The Wilderness Chronicles: The Life that Once was


Hardliner’s world is different
There is no other word that she can use to describe it
She is trying to balance being a mother and a wife
And still be a bad-assed diva at the same time
Being able to balance means
Having to come to terms with the wifehood
The wifehood is not what it is cracked up to be
Little girls are basically robbed by that surreal dream
Of getting hitched in the white gown
Accompanied by the exchange of expensive rings

Getting down to the real brass-tacks of marriage
Is when the woman becomes the man’s freaking maid!
And it is not a gradual progression
Maid duty begins soon as she moves in
Hardliner is sore and badly bruised
Marriage has given her a whooping

More like it is whooped your ass into submission
Ego comments with an accusatory tone
You have quickly taken out that white flag Hardliner

Hardliner is tired of fighting Ego
And that is her problem
She can’t keep from fighting with herself
By trying to hold on to those silly girly
Expectations of the married life
There are times that she feels that she can keep the kid
And loose the husband
Because it is the husband that really terrifies Hardliner
When he was just her lion he went back to his den
And she lazed in her crib – with the comforts of a maid
Now he is all up ‘n’ ‘er grill
And you know – legal sex aint what it is cracked up to be
Domestic labour is not her thang
And no matter how you jazz it up
Being a domestic goddess aint nothing but a maid

What do you want? the Irates ask

Hardliner sighs emphatically
Her first response would be “don’t know”
Rather than to delve into the deep unknown within
Gawd – she just wants to grow up
Without the hang-ups of growing up
She wants to surrender the girl
So that she can become the woman

Wow how profound Ego retorts sarcastically
Will the real Hardliner please stand up?
There is an impostor on your throne

No – its me Hardliner counters quietly
Silencing Ego’s noisy tirade
There is no white flag flying in her dome
She will always be a bad-assed diva
But wifey and mama gats to fit in there somewhere
She needs to get back to the basics
Of being who she was before holy matrimony
Pulled a jihad on Planet Hardliner
There must be a part of her that wanted marriage
Apart from the 99.9 percent that wanted to flee her home environment
Being open with an individual in such close quarters mortifies Hardliner
She is suddenly hit by an epiphany
She is still very much guarded with her Lion
There is still a huge part of her that he has not touched
Or more like seen

So now what?
Yeh indeed what now
This catharsis has brought forth no answers
Just the plain truth that Hardliner has to
Break down her walls so that her marriage
Can view sunrise in that surreal place
Where grown women live in tranquil bliss with their lions
Dwelling on why or how she entered her marriage
And doing nothing about it – has kept her in a state of paralysis
Hardliner does acknowledge that she wants
A healthy and long lasting marriage
But also realises that she is unwilling to acknowledge
And own her internal mess to achieve nuptial bliss
Right about now she is half girl half woman
Playing a grown-ass woman’s game
And until she can look her marriage in the eye
As a woman who has come into herself
It will continue to whoop her ass

Well done
Her Irates commend
Well done


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