Earth Mothers Chronicles: Amandla!


Remember who you are baby
Rennah’s voice cuts through the thick fog
Of chaos in Hardliner’s dome like a beacon light
You can’t afford to lose your head
A headless being is bereft of Governance
To lose your head – is to lose yourself

Gawd – Hardliner groans
Information is coming at her from all angles
Everybody has an agenda
Hardliner’s inner Queen has been donned in warrior garb
Since early in the year

Her armour is well worn – with long scary looking scratches
And huge ugly dents earned from battles involving
High stake politics – back handedness – betrayal
Slander – hypocrisy – outright lies
Ooooh Lawd – she could feel a survivor praise building
Cause although her armour looks jacked up and all
It is a testament to the courage and merciless grit
Of a warrior rapidly earning her stripes
But dang it – sista is tired as heyul
Aint people supposed to cherish their nine to five?
Clock in to a day of purpose and fulfillment
Instead of every-dayum-day hustling in a cesspool

Chile war is a dirty business
That is why it is important to keep your head

Ms. Almah adds –as they leisurely stroll Hardliner’s jungle

Hardliner feels the energy of Sprit on the move
Most times she could taste change in the air
But this time she feels this movement beneath her feet
She feels it in the Earth’s deep drone
A resonance that has her shaking inside
Hardliner’s eyes mist as she looks around in awesome wonder
At the beauty of green rolling hills – as far as the eye can see
Inwardly knowing that the ground on which
She stands is precious – sacred – holy
These rolling – singing hills feel like they are part of her
She does not know how – but she feels a connection to this earth
She feels its life force flowing through her being
She shivers – afraid to acknowledge the answer within
And thus arrives at the conclusion that she’s trippin’

Why? Nanna asks – her grace lifting Hardliner
To meet this experience –
Aren’t you a daughter of the Earth?

Well – she never looked at it this way
Cause sista aint a fan of worms and shi-
Eh – playing around with dirt don’t move her
That’s all she is saying
But she is faced with that intuitive stare of Nanna’s
The kind that reaches places within Hardliner
That she herself never knew existed

Finally Nanna asks – Have you ever noticed
That the things you run from the furthest
Are the very same things you are pulled towards?

Why do you stand outside of your power Chile?
Renna asks – Do you know what that power is?

Hardliner shifts uncomfortably –
If yall are talking about seeing dead folk
I am not fighting it hardcore no more
She casts a wary glance at Almah – who returns a look
That says she aint buying sista’s jive

Oh baby – it is more than just that
But what and where is your power – do you know?

Ms. Rennah – gently puts her arm around Hardliner’s shoulders
Umph – would you look at dem hills – her smile is resplendent
And Hardliner receives a vision of sunrise
On these verdant singing hills – that makes
Her knees want to buckle
Now her mind is also working overtime trying
To convince herself that she aint really feeling
The Earth’s song working its way up her legs – branching out
To every part of her body

Embrace your power Boo – don’t run
Don’t fight your joy
– Rennah encourages
The song’s melody is familiar now
Seeping into her bones – filling her very being
And oooh Lawd –tears are falling hardcore
As dem rolling hills – bathed in hallowed sunlight
Flood her dome with their song

“Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo
Yiva imathandazo yethu
Nkosi Sikelela – thina lusapho lwayo”

Knees gone – Queen Diva is undone
That hymn flatlines her every time
Hitting all her soft spots – stirring deep emotion
That leaves her in a trembling mess

“Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo
Yiva imathandazo yethu
Nkosi Sikelela – thina lusapho lwayo”

Breathe baby girl– Rennah states
Breathe – surrender – breathe
Continue this rhythm until you can harness
The song’s resonance within you
And when you have gained control – stand

It takes her a little while – but Hardliner harnesses
The flow of energy within her
She stands feeling strengthened and empowered by this hymn
Totally in control of the deep emotion it stirs within

“Woza Moya (woza, woza),
Woza Moya (woza, woza),
Woza Moya, Oyingcwele.
Usisikelele, Thina lusapho lwayo”

Amandla! Nanna answers softly
With a deep conviction that resounds in Hardliner’s soul

Power Almah affirms
Everybody is born with power
Some give theirs away – others misuse it
Whilst some folk are oblivious to its presence within them
But a person who stands in their own power
Chile – they could move and fell insurmountable mountains

It dawns on Hardliner that personal power
And good governance go hand in hand
An individual who does not know how to use their power
Lives only half a life
When people absorb information and make
Decisions from an emotional place
They are in fact operating headless

Your Madiba was a man who walked in his power
Nanna adds – with wisdom alighting her eyes
He was able to free himself of the hate – anger
And bitterness that could have kept him imprisoned
Even after he was freed
And he did this through forgiveness
Achieved through merciless will and discipline
His actions were not based on emotion
He kept his head because he realized that
His story was not bigger or greater than his purpose
And so he channeled his energy into creating
Something positive out of his horrific experiences

Hardliner smiles – at the thought of Nelson Mandela
There are very few persons who could reduce her
To a bundle of tears – who can stir within her bones
A fierce pride and respect
Madiba is more than an icon to Hardliner
She is not a South African and cannot
Even begin to pretend that she knows what their
Struggle was like – but Nelson is Tata to her too
It has been almost year since this great man has passed
And how ironic – that on the anniversary of his death
She is in the hottest phase of the spiritual purge
That began in March of this year
Talk about a baptism by fire
She has weeded friends and destructive behavioral patterns
She has had to till her earth to give her Inner Queen
A fertile foundation to lay down good root
And now her Inner Queen has to stand in her power

Then draw from your Madiba’s example baby – Rennah supplies
You cannot get anywhere in your life without
Active will and discipline – “it is impossible until it is done”

Hardliner gats that quote by Nelson on her vision board

You cannot defy impossibility without dogged determination
And discipline chile – keep your head on
So what – you have information coming at you from all angles
So what – you know all the dirty that persons are doing
So what – life aint fair
Keep your mind clear and focused
Know who you are in the battles that you fight
And don’t forget to breathe
So that you make informed decisions
From a base of power that grounds you

Almah’s counsel catches fire at the base of Hardliner’s spine

Sista knows she is called upon to answer to challenge
Indiscipline has been whooping her ass for years
In fact it may be all up in her DNA

Chile – wash out your mouth – Almah admonishes
You are more than your smallness
You can be disciplined – harness that fire at the
Base of your spine and will discipline into your being

She looks critically at Hardliner
So much possibility lives inside you
But it will only manifest when you fully operate
From a place of true power
You have it – use it!

Hardliner absorbs her surroundings
Those singing hills – rejoicing in praise
“Ma kube njalo! Ma kube njalo!
Kude kube ngunaphakade”

She is calm – collected
Harnessing the power flowing through her
It is a wondrous thing to be aware of her own power
To feel her own presence without trying to run

“Kude kube ngunaphakade!”



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