govern her sense of belonging
She will always reap just enough
And sista wants more than just enough
Well – aint that somethin’
When she left the heat of her jungle and fell upon this
Dream like waterfall
She never would have expected a nasty breakthrough
To find her ass here

Be careful Baby – don’t take your jungle talk
Into places of purification
You can’t carry your junk into your dream home
When you enter new dimensions you have to leave
The things that are a disservice to you and reach
For those things that can only lift you up

This vision board making process has pulled some
Real interesting stuff out of Hardliner
She may have her career mapped out and a cute vision
For her life and what not
But the vision board has truly opened up the world for sista gurl
She has come to realise that life will only bestow upon her
What she demands from it
In making her demands she is clearly affirming
What she deserves in her personal and business relationships
She is gon do her – and do it fully
That in itself is living greatly

Rennah salutes her verve
Now go out there and claim it


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