Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: Blood Outta Stone


For anyone trying to get a stone to bleed
Yall need to call on Jesus
Cause aint no mortal alive can achieve that shate
And while he at it – ask him to hook a sista up
With her stones as well – bitch-ass hard mutha fu…
Umph – she’s supposed to be spiritual and all that
On a holy pilgrimage within kinda thing
But the shit won’t let up
And Hardliner’s about to blackout on her
Re-programmed response to jack-you-up stress

This aint a good day for sista girl
There IS truth in the saying Women are from Venus
Men are from Dicktopia
Emotional symbiosis with their species requires
Squeezing blood from stone – in her case rhesus negative
Courtesy of the prime sinner and originator of all her man related woes
Daddy – please stand up
Show what worthless stuff you’re made of
Everyone clap for my daddy
Hall of famer father run-outta

“Ok what is this achieving Hardliner
What is your sole objective here
It is not like you gonna tell him
Exactly what think about him
Cause you don’t gats the balls
You just gon play nice or ignore him”
Her Irates interject

The truf is so overrated

“No Boo – inescapable
Why are you here Hardliner
The father bashing is getting a little old
There must be a purpose to this
What does it serve?”

Hardliner knows truf when she smells it
Stank and unreasonable
She knew that eventually all the cussing
And name calling would fail to satisfy her like an impotent lover
So now what
What does she want out of this experience?
And Hardliner aint ever thought about that
She never thought she would get this far
All she knew is that Daddy did not do right by her

“And that he must perpetually burn in Hell’s fire for it”
Her Irates come straight to the point

Yeh – and so what?
He aint suffered enough for making her feel so – so blahhhhhhhh

“How do you know?
Have never you asked him about his experience”

Experi – Hardliner aint in the mood for this
Cause she begins to feel cramping from her emotional lock down

“How does your father’s abandonment make you feel?”

Persistence is the mother of pain
Dem Irates / guardian angels / consciousness – whatever
Have induced labour to birth this breakthrough outta her

Dang – she is a grown-ass woman with a kid
Minutes – heyul seconds to Forty
And the temporary injection of that man into her life
Has dug up feelings that Hardliner cannot even articulate
So blahhhhhh suits it just fine
And she gon add fuck it just for good measure
Sweet Chile has flung all her stuff out there – psycho style
Everythang mixed and mangled into a destructive
Energy ball that not even Zeus would want to wield
And Hardliner being so used to cleaning up after the chick
Reasons that by digesting this destructive energy
She will contain the blast rather than having it
Blow up around her for center stage viewing

“So you’d rather jack up your insides for appearances sake
Than allow your stuff to breathe and dissipate
Into a safe and open space
How can you be so oblivious to the obscene level of Crazy
Jacking up your dome Boo
Oh yeah – you are too busy boning the Crazy”

Oooooooooh – oh me – oh my
Oh me – oh me – oh my
She did not see that one a comin

“Cause you can put Guardian Angels in recovery”

Their dry brush up tastes like Grandma’s wooden spoon on her ass
Getting that chick to open her emotional flood gates
Is like trying to bloodlet a stone
Right now Hardliner has a deathly grip on emotions
That cripple her growth into the dynamic woman she’s destined to become

“Baby girl take your foot off of Sweet Chile’s throat
Come on – let her breathe”

She is an embarrassment
Dang it – daddy lands on Planet Hardliner
And like a stupid little girl
Her inner child sits by the windowsill patiently
Nah – freakishly excited – waiting for her hero to show up
Because she is suffering from selective amnesia
About all the times that jerk off left her for dead
Feeling – let down and foolish
This time though he got to her – real good
Injecting her with his daddy venom
That Leave it to Beaver’s June Cleaver – Mayberry’s Aunt Bee
Freshly-baked outta the oven
Wholesome cookie sweetness – fantasy family life
And Hardliner wants to slap Sweet chile silly
Out of her white fifties suburbia reverie
To give her a real dose of the early seventies
Urban free lovin everything – hot tailing outta fatherhood
Responsibilities world she really come from
There aint no daddy here Sweet Chile
And he certainly aint no White knight in shining armour
What the fuck you building him up for
You don’t gats a daddy

“Boo stop the self mutilation
Why must you purposely hurt yourself to avoid
Sweet Chile’s truth?”

Or rather why does Hardliner – the Queen of Badass
Feels so – so – blahhhhhhhhh

“That is not a feeling boo – what are you feeling right now
Give it a name”

If they can’t wring blood outta the damn stone
They’ll coax it

Oh Lawd – Hardliner huffs and puffs
And in truf she could use a few herbal puffs
But her Irates are relentless
They intend for her to go through this labour without an epidural

“It need not be a labourous birth Boo
Stop fighting the forgiveness within you”

Fine she will own it – cause the pain is dayum near making her cockeyed
She feels inadequate
And hella angry
Where is the Queen she raised

“You mean the impostor you put on your throne
She has been deposed Boo
Right now your authentic Queen is ascending
You have to be ready for her coronation
This means getting your queendom in order”

The Irates exude a gravity that makes her knees want to buckle
And her resistance to birthin this breakthrough wavers
She is so dayum tired of her daddy drama
Totally exhausted from trying to make her Lion
Take the rap for daddy’s abandonment
When will she arrive at that place of reconciliation
Where she has forgiven him without the expectation
Of being recast in Leave it to Beaver
Because in actual fact –
The simpleton cookie dough and pancakes life
Is just too cloying for a sista
And really it aint nothing to do with her truth
Concerning her father – who is a flawed man
And who simply messed up
It is not her job to solve his many mysteries
It is not her life’s mission to seek out his peoples
She gats enough roots on her mamma side
Their shallow relationship is what it is
Sweetz’s fantasy of that white picket fence
And Daddy coming home to deliciously baked sweetness
With his arms outstretched to his little princess
Aint never ever gon happen for Hardliner
What she takes pleasure in – is witnessing that kinda joy and love
Bubble and burst outta her own little diva
When her daddy comes home each night
Minus all that wholesome baked sweetness shit
Hardliner don’t do Betty Crocker – anythang
And sure as dayum heyul no from scratch

The Irates sigh exasperatedly –
That is just about the amount of blood
They gonna get from this chick

“And Boo – kick Crazy outta yo bed”

Dem Irates gats some nerve
But point taken


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