Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Seeing life in dry bones


Yes yall – this is a good day
Hardliner aint felt this good in a long time
The newness of spring is here –
Hope and joy cleave to her skin like a sweet fragrance
And India Arie’s ‘strength Courage and Wisdom’
Is giving the Yellow Brick Road life
Heyul – even the Sun is slaying a mean electric slide
Sweating golden showers of light upon the earth
C’mon now –
Hardliner is laying out that canary coloured brick with her groove
Like nobody’s business
Cause that intro is everythang – “inside my head there lives a dream
That I want to see in the sun
Behind my eyes there lives a me that
I’ve been hiding for much too long
Cause I’ve been, too afraid to let it show
Cause I’m scared of the judgment that may follow
Always putting off my living for tomorrow” – Go’head Ms. India

With every clap – skip and tooshie wiggle
Hardliner intends to hold on to the day’s goodness
Like her life depends on it
Cause in life you gats to fight for every-dayum-thing

Like you grooving down this yellow stretch of road
Pretending that you don’t see all dem dry bones around you

Ms. Ego acerbic as ever – tries to sabotage Hardliner’s joy
Well not today – sista turns up her jam to ear popping decibels
Until the Yellow Brick is vibrating positivity in deep waves
“It’s time to show my faith
Procrastination had me down but look what I have found, I found
Strength, courage, and wisdom
And it’s been inside of me all along”

You could sing that sap till your face turns ites green and gold
But dem dry-ass bones are real
Unemployment is real
Living with your cray cray mama is real
Living on benefit is real
Starting over from ground zero is real
– Ms. Ego counterpunches

Consternation dots Hardliner’s forehead in beads of sweat
Cueing Ms. Ego to go in for the sweet kill –
Tell me Boo-Boo – where is the freedom in that?
And gurl you have done gon passed nine months already
Time is no fool but it can make you one though
That one year anniversary is creeping up on your ass
Tick tock – tick tock – tick tock

Oh Ms. Ego is throwing down some thug on Hardliner
She is wielding her destructive mojo today
The mojo that holds Hardliner to pre-programmed reactive behaviours
Acquired from her life experiences – family pathologies
The mojo that has influenced sista’s thought patterns
And directed her inner language

Hardliner aint gon lie – Ms. Ego’s assault has elicited
The churning of fear in her gut
As indecision and unbelief begin their march of death up her spine
Dayum – this was a good day
She shivers as a chilly breeze digs up goose-bumps all over her body
Squinting skywards she notices that the Sun’s electric slide
Has gotten sloppy – allowing for a grey mass of clouds to
Highjack a considerable portion its of royal blue territory
Now – Ms. India’s positivity anthem don’t hit her quite the same

Mind your business chile – comes the sharp warning
Jolting sister out of anxiety
She looks down a little too late before tripping on a dry bone
Good lawd – she gasps as the valley of dry bones
Greets her with all the warmth of a cold grave
Heyul naw – aint no yellow nothing in sight

Um humph
Complacency comes off Ms. Ego in in waves so thick
That Hardliner feels nauseous

Is has morphed into was
Almah looks her over with an intuitive gaze
Life aint always what it appears be
True power don’t smell funky
Underneath all its stench there aint nothing but fear
Where is your sword Chile
– she asks in a matter of fact tone

But Hardliner is too caught up in this here grave yard vision
To acknowledge the Earth Mother Guide
So many God dayumed bones – dry withered places
Withered vision – withered finances – withered relationships
Withered career – wither…

Hardliner! Almah bellows
The colour of fire and the energy of passion
Surges her dome – administering a mental purge
Put on your armour
She motions to ground with her eyes
At Hardliner’s feet are a centurion’s helmet and sward
You have something to slay and something to protect
Almah’s eyes hold an unworldly light
That would unnerve any sane thinking person

Well where does that leave you? The Earth mother guide counters
Mischief all up in that unworldly glow

Hardliner rolls her eyes – even as she slays her negative Ego
In order to fully surrender to this breakthrough
She places the helmet on her head
And marvels at the sublime serenity enveloping her
An astute clarity has set her dome alight as well
Spirit is moving – as her dome vibrates with the echo of words
‘I came that you may have life and may have
Life more abundantly’

Hardliner feels a shift within her
As though she is being illuminated from the inside
Yet she fights to contain the weight of this breakthrough

Let go of yourself Hardliner – there is no need
To fight to understand what you already know

Good Lawd
This is about her perception – but then again so much more
This is about calling forth the abundance of life
Into her dry bones – all her withered spaces – because…

The power of life and death is in the tongue
Tears mist her eyes as Almah completes the sentence
If you tell yourself that all you see around you
Is misfortune and failure
Then baby you are speaking death to everything you hold dear
Speak life into your vision – relationships – finances – career
Don’t focus on the conditions in your life as they are
But on…

What they are going to be – Hardliner gasps
As her valley of bones dissolves before her eyes into nothingness
She finds herself standing in a dark and silent womblike space
Accompanied by Almah – the wolf guide Silver Shadow
And Nadie – the word frugal Native guide who left her on
The Yellow Brick Road journey a long while back –
Hardliner guesses that this is the “I will meet you anon”
Moment Nadie was referring to
Sista is still a bit salty about the guide’s abandonment

A pair of glowing eyes hits her with a reprimand
Focus chile – remember guard your head
Your thoughts are your most precious possessions

What is this place

Whatever you want it to be
What you see is what you’ll be
Out of your thoughts come your family – vision
Creativity – wealth – self-perception
You are one thought away from living the
Best and highest expression of your life
The only thing that can stop you from birthing magic is you

Almah responds

Are we not but energy little one – Nadie asks
In that soft thoughtful tone of hers
Are we not one with the Universe – the Great I Am
The Omniscient and Omnipotent All
This One Universal Mind is in you –
It has given you the power to create your life experiences
Through your thoughts –
A concept – idea – strategy is simply energy
That starts out in the metaphysical world
From which everything in the physical world emanates
You speak your thoughts and ideas into existence
Did not God say – let there be light – and there was light
And since this mind of God is limitless
Then little one so are you

Hardliner is receiving this awakening with tremors
Rocking her body – shattering her soul
Only to put it back together again
Dang – dem guides aint saying anything new
But only now has she received it –
Like pure revelation into her being
Lawd have mercy – talk about being slain in the spirit

Her thoughts are her seeds and they contain
Limitless possibilities for her life
They represent her potential for greatness
Note to self – Hardliner muses
Be more mindful when using the thoughts ‘I am’
Since they could be used to create a death sentence
And looking back on her life sista has created plenty
As in – I am broke – I am not disciplined – I am tired
I am depressed – I’m afraid and many more
These thoughts do not make her feel good
Their vibrations speak death
So how could she expect the Universe to reciprocate
In the manifestation of abundance
When her broke ass energy vibrates its way
Basically she has sentenced her wallet to
Permanent residence in Pisstossity Ville

So why do you wait little sister – the giant wolf lops to her side
His ice-blue eyes illuminating the black void
Hardliner returns his curious stare

Ever patient- with his neither here nor there temperament
Silver Shadow asks again – why do you wait
Is this to be your new world

Hardliner takes a moment to comprehend
Then a burst of light floods her dome
This is a matrix moment right here
With the rapid – effortless unfolding of consciousness
Hardliner realises that she is not waiting on God
To change her situation
But rather God is waiting on her to realise how powerful she is
In that how she perceives the situations in life
Determines what her life will become
And that she can effect change in her life with his blessing
Now sista gats places to go – thangs to do – people to love
Cause like her Daddy – the Great I am – the ALL
She is limitless

This right here is a badass Matrix-Neo-flying-moment

“Birds flyin’ high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel”
Ms. Simone’s voice enters the void
It is full-bodied and purposeful
Inducing powerful contractions in the womblike space
Knocking Hardliner off balance –
Nevertheless sista holds her ground against the upheaval
Knowing that this here midwife knows what she is doing
Her song is one of freedom – breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. it’s a new life for me,
And I’m feelin’ good”

Hardliner gasps as she finds herself amidst the splendour
Of the Emerald City
Sista is basking in all that green beatific aura
Aint no tears – she don’t need them to validate the joy in her heat
She gats good grounding – her world is wide open

Take me out Nina – while I do this Yellow Brick justice
“Sleep in peace when day is done: that’s what I mean,
And this old world is a new world and a bold world for me…”

Thankyou Jesus


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