Hardliner #113: The Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Love and War


The Hardliner Chronicles

Now this shit right here aint for public consumption
You hear me?

Ms. Ego warns off the bat
There are degrees to which you let out our buiznass
Never mind that being brutally honest – self cleansing crap
If you gon do this – you gon do it my way!

There is only one way – one truth
The Irates remind her in that infuriating ultra dry tone of theirs

My way is more comfortable
Ms Ego – combative as ever spits out
I aint saying don’t spill your guts – hey power to you and all that
But do it like you gats some sense in your dayum head
Save a little fifteen percent or something
That – there is only one truth is highly overrated

Hardliner – baby – your sabre needs sharpening

God this is too much – Hardliner muses to herself

That happens when you interrupt…

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