The Matrix Chronicles: Duh Hard Truth


Ok – Hardliner swallows
Truf pills are freaking bitter
But she’s diva enough to take it
She gats to at least take all her shit like a champion
Hardliner is house cleaning- so ordered by the Irates
And since it’s the dry season
The sweeping has saturated her dome with dust particles
Inspiring a sinus Irie blues dance party inside her nostrils
House cleaning is never pleasant
And Hardliner is a lazy chick
Sorting out the junk from the fine jewellery
Is painstakingly hard and monotonous
Yeah – she loves to complain –
So what – this shit is hard

Somehow the truf’ pill has lodged itself in her throat
She coughs hoping the nasty little red thing
Would descend into the depths of her intestines
Taking its nasty big/little truf with it
Its bitter taste seems far reaching –
From the deepest corner of her gut to her toe nail tips
Man – if she were Dorothy right how
She’d be feverishly tapping her little red Jimmy Choo heels
Chanting the ‘no place like home” mantra –

But where exactly is home?
Hardliner is suddenly lost in a foggy- weird little Matrix world
After taking her red truf pill
And there is no ultra cool Morpheus to free her mind!
Overwhelmed – she strives to figure out
What the hell is the point to all this
What is she trying to find out about herself
Oh God she could feel the flood gates opening
What drives Hardliner?
What is her purpose?
She is tired of being down this road
Those questions have sent her on an internal wild goose chase
The journey of the magi within thing
That has held her life hostage for at least a decade
Dictating steps to nowhere
Hardliner decides to stop wrestling with the
Choking sensation at the base of her throat and waits
For once she will obey her Irates – take this like a champion
She wills strength from spheres unknown within
And wisdom sure’nuf comes
Perhaps instead of obsessing on answering the questions
Hardliner needs to try to understand them
What the hell drives her?
What does Hardliner want for her life?
Who is she?
Does she like herself?
Dayum she needs a time out
The questions keep coming – fast and fucked up

Morpheus – where are you?

She understands the questions
But she don’t like the answers
The hard truth is that Hardliner is not a fan of her life
She hates her job
She is not doing what she loves
She is lion in her own home and nowhere else
She is a people pleaser and a follower
Panicking – Hardliner tries to vomit the little sucker
Her head spins like a top –
But the truth- pill has already melted into her abdomen
Spreading its adverse reactions throughout her body


Oh dear – oh dear –
Are those tears in Queen Diva’s eyes?
The hopelessness pervades – folding into a hollow ache
Leaving her wrecked and weak
Its bitterness sucking moisture from her mouth and throat
Truf pills pack a punch like Mohamed Ali

“Who’s the badest – mama?” comes a sarcastic voice

Hardliner’s gats the answer for this one
Every now and then the Universe renders a reality check
Why is it that she has to feign badness
Is it to hide her perceived weaknesses
“Tell it like it is Boo
Take it like a champion – no maybes”

What – Hardliner snaps out of the fog

“No baby – Ego has no voice in the matrix” her Irates reveal


“This is rock bottom gurl
Do you want to die here or fight for your purpose”
The Irates persist “you are more than your shell Hardliner
You are more than your life
Get up – take this like a champion”


“Hardliner – you stand up” they answer patiently
“Take onus of your shit – welcome to your sojourn
In the Matrix of Spiritual Retardation”


“Oh – that little pill you swallowed is a one way ticket
To enlightenment – duh – hard way!”

House cleaning you said…
Hardliner’s legs begin to falter as the realisation hits her

“Yeah – the Matrix baby
Length of stay depends on you
Put your bags down Hardliner
Your knees are beginning to buckle”


“Start unpacking baby girl
Cause you gats yo’self some serious shit to sort out
In dem overweight bags of yours”


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