High Queen Chronicles: 2014 and Cockeyed Sue


It is too dayum early in the year for Cock eyed Sue
To come a calling at Hardliner’s door

By now you should know that the pain from avoiding –
And disobeying your spirit’s urging to address certain issues
Will render you cock eyed sister
And yet here you are – preparing to welcome her

Happy New Year to you too sister
And Hardliner puts in as much sarcasm and acidity
As she can into that retort

If pettiness pleases you – do your thing sister

Hatshepsut’s dismissal is laced with condescension
Hardliner counts to 10 ‘cause it’s too new a year
For her tongue to be loose and free swinging

Aren’t you tired of your drama Hardliner?

Umph –
She would answer the Grand High Queen but
Cockeyed Sue is squeezing the light out of her world
Yet Hardliner is caught in the grip of fear and so she
Fights against the urging of her spirit to give air to her issues
The very same Hatshepsut called her out on some time ago
Saying that sistuh gurl cleaved her issues to her chest –
Tenderly so – like a newborn
Hardliner returns the High Queen a steely glare
An eerie silence prevails as the Kushite desert winds swirl
Humph – winds of change her ass!
Spiritual transformation is so overrated

Everything that has been said to you concerning the
Necessity of your spiritual rebirth has already been said
You know within the depths of your soul who you are meant to be
Not want to be – your High Queen waiting for you to
To call her into being
Instead you call out the Misdemeanour Diva – decked in her
Full regalia of Pisstosscity – truculence – mediocrity

Impudence – disobedience – laziness – fear
Hardliner finishes off for the Ancient Pharaoh
If she is going down to Cockeyed Sue – she is going down swinging
Wielding her badass saber and all

Sister you only serve to disrespect – dishonor and invalidate
Your blooming when such ignorance spews from your mouth

There is disappointment in Hatshepsut’s eyes
And Hardliner feels ashamed of herself
She has no excuses lined up in her defense
Nothing but the sad truth that she lacks the courage
To face her deep seated pain
Back in the day she had her house nigga
And that slave could outrun Cockeyed Sue like she be Usain Bolt
But then along comes Hatshepsut running her Emancipation game
And Hardliner’s house slave bolts for beyond the rainbow
So now here she is with no escape plan except Pisstosscity
Lawd – Jesus – how can she do this truth thing?
How can she operate in its infinite and pure space without breaking?

Sister you are not entirely whole now either
Because you continue to operate in the space of brokenness

But you said a daughter of the Great I am never breaks

Feeling broken and being broken are not the same
You continue to operate in the space of brokenness
With your mother Hardliner

Oh Jes-us – 2014 is a bitch!

It is time sister
How can you squarely sit on your throne of womanhood
When the relationship with Alpha woman in your life
Your mother – is emotionally barren –
Filled with more unsaid than said
She gave you life and a pathology that has shaped your beliefs
That has birthed various self mistruths
Sister it is time

Hardliner’s reserve is being eroded
Against the barrage of Oya’s change winds
How does she begin – she does not know where to begin
Cockeyed Sue is jacking her up man

Relinquish that newborn in your arms
And lay down thy weapons daughter

The Universe comes lovingly to the fore
And Hardliner will take all the help she can get right now

Hatshepsut – gentle but firm in her resolve
Holds up her sister High Queen in training
Looking her dead in the eye
This day sister – we start the growing up of your inner child
We deal with her turbulence with your mama
This day sister – we set your inner child free

Cut off at the knees again – from the sheer shock of
What she is about to undertake
And the spiritual turbulence hijacking her core
Reverberating in the vaults of her dome
Her Irates’ words steal her attention “is you bad enough”
And sistuh gurl is too dayum caught up in the throes
Of this here nausea to be irritated on queue

One thing she does know is that today
She gon really see if she is that badass she claims to be


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