The Matrix Chronicles: Duh Breaktru


When is the real Hardliner going to stand up?
When is she going to realise and accept her worth?
When is the sun going to shine on Pluto?
Dayum this shit is hard

It gets harder before it gets better
Her Irtes counter

But for Hardliner it just seems to be hard period

It’s like she is stuck in a rut
“The do nothing rut’ when she’s been verbally abused
Where is the lion?
Stuck in a rut
Hardliner must be doing penance for something’
She done bad in a past life
She is a terrible liar
Swallowing shit and convincing herself that it’s an acquired taste
Running away from problems is what Hardliner does best
Trying to please people for them to be nice to her is her forte
Hiding all her shit underneath the rug
Has become her life’s work

When is the real Queen Diva going to truly ‘sang’ her anthem

When you start to tell your truth boldly and honestly
The truth simply is
There is no gimmick or frills to it
Any thing apart from the truth is a lie

Hardliner has stopped looking for a way out of her Matrix
Her Irates can put it down like a mutha
Being relentless since she arrived in this other side of hell
Hardliner doesn’t know how to be honest
Without crumbling like burn toast
Hell she could feel her nerves curdling
Like bad milk at the thought of telling the truth
In fact Queen Diva doesn’t think
She’s been honest with herself a day in her life
So what is she afraid of?
Just for the fear if it?
She does not want to ruffle feathers at her own expense
It fact literally becoming an expense
High blood pressure pill popping
Everyday of her miserable life
Is hard time served on her pocket

Who did this damage to you girl?
Her Irates ask

Hardliner’s inner child – Sweet Chile – is very fragile
And hides away in darkness
Under the protective – paranoid watch of Ms. Ego

Why is it important for you not to ruffle feathers?
Ooooh they are relentless today!

There’s no place like ho–
Oh that shit don’t work
Hardliner is in the hot seat
This therapy session is dread
How the fuck does she know

Yes you do
Is it that you seek validation?
Do you feel unloved?
And is this an outgrowth of your abandonment issue?
Chile don’t look for Ego – she aint welcomed in this dome

This is a new Irates
Hardliner observed that from the get go
Yeh – this kind is reserved for the hard nappy-headed
Niggaz who are change resistant

Come on Hardliner
Take this like the champion that you are
What are you afraid of?
Facing fear kills the beast

For the life of her Hardliner don’t know

Bullcrap – you don’t want to face it
Why are you afraid Hardliner?

Their tone takes on some gravity – the kind
That can turn her soul inside out like a sock

I’m imperfect
Holy shit – was this an admission?

And human imperfection is bad?
They answer
Uh just a reminder Hardliner – who’s put the B in bad?
Put the D in diva
Who is I Am – Alpha and Omega

Man they had to go there
Hardliner knows that she is merciless on herself –
But she would never have thought herself to be a perfectionist

Now you know – why do you crave perfection
Don’t look to bail out – you aint off the hook yet
What else?

Dang – dem Irates are hardcore
Subterfuge – she needs some sweet subterfuge
Cause this is a dayum exorcism

Subterfuge is for wimps Hardliner
Something Ego neglected to mention
You can’t eschew this breakthrough – go on

Umph – this is some painful shit
With perfection she is not at risk to criticism
Censure or rejection – abandonment
She feels empowered and totally in control
Sheeeesh – Ego would be suffering a cardiac arrest right now

Other people’s issues gats nothing to go with you Baby girl
The only issues you take onus for are yours
You can’t run away from or try to control
How persons react to situations
You have become a fearful individual
To the extent that you are fearful by instinct
Placing too many rules on yourself
Allowing people to define you

Hardliner is stoned on these revelations
Her whole persona has been a lie!
Yeah she preaches living authentic
But she sure as heyul don’t live it

So now will Hardliner stand up?
Put your truth out there – however painful
But it yours – your journey
And you have tools of expression at your fingertips Boo
Sang it
Write it
Speak it
Embody it

Her Irates hurl their challenge into her sphere
And really – what choice does she have
Her legs feel wobbly – like a fold trying to
Walk into its life for the first time
But at least she is standing on her own two feet –
Planted – for the first time in her authentic earth
Not the fakery that Ego contrived to keep her safe
Gawd – she hopes that faith does not abandon her
Her ass can’t take no mo’ falls

Well find yourself some good Teflon Boo
Cause enlightenment can break bones if necessary
Hardliner give up the juice – surrender to the process
Your nirvana is unfolding – you are not in control of it
Pack on the Teflon – the ride is about to get bumpy

No shit


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