War Cry Chronicles: Gutting out victories


Sometimes a good swift kick up the ass is
All one needs to get their shit together
In Hardliner’s case it breathed life into her game
That was practically dead in the water
For the past month Sista has been lost at sea
Trying not to be pulled under by waves of confusion
Frustration – anger and despair
And sista will admit that she worked that woe is me vybe
Like a trick on a pole
Until the light was being snuffed from her dome
And the paralyzing feeling of being woven into a depressed
And static energy began to lay claim to her
In her panic cries to God about her little situation
She received an infusion of motivation and power
Sista got that proverbial kick up her backside
And was actually thankful for it

Praise the Lawd – cause it came like a super fresh
Just barely out of winter breeze
Rushing through her dome – breaking up and blowing out
The fog and stank air that confusion and despair thrive

Well we aim to please
The Irates respond and Hardliner vows that one day
She will be able to get that perfect – effortless
Blend of sarcasm and complacency into her flow

Sweety you have to go through several reincarnations first
But if you do not have the patience and fight in you
To last three weeks – they leave their flow suspended
For Hardliner to draw her own conclusion
She aint a fool – she knows exactly what it is they are implying
Touché – even though there is funk all up in it – but touché

Hardliner pulls in some lusty breaths
Reaching for clarity and serenity
These two lovebirds have been elusive of late in her life
She has been swimming wild treacherous waters in their pursuit
Sometimes – even being pulled under in her attempts
To get to them –

So you think clarity and serenity will come to you
Just like that?
– the Irates respond

Their tone gats more than a little push to it
Dang yall – her sea is already thugging her out
Yall don’t have to get up in my face too

Girl don’t even think of moving towards that ‘woe is me’ pole
Where is your fight?
Any and everything you want in your life does not come
To you without a fight
You have to fight for clarity of thought against seeds
Of doubt – frustration – fear – anger – confusion
You have to fight for peace when you feel discombobulated
You have to fight for joy when you feel like your sky is falling
You have to fight for your vision while waiting for it to unfold
Don’t you realise that the fight does not end when you come
To knowing what you are born to do – or when you make that
Plan for your life
The fight – the real fight comes when you are just on the edge
Of realizing your goals –
The fight is in the waiting and working for your blessings to unfold
This is where you build up your street cred – that warrior mojo
Where is your fight?

Hardliner will admit that she succumbed to the lull of depression
For the past three weeks
She laid down like a punk to let it walk all over her
The thing is she did not regonise that it was depression
Cause there were sun-kissed joyous days
In between all the dark ones
Sista has learned that you can get your laugh on
And still be depressed
She got caught up in the happenings of her life
Or more like she got caught up in frustrations and anger
At situations that seem hell bent on not improving
Or better yet – not disappearing beyond the rainbow
2015 came and sista was determined to work her vision
Work abundance – work joy – work optimism
But somehow the darkness caught up with her again
Despite her victory shuffle and vow to do better in 2015
Now there are those folk who can work
Their tale of woe because they get something out of it

In your case – how does it feed you? the Irates ask

Hardliner wants to come out on the other side of this experience
With a triumphant war cry christening the air
And her fly-ass whistling saber in hand

Powerful imagery – is that all you’ve got?

How deflating – Hardliner quips

Baby cakes – you have to put in the work to embody that imagery
How does your ‘woe is me’ story serve you? – they press on

Hardliner recognises the resistance within and let’s lose her war cry
Her tale of woe keeps the pressure off her
Although it carries a funky – stank – oppressive energy
She does not feel the weight of great expectation
The realization dawns on her that feeling sorry for herself
And generally whining on about the lack of progress
In her life is used by her to run away from responsibility
It keeps her lazy – but she does not like it –
Hardliner is quick to clarify that shit one time

Then why do you do it?
If it depresses you to succumb to laziness and ineptitude
Why do you succumb without a fight?
Dig deeper Boo – this grave is beyond your deepest deep
Maybe you should lay your whistling saber down
And pick up a shovel

Also short on grace Hardliner sucks her teeth at their retort
She looks towards the horizon
The notion comes to her that on some level only she can
Change the turbulent tide of her ocean
It can get better – after all she was baptized in that water
With her Earth Mother guides around her as witnesses
They helped to get her to this stage in her enlightenment
Her ocean is throwing down some rough waves
And within her – sista knows that she can ride them
But at some point she lost sight of that
Focusing solely on the things that were falling apart
And not on the strength within to deal with them
Hardliner is honest to admit that swimming in the ocean of life
Is scaring the piss out of her
Pee is constantly running down her leg
Cause she gats to deal with issues in her professional
And personal life that make her feel so dayumed vulnerable
And in facing her vulnerability she also battles self doubt
She constantly questions if she is good enough
Of late she has been feeling more like a scared little girl
Than an iron willed warrior who oozes badass outta her very pores

So you intend to drown or are you going to pull
That badass chick out of you and deal with your life

Her Irates hurl their challenge at her
What are you gon do mama?

Hardliner looks for her reaping tools
They must be floating somewhere on this crazy sea
Commitment – faith and joy – gats to be somewhere in this water
Hardliner admits that she lost them
When life’s waves were whooping her ass
What she failed to do was to fight for her shit
Fight to keep her joy – fight to keep her faith
And Lawd knows her lazy ass dropped commitment
At the first sniff of turbulence on her waters

So what have you learned from this? the Irates ask

I have to fight for me – for my stuff or else
I will lose myself to ineptitude
I will lose my destiny
And sista gats to tune in with God on a regular
She has to fight the 4:00am fog of resistance
And laziness to prayer and meditation with her God
This is the hardest thing that Hardliner has and will ever do

It always seems it is impossible until it is done

Dang it – yall gon Nelson Mandela on a sista
But the quote hits her like a ball of light
Illuminating all her dark spots filled with self doubt
Anxiety – fear – frustration and confusion
Hardliner acknowledges the inner pulse that keeps her
Afloat her turbulent tides – even when she is so consumed
With working that ‘woe is me pole’ – completely unaware of
Its presence within her
It is this electric current that has pulled her back from absolute despair

This is your warrior mojo – your life pulse
Resistance to defeat – every warrior has it
It keeps you alive to fight another day
But you being Hardliner – are so wired to resist
That you resist what you should not
And surrender to that which you should be fighting

Lawd have mercy – Hardliner moans
And they are so right – but yall don’t necessarily gats to
Get your gloat on either – she adds
So what now?

That would depend on you Boo
What is your state of readiness to do what is required of you?
People don’t turn into warriors over night
You can wear the armour – eat and sleep in it
But if there is no substance to it –
It is just mettle
And until you know God – it will be mettle
Cause through God all things are possible
Get your but up early and pray Boo to dispel that darkness
Right now the devil is happy cause the further
You move away from your army
The further you become from fulfilling your purpose
Who is fighting for Boo – who is your army?
Who is your Lord of Hosts – your Commander in Chief?

The one true God – sista replies – letting the belief
Resound in her spirit

Then act like you know it when you get the urge
To work that ‘woe is me’ pole

Umph – Lawd half mercy –
But she gon let their jab slither on by
Thy will be done oh Lord – thy will be done


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