Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Walking the Talk


Yeh she knows cussing aint gon get her anywhere
Except a protracted stay in Pisstossity Ville
It aint no way for a Queen to behave
And Hardliner is down for squeezing peace outta a stank situation
But hey – sometimes shit’s real
When a sista gats to secrete some ratchet from her pores
Cause dem mutha fu – umph
In all her pisstossity Hardliner is lucid enough to
Realise that the impulse to squeeze peace outta
This here stank situation is very strong
Because the profanity coming from way down deep inside her gut
Is stubbornly lodged in her throat

The power of pray is awesome

Hardliner scowls at their remark
Whilst her left eye begins to do it’s twitching dance

Praying to subdue the ratchetossity of your Ego
Should not be taken lightly – give thanks Boo
Blessed is the day for all who rejoice in the Lord

If she was not so incensed – she’d be laughing right now

Go’head get your laugh on – you need it
Bust a sweat to that Happy anthem you love to hate on
Instead of ratchetossity clogging and destroying your pores
Let Happy move within you
Until its light emanates through them

Hardliner aint amused by the sudden decibel popping
Happy dance song all up in her dome – coupled with
The image of a capri and bow tie wearing Pharrell to boot
In response to the bottleneck congestion of cuss words in her gullet
Hardliner closes her eyes in resignation and welcomes
The divine lesson that has rolled up on her gates
Now – it was just recently – when she was face down
In supplication to the Great I Am about something
Cause it is always something with sista gurl
But now – again – here she is – channelling Ms. Diva
Who is back to her old tricks
Well – some of them don’t work like they used to
RIP her potty mouth
Which is indeed mournful cause like she said
There are times when shit’s real
And another thing – shit aint no respectable cuss
But this situation right here is not about being
Able to mouth off real foul

Then what is it Hardliner? they ask pointedly
Cutting her diva rant off at the knees

And for the life of her – Hardliner does not seem to know
Which brings her to the startling conclusion
That she is being foul for no reason
This implausible revelation rankles her
Because – come on – she is not that type of diva
The consummate drama queen kind
Who fronts urbanity – but really wears ratchetossity
A whole lot better
And Hardliner would not place herself in the same
Hemisphere with anything that is wholly ratchet

Nevertheless – you have been acquiring some serious real estate
In Rachetossity Ville of late
Weren’t you the one who labelled your tongue the neighbourhood hoe?
Or is that your simple poetry?

So yall gon keep slapping a sista upside the head
With idle words that she mouthed awf?

That’s right – you mouth awf – uselessly
Acting like you are ignorant of the power your words reverberate
Even when the shit is coming down real
You are still a queen – do not demean your station

Hardliner sucks her teeth – well – underneath her breath
Like a little girl who daren’t step up to her mama
Dem Irates act like queens aint supposed to explode
A couple of bombs when things come at them real foul
Heyul she is still a recovering Misdemeanour diva

Who is wallowing in that recovery
How long are you going to milk your recovery status?
You are still in the process of becoming
All your energies are tied into that becoming
When are you going to step into the place of being?
Either you are a Misdemeanour Diva or you are not
There are no sometimes – on occasions – every now and again
Little girl shit is always real – life is always real
But mouthing awf in those real situations shows that you lack
The grace – maturity and substance to move beyond them
And Hardliner you know the stuff you are made off
You are so much more than mouthing awf

Hardliner is surly
It is not like she is camped in Ratchetossity Ville
She gats lingo – she be a diva like that
So she may say a couple of thangs – all in the name if jocularity
Like her tongue is lose and free like the neighbourhood hoe
But it don’t mean that she is Sha-nay-nay from the hood
It just means that she don’t take no kind of bullshit
She closes her eyes in exasperation
The neighbourhood hoe has struck again
And then there is that happy ass Phrarell song jacking up her dome
But Hardliner gon step into that space of grace and maturity
Really – she gets what her Irates are saying
She is all about the spiritual life in theory
And is not fully present in the practice of it
The fact is – sista gurl has no excuse for being a Misdemeanour Diva
Because she has outgrown that girl
Her queen has ascended that throne
But still – Hardliner has held on to that part of herself
Because she likens this image to the meaning of badass – a diva
Plus – her own euphemism of Misdemeanour diva
Draws that cute chuckle from folks
And Hardliner loves her some attention
Especially when she gats her whit going on

Dang – sista gurl is going deep in this session
It has her sweating all of a sudden
And she is feeling the urge to shut down

Own this ah ha moment Boo – her Irates state

Oooooooh – lawd
There is a part of Hardliner – maybe it is a Leo thing
That loves the attention she gets from portraying
This ballsy talking – badass broad
Whose tongue is loose –

We know – like the neighbourhood hoe

The deadpan humour aint flying right now

No Hardliner – you don’t have a Leo thing
You have an Ego thing
The lie Ego feeds you about you not being enough
So you now have to act out of your spiritual countenance
To be something that is unworthy of you …
But you are on stage – and you like people feeding off your
Misdemeanour vybe
Even if you know within yourself that you can do better
Than to mouth awf – to be disobedient – impertinent
Have you ever considered that your Misdemeanour behaviour
Is your armour against feeling the vulnerability of living authentically?

You see this is the shit right there –
She was not expecting that wonderfully – insightful revelation
Cause like quick silver lightning sista is all sweat out
Huffing – puffing – pushing out a breakthrough
That threatens to gut her
Yall trippin’

No this situation just turned real – for real
Step into grace and deal
That is how your queen gets her substance

Hardliner realises that it is easier to be that Misdemeanour diva
Than be the person who she is meant to be
And when she wears her Misdemeanour armour
She is actually short changing herself
Because she sells a false image – one that overcompensates
For her feelings of lack
She needs to be more than that conservative lady
Who speaks well
Who does not use profanity
Who is unfailingly polite
Who never goes against the grain
She needs to be MORE

Sweet Jesus – dem labour pains are a bitch
This breakthrough is turning her inside out

Her Irates ignore her melodrama with their sublime impassivity
Mama the only way to go against the grain
Is to be true to yourself
This is the hardest thing that anyone can do
Because to live in the space of authenticity
You have to be prepared to break the bonds of friendship
When they do not serve your greater good
To go against the will of family when it fights against your spirit
To stand up for something that is bigger than you
When all stand against you
Being you without apology Hardliner – is the epitome of badass

Clarity comes like a baptism by fire
Hardliner gets it that she does not need to have a mouth like a sewer
Or to pimp a stank attitude half the time
But dang it – she is human
Even the most spiritually put together gats their awf days

Then have your moment
Why do you focus on reactions to jacked situations
That have not even happened?
Why do you need the O.K. to wild out Hardliner?
But in your moment – be mindful that Ms. Ratchet
Will tempt your tongue to go back to its hoeing days
You will know when you have moved beyond recovering
Into being recovered – when Ms. Misdmeanour Diva
No longer serves her purpose in your life
When you aint feelin’ her no more
You will have moved from doing this process to the done deed

This is a mean ass break through
Hardliner has learned that she impedes her spiritual progress
By staying in the process of becoming
As if she is waiting for the appointed time to magically
Arrive at the state of being
And it dawns on her that she has existed in a state of limbo
She has not overcome her situation and yet
She is not the same person she used to be
And maybe her Irates are right
Could it truly be that Hardliner used her Misdemeanour Diva status
To sabotage her transformation?
Lawd – what if she already is that Grand Dame Queen Beast?
Yet keeps herself small by playing her Misdemeanour role out of fear
Her fear of assuming ownership of being all that this great lady entails
But more importantly – commitment to manifesting her ideal superwoman
Dictates that she boldly step out on faith in herself
To not only talk the talk but to walk the walk like a beast
The latest revelation to hit Hardliner’s dome is that
It has been easier to claim responsibility for who she is not
Than for who she truly is

When you step from the process of becoming into the place of being
It also signals to the Universe that you are ready for the
Next level in your spiritual blooming

And Hardliner – being a perfection junkie
Has been holding herself back because she…

Personalise – her Irates interject

Lawd Jesus –
I am afraid of owning my shit – eh badass
Because then I would have to defend it
Nurture it – proclaim it – be it
I fear failure cause I don’t feel that I am enough for greatness

Jeeeze – this is some shi – crap
Where the hell did that come from?
And is it her or has that Pharrell boy gotten louder
“Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you”

Greatness does not come into being with self-actualisation
It starts as a seed that germinates in your mind
To blossom into something spectacular
If you think that you are great – then you are
Affirming that you are worthy of greatness
People don’t just become great over night Hardliner
They must start off believing that they can achieve great things

“Can’t nothing bring me down
My level’s too high – Bring me down
Can’t nothing bring me down”

Oooooh – that song aint half bad
Its jive – seeping into her blood
And Hardliner is feeding ravenously on its high
She thinks she gon rent out her digs in Pisstossity Ville
Dang – mama’s feeling good

You are celebrating your victory

Yeh – but that breakthrough was jacked

And you handled it

Yes I did
Cause I am a Grand Dame Queen Beast

Loud and strong mama!


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