War Cry Chronicles: War cry


What is it about a vast ocean that shows man just how
Vulnerable and insignificant he truly is – in the grand scheme of life
Hardliner is wrestling with the latest breakthrough to land on her Planet
And let the truth be known – she don’t like it
Cause there is just some shit that should be left alone
Sista stares down the wild body of water swallowing up her horizon
Thinking how breakthroughs are so indiscriminate and what not
And why must everything have an expiry date
Basically – her joyous welcome of this ocean scene has expired
Spirit might as well just take her somewhere else
Give her a waterfall to look at or something
Oh – coming to think of it – lose the water all together
Just get her outta here

Hardliner presses pause on her woe is me – even she’s tired of herself –
Antsy and uncomfortable – she wishes this little situation
Would just leave her the hell alone
She thought that this issue was buried – in an unmarked grave
Somewhere beyond her deepest deep
That is why she forgot about it – cause it was – well – calcified
Calcified shit is supposed to be –

The familiar energy of her Irates
Hit her with all the spunk and attitude of a fresh spring breeze
The kind that makes one question if Winter really up and died
Their ultra dry wit has hit the ground running
Not giving a sista no preamble or nothing
Well how yall been?
After dropping Ms. Almah on a sista
That Earth mother was a trip
Next time do a sista a favour – put a warning label
On the hardcore spiritual guides that yall drop on my door step

You have to take this up with a higher power
The Great I AM sends the teachers
We – facilitate the process
So what is your gripe mama?

Is there no sanctity in hiding places no more?
Can’t a sista just leave her stuff in unmarked graves
Without holy self-awareness digging it up?

Well that calcified stuff self-awareness dug up
Has caused the turbulence in your waters

A steady silence prevails – a silent dialogue between
Hardliner and her Irates
This consciousness / angels / spiritual guidance
Has held her down – has been her ride or die
For the past eighteen years – although they can send a sista
On frequent vacations to Pisstosscity Ville too
But they have been true gold
The most she could do is trust them
But how does she begin – this breakthrough is jacked

Face your turbulent ocean and breathe
Get a good rhythm going and when resistance finally leaves you
Speak from your heart
Be mindful that you are speaking clarity and purification into
This moment of chaos and confusion

Aint no amount of huffing and puffing can change
How uncomfortable this experience is –
Hardliner moans – looking out at her wild opaque waters
Wincing up at her skies she muses – grey is dull ass colour

Breathe! – her Irates command

Lord have mercy – give a sista time to move into this
Hardliner begins to breathe – still hoping against the knowing
That some divine intervention falls on her – to stop
This here breakthrough from – from…

From what Boo? – let rip your war cry
You are in a hot battle with resistance to face your deepest deep
When you run from your stuff – you calcify them into iron warriors
The truth is a formidable weapon – it carries fire that can melt iron
You have courage in you Hardliner – belt your war cry
Pick up that fly sabre of yours and slay this beast

Hardliner digs her feet in the sand and reaches for
The insecurity hovering in her dome for a few weeks now
She does not receive it – she don’t welcome it
But she has discovered that it has meaning
In the pettiness and inadequacy she feels

Where does it stem from? – the Irates coach her
As she births this difficult breakthrough

Well she aint gon name anybody
Hardliner is testy – birth can break out the bitc – umph
Birth can rattle anyone’s cage
This shit belongs to Sweet Chile – manifested as insecurity

Or more likely showed as feelings of inadequacy
When it comes to?

They leave the thought process hanging
Waiting for her to fill the empty space

Someone very close to her heart
Why should she feel this way?
There is no competition issues
They walk two different paths – yet find themselves
Mirroring each other’s lives

Get to the heart of the issue Hardliner
You are stalling
– her Irates interject

OK – as a child she may have felt just a bit envious of
Hardliner stops – Gawd – this is jacked – yall are real foul

Breathe Hardliner – take your time – but you are in labour
This breakthrough is coming whether you like it or not

Why must she? – can’t this thing stay calcified?

You have grown – your Queen is sitting firmly on her throne
Simply put mama – you have elevated spiritually
That promotion came in Boo – but be reminded that
The higher the promotion – the deeper your self-exploration
You are strong enough to deal with this
And you have to believe in the people you love enough
To handle this truth

But she don’t want to hurt nobody
She does not want to feel envious of anyone’s talent
The truth is Hardliner does feel some inadequacy
When it comes to a dear cousin of hers
Lawd – that feels so – umph –

Liberating? Her Irates offer – and the truth shall set you free

It is not a welcoming truth though
But it has afforded sista the opportunity to release the
Guilt and shame about feeling envious of a person
Who has done nothing but love and support her
Moreover – this is not even about her cousin
But really about Hardliner’s issues of lack showing up
Now since she is dealing with a calcified issue
Hardliner has to go back to Sweet Chile – her inner child
A little child – with mommy abandonment issues
Would feel some kinda way towards any other child
Coming on her turf – meaning her Grandmother
Lawd – Hardliner stops

Go on mama – you are doing good – her Irates encourage

Hardliner did not like the comparisons
And she felt compared to her cousin
And always felt that she came up with the short end of the stick
Shit – resistance is fighting real ugly right now
Feeding her worrisome thoughts of a backlash and rejection

War cry mama! – let it rip
You are grown and processing this –
All in all expecting to arrive at a place of healing and
Acceptance of who you are and what is it that
The Great I Am has called your spirit on this Earth to do
And Boo – right now you are cleaning house
You can’t be of service as a healer if you have not found
Healing for yourself – let rip that rebel yell

So this is about Sweet Chile feeling possessive
Of the love from her Granny and her aunts
That she believed was being stolen by her cousin
What? – is this some only child syndrome mess?
If this calcified crap was not so jacked she would be laughing
But then again she aint Hardliner for nothing
So she steps outside of the situation to get her laugh on
With a steady trickle of tears down the side of her face
Hardliner drops to the sand – and lays on her back
Sea salt tingles her nasal passage as she inhales deeply
Willing clarity to enter her dome

O.K. – what now?

Deal with your self-worth issues
If you are to become a master at what you are born to do
You have to believe that what God gave you is enough
You do not need validation or recognition
To prove that you are super bad
You are enough – just as you are
You have to believe in your super badness
To believe in that place beyond your gut you are always referring to
That you lose no part of your badass when you are
In the presence of another person’s shining

Blue is back – Hardliner acknowledges the change
In energy around her as she faces skywards
Her favourite colour is blue – sky blue to be exact
Sublime azure – like what the sky is rocking at present
The ocean’s waves are all soft and mellow
They break on the shore in dreamy silence –
The water gently lapping at her feet
And to think that just a while ago this here water was PMS tripping
Sista is contented to just lay there – soaking up all this goodness
This beach looks like a picture of a beach in the Seychells
All she is missing is a lounge chair and a mojito
How’s about hooking a sista up?

Hardliner – don’t push it
And don’t get used to all this goodness
This ocean will test everything you think you are
It will wash up all your debris
You are at war with resistance girlfriend
Your journey will take you to your deepest deep
To dig up all dem unmarked graves of yours
This is your war cry journey

Yeh – that is why a sista needs a mojito right about now!


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