Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: Rolling with Abundance


Shit happens – that is life
Most times a necessary happening
Aint nothing Hardliner can do about it
The thing she can control is how she reacts to the drama
And Hardliner loves a good Production
She is the Director – Stage Manager
Executive Producer and Lead Actress
And sista girl is so badass  – she and Oscar rolling deep
Deeper than its flow with Meryl Streep

But now she is seriously tryin’ ah ting
To evolve into a spiritually enlightened being
And has unearthed that her dramatic – self-indulgent productions
Don’t feed her sense of injustice anymore
But only add disgrace to her spiritual blooming

And to tell the honest truth
Hardliner is kinda pleased with herself
Shit happens but it aint gon jack up her flow
She will ride the sonofabitch harder than a rodeo warrior
She gon take some time to clean out her mouth though
You know – cause shit happens

Oh bravo the Irates praise her efforts
Although they are waiting for the other shoe to drop

Yeh – thanks much
Most likely the shoe gon be beat up
Not like say – a Louboutin

Chick you can’t even afford a Lou – ummmph – just keep it movin’

Hardliner is already there
What the heyul is she gon do about her dire financial situation
Plain-ass bad credit is ruining her life

No your reaction to your credit situation
Is ruining your life – you have to readjust your thinking

Hardliner swallows the sass bout to fly outta her mouth
Really – readjust?
In the world where shit happens – broke is broke

Awwww the hobo boot is about to land Boo

They pause – because that gurl will make them
Pull an Osama on her planet
Hardliner feels their current and vybes that
She betta just HOSH UP and listen
As Oya’s winds perform a drumming séance outside her digs

When things look bleak – keep the energy positive
Shit happens to test misdemeanor divas like you
Shit happens to transform your misdemeanors into spiritual victories
So – in the words of your inner slave – what is you gon do?
You did free her by the way

Hardliner tryin’
So like they said – she will keep it movin’
Despite Oya’s raging transformation winds that
Threaten to fling her house to OZ
Right now she gon dig deep to unearth the meaning
She attaches to rockin the Christian Louboutin life
Well – at least the knock offs
Security comes to mind – then her glorious pride
Self-worth and independence
And right about now – with her jacked up financial shit-uation
She feels pretty much inadequate
Totally incapable of providing for a child and herself
That does not do well for her ballsy Ego
Lawd – if she had to think of her dire situation
And all the shit that can go wrong – she will go awf

But what does that tell you
It seems your want of money feeds superficial needs
First off – you don’t like to humble yourself to ask for help
To associate yourself with the type of woman
Who depends on a man for her necessities
It makes you feel small and inadequate
Since – in essence you would like to believe
That you don’t need a man – or anyone – for anything
Because you’re independent and shit – right?
And the only one you can depend on is you
Aint nobody will play you by letting you down
Baby girl – things scruffy – but caused by your own hand

Oh T.D. Jakes aint gats nothing on yall
Her jab still don’t fill the empty space
Their little sermon created

Then fill it with something positive the Irates reply

Feelings of inadequacy don’t just disappear

You are right – but you have to work at it
It is a process that involves a change in
How you see and value yourself
It involves tracing issues of lack to its roots
Chile get a financial plan and stick with it
You know what you are working with at the end of each month
Obviously what you want to do with your coffers aint working
Separate your wants from your needs Hardliner
Make your money work for you
The Universe can’t help you without you
Helping yourself and taking onus of your stuff
And keep the faith amidst all your credit drama
Greet each day – one at a time – feeling blessed
Knowing that YOU manifest abundance

Hardliner knows the Abundance rhetoric
And that is a cool spiritual mind game
Yeh she said it cause all how she tries to swallow
It just can’t make it past her dayum gullet
All she knows is that she is abundantly broke
Her wallet is abundantly empty
Metaphysical abundance – shit
Gurlfriend rolls with tangibility

And your foul unreasonable mood will
Keep your wallet drier than the Sahara Boo
Your financial situation is caused by your own hand
By your unwillingness to acknowledge that your
Monthly flow cannot accommodate your wants
What you need to be doing Mama
Is to acknowledge what feeds your needs for financial
Power and independence
Acquire some backbone to withstand your cravings
To spend your cash frivolously
Aint you tied of tasting poverty
And you are racking up one hell of a bill
By your frequent visits to Pistossicty Ville
Your vacation home there comes with a hefty price on your soul

Hardliner has journeyed too far within herself to stew in rachetossity
She gats to call a thing a thing
Her Irates are right – dang she’ll admit it
Her financial situation has been of her own making
She has been driven to financial suicide by her
Need to placate her feelings of lack
Who the hell is she without cash in her wallet
Who is she if she can’t rock a fly wardrobe
What kind of mother is she if she can’t
Give her little diva the kind of life she had as a child
Dang – she is a grown-ass woman who makes peanuts
She feels her blood boiling and tries to
Infuse fleeting peace into her dome
Before it hightails out the door
Hardliner inhales and exhales vigorously – ommmmmmmm
This is a divine spiritual lesson – she knows it
If she can’t get her stuff together in these hard times
How the hell would she manage the deluge of manna
She knows is coming her way

Bing bing baby her Irtes congratulate her victory
Money is more than just purchasing power Hardliner
You have to be adept at managing it to keep it around
It is not a salve for wounds of inadequacy
It cannot make you love and honour your inner being
When you claim abundance
You are in fact announcing to the Universe that you
Are more than enough
And that you are open to receive immeasurable blessings
Because you deserve it
Life is abundantly beautiful Hardliner
You are alive – not fighting anything terminal
Free yourself of your pisstossicity
Forgive yourself for your bad financial decisions
And move on by claiming abundance
You know – Boo – what you claim is what you reap
If all the Universe can get from you is
Your woe is me – bad credit mantra
Then your blessings will be limited to a trickle
Work to channel positive energy into your flow
Think and breathe abundance and then your aqueducts will
Gush with blessings
P.S. – shed your ‘daddy gone’ blues boo
Your husband is not your father
Your mommy issues are not your life
Forgive and keep it movin’

Thank you
And that is coming from a real place
Now she knows what it must have been like
When her house slave ate from freedom’s plate

Aint no time when soul food tastes foul baby girl

Big girl panties on
Hardliner gon deal with the situation
This right here is a “substance of things hoped for
And the evidence of things not seen” scenario
And like she said –
She gon ride this sonofabitch harder than rodeo warrior
That’s just what you do – when shit happens

Trust you to sully the beautiful biblical imagery of faith
With profanity
the Irates rebuke

Hardliner has fought the good fight
And she has unearthed that she is indeed a warrior
Who at the same time – will always have a bit of Midemeanour diva her
To sum it up – on this self enlightenment journey
She has learned that she can always fix what is broken within
But if it aint broke – eh that broke – leave it the hell alone
And when she arrives at Valhalla’s gates
They just gon hafta deal with the trip that she is
Crazy – potty-mouthed and all


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