High Queen Chronicles: Rolling with the Force


She could start off by stating that this aint a woe is me rant
But who the hell is she fooling
She could also plead not guilty – absolving herself from
The psycho PMS trip that has high jacked Planet Hardliner
But really – sista gurl knows that she aint putting
Up no resistance to her VAP!
Straight up – no chaser – this is a woe is me story
Hardliner has kicked do better when you know better to the curb

And yet you are still here
Hatshepsut – eyes aglow states the obvious

Yeh – go figure
Hardliner muses
For someone who has zoned awf on her spiritual mandate
The yearning to experience the cleansing energy of Spirit never wilts
Seemingly never far

No further than your big toe?
The Pharaoh diva flings sista gurl’s expression back in her face
With that mocking humour – doing its best to woo her inner ratchet
Well get on with your woe is me
But counting on the fact that you are a spiritual being
Before your woe is me is finished – you will have realized that
Your sojourn in Pisstossicity Ville is your choice
And if you really want to live in a place of peace and well being
You have to move past the laziness and indiscipline
Laying no further than that big toe of yours

Pursed lips with a salty disposition – Hardliner looks about her
A sand storm is brewing – Oya is getting ready for her Bedouin dance

What is it about you that brings out the best in people sister
Hatshepsut adds more fuel to the fire rising in Hardliner

And if she has learned anything about herself
It is that her Ego always falls prey to self-righteous anger
She could feign that she does not care two shits about
The Ancient Queen whooping her ass with one liners and what not
Or the sand storm Oya is whipping up at present
But in actual fact – she does care
Cause she is here in this inner chasm
Trying to acquire peace – ok – if she is going for honesty here
An in the meantime peace – until her salary runs dry
Which gon be as soon as the next minute
Cause she is tired of working for peanuts –
Even Jumbo Elephant gets more than her
Yeh – she is still pimping her woe is me
Spiritual – but still a Misdemeanour diva

Yes you are – and the point is sister?
Hatshepsut cuts her off

To get this shit off my chest mama
I need to vent cause my life flows without any sense of direction
Hardliner looks down at her big toe and sees
Laziness and indiscipline staring right back at her
Begrudgingly she admits this one is on her
Before she raises the BUT – Hatshepsut deftly interjects

There can be no acceptance of a half truth sister
It is or it isn’t –
Positive energy needs a channel through which to course
Your channels are blocked with cynicism
Disobedience – laziness – indiscipline and anger
The energy of pisstossicity that surrounds you sister
Is of your own making

Hardliner cannot argue with that
She is in a funk of her own design
And now she is about through with her own dayum self
It is just that 2014 is around the corner and sista gurl feels lost
For someone who strives to get it together
She done lost all her shit

Cut the woe is me sister
YOU have come further than your story
Self pity is beneath you

Hatshepsut gats her twinkle on – her luminous eyes
Brooks no sass from sista gurl

This is a low point mama
Let me lay in my low
Albeit Hardliner knows within herself that she is more than
The depression polluting the positive flow of energy around her
But – she feels powerless to rise above it
There is no logic to her depression
A bottomless black – sucking all her optimism and peace
Replacing it with a reality based on her worst fears

Fight it sister
It has high jacked the goodness and gratitude around you –
Replacing it with anger and self-censure
And as you succumb to the warm comfort of self pity
Its power over your mind grows

Right – be wary of the dark side of the force – oooooooooooh
Hardliner rolls her eyes skyward
She is waiting for Darth Vader to creep up on her outta the shadows
Hey mama – you could stop giving me the death ray glares
Star Wars IS a badass – spiritual saga
Yoda gats some fly one liners too
That little green Jedi Master is the baddest thing
In the Star Wars Galaxy

There is a sudden shift energy
A contracting and expanding
That leaves Hardliner heaving from a nasty bout of spiritual nausea
Hardliner gingerly licks her lips
Star Wars aint your thang mama?
The answering queasiness nearly cuts her off at the knees
Lawd – she prefers the snake bite – or a flying shoe missile

Ok – I give up
I give up

You spend so much energy winging and sassing
Instead of addressing the situations
You would like to change in your life

There is no need for Hatshepsut to continue
Her nausea treatment has pulled reason back into Hardliner’s dome
If she wants light to illuminate her life
She has to be disciplined in her daily spiritual practice
Every morning – no short cuts – no detours – no rain checks
She gats to show up to prayer meetings with God
And sit in her noise until silence claims her dome
She will try to keep her focus
Cause no lie – at 4 in the morning
Her bed is real sweet and the dark side of the force
Uses the cobwebs in her mind to dissuade her from
Getting up to pray

You know what needs to be done Hardliner
The Grand High Queen states
Her regal countenance consuming the Cushite landscape
In her eyes a constellation seemingly swirls
Do or do not – there is no try

Yeh – that Yoda is a badass
Even Grand High Queens from Antiquity
Gats to pull a quote out from the Master Jedi’s gospels
May the force be with you – sister

And you too sister
You are in sore need of it

She gon let that one pass


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