Earth Mothers Chronicles: Baptism


Well – Ms. Change and Transition – one and only Oya
Has gone and outdone herself with this one
Hardliner scans her surroundings
And sista gurl aint impressed
Heyul – she would take her Valhalla experience
Or Hatshepsut with her twinkling eyes
Any dayum day of the week
That diva’s winds done dragged her off to a jungle
How you gon ruff up a High Queen and dump her in a jungle?
Like seriously?
Bush – mosquitoes and snakes?
Really – like seriously?
Uh–uh Ms. Oya – you needs to fix this one
Your transforming winds need to blow a sista outta here

Hey – Oya – hook a sista up!

Out of all the places
This here jungle is teaming with all sorts of exotic creatures
That can issue instant death
Or can basically make her life very uncomfortable
Yeh – it is all well and good to say that discomfort equals growth
But that shit is another story when you are living it
Why discomfort could not have hit her dome
On an isolated beach in the Seychelles
A sista could definitely work with that
This Tarzan Vybe aint doable – at all

Hey – yall gon do something about this?
She hurls her frustration at the Irates
Yet she is greeted by an unnerving silence
Absently she nibbles her bottom lip
As she warily takes in her situation
Begrudgingly she admits that her comfort level
In this experience will depend on her acceptance
Cause if she chooses to resist – things gon get real ugly
Heyul – the humidity alone will off her
Hardliner feels the sting of frustrated tears
But she refuses to go down punk ass in Tarzan’s Kingdom
Damn it – her Irates have left her alone in this place
Despite her righteous indignation –
Hardliner feels this loss most keenly

The thing with young people today is that
They wear entitlement like second skin
Much like those plush purple robes you are flaunting
Such a heavy load baby – you are a Queen
There is no need to prove or assert it to the world

One would think that by now Hardliner would be used
To these cray – cray supernatural shake ups
But like every other time – such as this right here moment
Sista pisses on herself
So she finds herself – neked – as a wee baby
Standing before a council of Earth Mothers – three to be exact
Whose eyes bespeak an ageless wisdom
And who could big mama slap the black off her
Cause they look like they don’t take no mess
And the pee a keeps on running
The Earth Mothers are dressed in white flowing robes
Their heads wrapped in coloured cloths
And there is a light about them that touches
Hardliner’s spirit in such a way that she begins to shake
She can’t speak – can’t think
Basically – she wants to curl up into a ball and weep

Such a scrawny little thing
The Mother with the yellow head wrap remarks

Excuse me? –
Hardliner may be in awe but she don’t take…

She is easily ruffled too
The woman wearing a sky blue head wrap observes
A knowing smile tugs the corners of her mouth
And Hardliner shifts uncomfortably – dang that pee
She feels like a little gurl being talked about
By elders – over her head
You are a Queen – she tries to reassert herself

Well what do you expect with that narrow back
Square your shoulders chile – broaden your back
If you did not have that rich iron ore inside your spine
You would not be here

Now that one gats the fire outta the three
Hardliner makes a mental note to herself
Never mind that her knees are still shaking
This earth mother’s head is wrapped in a blazing red
And she moves like she one with her power
It does not own her and neither does she own it
But wields it in the manner for which it was given to her
Hardliner surprises herself with such intuitive reasoning

It is a little bit more than that dear
Spirit moves in ways that you will not understand
Until the anointed time
This is your journey but you are not in control
God operates on a need to know basis
You will have the necessary information when it is needed
I am Almah

Lady in red – Hardliner mutters

This is Renah
The elder with the yellow head wrap steps forward
Her eyes holding mischief

This is Nanna
Blue – Hardliner acknowledges
As the elder woman gracefully steps forward

Lawd – this gon be interesting Hardliner muses
What she gathers is that she is here
To fill out her so called scrawniness – thank you Ms. Renah
But she is a conqueror of thrones – a Grand Dame Queen Beast

Chile – you haven’t started conquering yet
You are still too clean to be that brave heart conqueror
You aint bloodied enough – your scrawny arms
Can’t even hold up your heavy sceptre and sword for too long
Where you are going – the battles will brutal and bloody
Because you will have to face the holy grail of your pain
And battle through all your dirt and grime
To come out on the other side
It is a messy business baby
But it will give your Reign substance
That is what yall young folk don’t have
Yall flaunt your warrior swagger but it aint nothing but air
We gon fill you out nicely baby

Almah speaks with gravity in her voice – her stare vary direct

Bam! –  Hardliner is on her knees – again

The only place from which you can start
This will be the journey of practice not theory

The graceful one – Nanna speaks
You can germinate as many epiphanies in your mind
But they prove useless until they are birthed in your soul
And manifested in your actions

Hardliner feels like she is going off
And she already cray cray
But this right here is something else
Cause she is suddenly hoisted and given a scrub down
With something that leaves her skin feeling raw
Dang – she gats sensitive skin –
That betta be non-comedogenic
Lawd – dem women could be a little gentle on a si…

Shut up – you whine too much
Ms. Almah don’t mince her words

This scrub down is rough – with their pungent
Herbal mixture assailing her nostrils
But Hardliner’s spirit feels lighter – as negative energies
Are scraped and scrubbed off her body
She is then cleansed by a heavy downpour of water
Chrystal clear and cold as hell
And her knees hit the ground once again
Olive oil – scented with sage is liberally poured onto her head
Which migrates down her forehead and temples
To her mouth and then her chin
The taste is real funky – but there is no time to whine
As sista is shaking – right down to her boyo – the core of her being
Where all her dreams – hopes – aspirations lay
And the ageless women are chanting –
They sing songs of praise as they enfold her
In a large white calico cloth
And Hardliner is undone – weeping like a baby
What is this place she has come to?

Rise up daughter
She’s assisted by Ms. Renah – whose melodious voice
Uplifts her spirit even more
You walk with God – know that within your soul
You can overcome anything

There is joy here – in this place of doing
She may not be where she wants to be
In her career – her relationships – her life’s work
But she does knows where she wants to be
And Hardliner has decided to live in this space of doing
Instead of wallowing in one of becoming
Because everything she needs to fulfill her purpose
And all the bounty that comes along with it
Is already anointed by her Father – the Great I Am
And so it begins – Hardliner acquiesces

Amen! – The Earth Mothers chorus


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