Misdemeanor Diva chronicles: Big Girl Panties


At first it was intended as a joke
She coined the term Budda-seer and it stuck
Like herself to a bag of msg-laced cheese curls
Budda-seer this – Budda-seer that
Every thang peachy keen
But the biatch done a double take on her ass
And now she aint stuck with a cute phrase no more
But a frightening reality- laced purpose
Something bigger than her kinda thing

Bigger than consolations – planets or solar systems
As big as the Great I Am
Ok she gon fry her brain

Big girl panties Hardliner and take a few deep breaths
It is not really the thought of seeing dead people
That really scares the piss outta Hardliner
Although that’s some scary ass shate too
But it is the fulfillment of her gift in totality
Money – power and all the emblems of luxury
Are just valuable to the naked eye –
Not even scratching the invisible base
Of something that is bigger than life itself
Basically her dreams of wearing designer shoes
Don’t mean jack shit
It is the balance between life and death
And the spiritual evolution of beings
That gives life its meaning
And Hardliner’s gift has positioned her to
Be one of the few in the centre of the whole thang
Dat more than anything have her fraid
Aint it amazing that when a grown woman figures
She’s already wearing her big girl panties
She suddenly realizes that what she is wearing
Don’t cover no part of her cheeks
And gats her cellulite dimples playing peekaboo
In the nude fitted trousers she’d be trying to rock

Hardliner is riddled with doubt in her ability
To rise above her fear
She don’t know if her big girl panties
Can contain all her stuff
She knows the kinda woman she wants to be – but

“No buts baby girl
Put on your big gurl panties and
Rise above the fear to meet her
She is waiting for you
But you must go through the fire first
To ascend to super-badness
To find yourself you must overcome yourself
Aint that what you doing now”

Bing bing moment
Though – still broke –
With a vacation home in Pisstosscity Ville
Hardliner aint a total lost cause like
She has built up herself to be
She gats to pat herself on the back
Cause she has packed on some spiritual muscle
Now her spiritual physique is shaping up
To be one stone cold fox

So Hardliner has to stop complaining
Bout how hard life is
And just do what she gats to do
Come out of that spiritual closet
With keen self acceptance
Needing no other to validate her but God
And aint no other panties can hold
All that junk but those made for big girls


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