Misdemeanor Diva Chronicles: The Evidence of Thangs


Faith is the substance of things hoped for
And the evidence of things not seen
Every day you learn somethin’ new
Meaning she really should consult the Lord’s Good book more often
Though at times it resembles an intellectual minefield
Half the time she don’t whether she coming or going
But that there quotation in Hebrews 11:1 is profoundly simple
Beautiful – short and sweet
If only Hardliner was a patient girl who

Put all her ummmmph in the Lord’s infinite plan
Knowing that faith in him will pull her ass through any thang
But she being cynical – cranky and high on control
Don’t trust nobody and their infinite plan
Eh – respectfully – speaking

“You know you wrong – right?” the Irates slice

Call a thing a thing – right
Oh lighten up – this thing is painful
She must inject some biting humour into it
To keep sanity from joining the other foot
To hightail out the door
Now can this session be a little light today
A sista can only take too much self-awareness
Up in her crib at once

“You called it girlfriend
We’re merely going with your flow
And we gon take it cause getting you open and receptive
Usually requires a high jacking
Or the sun rising from the moon’s ass”

Aww – don’t be like that

“Call a thing a thing – right”

Hardliner called this session
And now that she is here – she don’t know why
There is a lot on her mind at present
As usual – all the things that aint gowin down as she wants
The control thing is still raw with her
Or maybe this is a faith issue
The substance of things hoped for and the
Evidence of things not seen

“What do you hope for that is not money”

Cold hard cash

“If only that were funny
Little girl you are workin the wrong nerve”

That is a hard question
It is like asking her what does she want
And Hardliner don’t wanna acknowledge it
Cause she is uncertain of its truth
The bare bones of the situation is that
Hardliner don’t gats the balls to stand up for her purpose

“Go easy on yourself – lessen the harsh critique
This is part of your modus operandi to life
Giving credence to negative beliefs about yourself
So that when or if they are affirmed by persons
The sting cannot hurt you – cause you already
Believe these lies to be true
You are on alert for attack always
Never let anyone see you bleed
Never put yourself in a vulnerable situation
Always needing to be safe so that no one can hurt you
You are your hardest critique
Thus becoming your worst enemy
It is ok to be gentle with yourself Hardliner
You are not cushioning an invalid
But affirming a strong woman”

Hardliner aint gats no bones with that
She gats enough of her own red’n’raw bones
She don’t want to have a grave yard up in her dome
Speaking of grave yard
That right there is some seriously freaky shit
OK – she knows that the manner in which
She addresses her gift of sight – aka seeing dead folk
Contributes to her acceptance of the thing
And Lawd knows she has taken gargantuan steps
To thinking positively about seeing Pookie and his ethereal crew
But she don’t want them in her dome 24 /7
As it stands – fear still slaps any acceptance she
May have acquired outta her each time she bounces up with dem tings
Which brings her back to square one
What is it that she wants – well – apart from
An eternal fountain – sprouting c-notes
To fill her jacked up pleather wallet?
She will need some more time to find the answer

“The truth is within you – you don’t have to go that deep
We can’t tell you – only you can claim that victory
Only you can accept your purpose
And when the knowing claims you
There is no going back”

So now I gats to wait for unseen blessings to hit my dome
All the while assured of its coming – right

“In Hardliner-esque reasoning – that sums it up”



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