Queen of Thrones Chronicles: Holy Ground


A sista could get used to this
All decked out in warrior gear and with a smooth
Sleek sabre that whistles when brandished
Hardliner checks herself out
Yeh a diva could get used to this
Feeling all powerful and shit!

Hardliner snap out of your Xena Warrior Princess reverie
Ms. Ego is pulling a resurrection on you

Hardliner sighs – can’t a sista admire her swag
For a little while without yall whinging about
Hubris and bravado pulling a coup on Planet Hardliner

A warrior’s garb don’t make the warrior Boo
In case you had not noticed your Queen is at war
There is no time for admiring the image of bad ass
It is time for embodying it

Well the Irates are in good form today – Hardliner muses
She has been a little off centre for some time now
When her Queen rode into war Hardliner
Was caught up in the act of proclaiming war
Rather than planning the strategy that would enable victory
Oya’s winds were fierce – their drumming séance spurring
Her pursuit of perceived justice through prayer and meditation
Bottom line – sista gurl is in this here situation – in which
She feels wholly incompetent cause she aint gats a game plan
Her transforming winds still terrorise the battlefield
But where they once bolstered her ego – they seem to
Be impeding her progress

Who you be in this battle Boo?

Lawd have mercy – her Irates gon pull out
This question at a time like this
But she’ll humour them
Hardliner loses some of her hubristic steam
When she finds that she cannot answer their simple question

That sword don’t whistle the same no more – does it

Gawd – Hardliner groans

He is the missing link in your situation Boo
Who are you in this battle?
What is your purpose here?
What is the end gaol?
Most importantly – where is God in your situation?
He clearly is not the Commander in Chief
You may think that you have surrendered to God
But you act that you are directing this battle
Lay down your sword and disrobe your armour Hardliner
You are on holy ground

Say what?
She don’t gats time for mind games
Her career is at a standstill
She is fighting everyday to stay positive in a job
That is hell bent on sucking the life out of her
What Hardliner wants to feel – is passion for doing
Something that she loves
Working on projects with purpose and immense satisfaction
And on the real – money aint an issue
This is more about giving her life meaning than
An upgrade to the peanuts that she is making
O.k. begrudgingly she admits that she’s a little salty about that fact
But she’s tired of all the workplace bullshit games
She is beyond wary of the slander and lies
Hardliner is in a situation that is muddy and insanely unpredictable

In other words you finally realise that this situation aint about you
Her Irates state in that prosaic manner of theirs
Do you believe that God will see you through this Hardliner?
“Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my word shall stand forever”
Do you stand on his promise to do right by you?

Yes – yall – come on now

Then you have to get real and admit that
You do not know what the hell you are doing
You do not have a strategy
And fear of the unknown is giving you a whooping
Turn this situation into a sanctuary Boo
By surrendering control over an outcome that
Has not and may not even happen

Her prostration is so effortless that Hardliner fails
To register the moment her knees hit the ground
With her arms outstretched – to laying flat face down
Yes – this is one of dem days
When her situation has become a sanctuary
This sanctuary is the holy ground her Irates were talking about
Lawd I don’t know what to do here
I am floundering around on this battlefield
Wielding my whistling fly ass – eh pardon me – my sabre
All in your name but not in accordance to your will
I feel lost because this comeuppance aint doing down
The way I envisioned
Hardliner is between breaths – sobbing – then gasping
This is some deep shit

This is you being real with God Boo
Your armour right now is not ballsy rhetoric
Not that fierce mien
It is your surrender of the situation to your heavenly Father

And right now Hardliner listens to God telling her to
Lay down her weapons and wait
To be silent –
To humble
To embrace her feelings of vulnerability
To acknowledge her fear but face it down anyway
And most of all – to be patient
Because he has a master plan that is already in motion

Then this is what you will do Hardliner
A critical factor that determines a victory or produces defeat
In battle – is timing
Knowing when and how to act becomes your strategy
And you have to check in with God everyday Boo
You come to him naked – without your Ego bitching at your heals
Get clear with what you want out this
But remember – your situation is not about you
God has placed you in it to learn something about yourself
To shape and define you into the woman you need to be
So that you can fulfill his plan for your life
And anything worth having comes at a price
Meaning – it will not be handed to you on a silver platter
You gats to show up for the fight
Then God – your Commander in Chief – will pave the way to victory
And make no mistake Hardliner – this is his victory – not yours
But the ultimate war will be waged within
Remember you are in the throes of transformation
This situation will trigger self-doubt
The cruel inner voice that loves to steal your joy
Will ask you – who do you think you are?
It will tell you that you are punk ass
It will taunt you – how you lack commitment and faith
It will mock your perseverance
Keep your daily prayer dates with God Boo and follow his edicts
Only then your Queen will manifest badass in this war

Hardliner arises refreshed
She has prostrated before her heavenly daddy numerous times
And every single time – the experience hits her differently
Every time she feels like she has been baptised
Every time she knows inwardly that it will not be the last
This is it – the crux of the battle
Oya is up to something because her winds carry that
I know something you don’t know kinda vybe
But sista gurl gon be a crouching tiger
Yeh – God is her Commander in Chief
But she is a warrior nonetheless
And sometimes the only thing that the badest warrior
Out there can do – is to be still and wait for their moment
So that is what she gon do

At a girl – her Irates approve

And yeh – she gon look fly as heyul doing that!

You win some – you lose some they sigh


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