Valhalla Chronicles: Keep it Movin’


“What to do” – her Granny said that often
To affirm acceptance of things she could not change
No matter how hard she tried
And for Hardliner that shit’s real
There is deep wisdom in leaving shit alone
That don’t wanna see – hear or smell change
What to do – simply means surrendering control
Of situations – as well as expectations that
One gats no business trying to mess with
It also means letting Oya’s wind rip through things
To cleanse their energy so that they come back to you new
Like seeing the other side of the moon for the first time

“Now all this preamble is leading to what dear”  the Irates interject

Hardliner chooses to ignore their cool – calm current
That always tips her off balance
The heavy sarcasm in that dear calls for a rest stop in Pisstosscity Ville too
But she gon ride this
Heyll – coming to think of it – that’s just them
That‘s how they roll – with a resolute serenity
That she braces herself against when her sanity wanna
Hightail straight into the arms of crazy

“Oh wow – a compliment?”

Yeh – but yall know what I was really gon say
About the Eternal wedgie lodged high noon…


But I – folded into a complement – right
C’mon I am a work in progress
What to do?
Heh hay – bouyah!

“That is why you’re stuck at work without reflecting progress
Everything is a joke to you – with that sass
Not moving past crass”

Dayum – that flying shoe in particular was deadly
With its knock off designer wedge
Making an imprint on her temple

“That’s what your wallet feels like at the thought
Of fulfilling your dreams to walk in Prada Boo”

Funks much

Hardliner had such hopes for this session
Intending on starting with a jubilant affirmation
Now it kinda feels like an old-school ass-whoopin
What’s next – the electrical cord

“Take responsibility for the sass that comes
Outta your mouth baby girl
You make giant strides but your mouth
Erases your achievements before you can get used to them”

Not to mention that it does not make yall job any easier

“There you go again – that mouth”

Hardliner will admit – her tongue is loose and free swinging
And there are moments that she should
Keep it glued to her pallet
So a little self-control would do her wonders
Cause that’s about the only control she can wield
But apart from that – diva gurl gon do her crazy-ass self
Aint nobody can do it betta
Be yourself – everyone is already taken
Oscar Wilde could not have said it any betta
Her journey to inner peace is just that – hers alone
With her DNA all up in it
There was a time though when Hardliner thought
That to walk a spiritual life meant being
In a zen space twenty-four seven
And her feng shui had to be real tight
She would manifest tranquility with no sass
Flying outta her mouth in all directions
She would overcome her need to speak at
One million miles an hour – loose the stammer
With the end resulting in the manifestation of
An impregnable tranquility – a Ghandi like state of reasoning
But sista gurl really knew inwardly that this
Pipe dream wudda neva fly past her big toe
To be more accurate –
It cudda neva fly faster than the sass that
Usually comes outta her mouth – Usain Bolt style

So now Hardliner sees her spiritual evolution realistically
An inner growth that starts from where she at –
A misdemeanor diva trying to grow some balls
To change the things she can
Accept her idiosyncrasies that actually
Prevent sanity from eloping to Krypton to screw crazy

What to do?
But to own and manifest her truth
Without apology or fear of judgment
Ever since her arrival at Valhalla
Hardliner has been listless and a little pissed awf
Ok – she’s been wallowing in pisstosscity
Due to her belief that her growth has been stunted
Not to mention Oya’s storm has been giving her a beat down
And after all her positive strides Hardliner is still at first base
A foundation she thought was tilled and already capable
Of sustaining upward mobility

Dayum – she still at first base
One not even strong enough to support a mosquito’s shit

“And what do you consider to be first base Hardliner”

She gon swallow the sass about more jacked-up questions
Instead of insightful – in depth explanations from dem Irates
And score that victory

“And you don’t want a sermon on your lazy stank attitude gurl
Keep it moving”

That’s just how they roll – Hardliner reminds herself
What the hell does she constitute as first base
Duhhhhh – square one – the starting point – freakin’ zero

“And you figure that is where you are”

Comes the unruffled response –
Just a little too debonair for Hardliner
Cause right about now she is fighting off a rebuttal
To make that ultra blue cool calm and collectiveness
See a little red light district
But never mind – that’s just how they roll gurl
Hardliner is determined to ride this
Cause one day she gon exorcise the Misdemeanour diva
Even if she can’t come close to Ghandi 24 /7
She sure as heyll can touch one freaking half a morning
She gon start building her foundation with small victories
Every stage in her spiritual evolution has strata
Which starts from a base – a clean slate
Upon which to start new a new chapter of her story
Where she will end up – she don’t know
She cannot control what she can’t see
And the Irates have bitch slapped her obsession
With timing outta her mind

What to do?
But to ask God to show her his vision for her life
Take responsibility for what comes outta her mouth
But really to exorcise useless – negative thoughts from
Her head before they erupt outta her mouth
All the while affectionately justifying it as her cray cray
Suddenly – to her it just illustrates stupidity
And her resolute defiance to inner change
What an ah ha moment

“There you go mama – alas there is hope”

Dang – she’s inspired to make the declaration that
No more sass will escape her lips
Well – she gon do less – about 50%
No – 40
Cold turkey is sooooo not her thang


Ok – she’ll cut down on the sass
Work on being more respectful
When you know better – you do better
But do her crazy ass at the same time

“All within a day’s work”


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