The Matrix Chronicles: The Great escape


Hardliner is channeling the great Houdini
Like any endeavour in her life
This is one reeks excessive drama
Anyway how can one escape their life?
Escape the pallid world of normalcy
That is likely to suck her under like quick sand
The writing is on the wall for Hardliner
ESCAPE has got to come soon – real bitch-ass soon
If she could just figure a way to rid herself
Of the Morpheus trip her Irates glamoured –
Humph – vehglay her into takin

However inwardly Hardliner knows –
There can be no great escape from life
But being the hard headed diva that she is
She gon do things her way
Despite the excruciating pain she’ll have to face
Pitting her will against that of the Universe

For one as spiritually conscious as Hardliner
It is so frustrating that she constantly
Looks for the great escape to handle every
Drama induced episode of her life
And it is futile trying to convince her
That her nigga complex landed her ass
In the Matrix of Spiritual retardation

Ahhh yes – the inescapable matrix
But she is determined to escape it anyway
Dang – she wants to laugh real soulful right now
Cause her situation is so – so – umph

Where’s the balance?
The light?

There’s a fine line separating her morbid reality
From a Twilight Zone of absurdity
Yada – yada – yada
She even misses Ego

“Sista Girl you don’t wanna take it there” her
Ever present Irates warn her off


Why can’t she take it there
It’s not like she will be going anywhere soon
Dayum the monotony of life is just too much

“Yada – yada- yada – oh the drama
Hardliner part – eh what number is it?”

Oooooh humour is it?

“Why do you persist on being a smart mouth
Just for the sake of being one Hardliner
You are more than this – so much more
Acquiesce baby girl”

Dem Irates are a trip
Just like that
Acquiesce to what?
Pookie and his ethereal crew

“The plan that the Universe has set for you Boo
You are so gifted but that has no merit standing alone
Saying you’re gifted and not using it is a sin Hardliner
What is your true purpose in life
Why are you in the matrix?”

Hardliner has to collect her thoughts
Before for they run away to become a bunch of idle sass
The rhetoric that has defined her
Hardliner can bullshit her way outta anything
She don’t want to deal with
What starts out as apples usually ends up as mangoes
It is just that in the Matrix
All this don’t mean shit
What it does mean is that she always
Reverts back to square one without resolution
She’s tired of being tired
What is rock bottom for Hardliner?
Is it the Matrix?
This chasm of emotional retardation from which she can’t escape
She constantly pits her stubborn will against
The natural order to embrace



“Why Hardliner – why is it so hard for you to obey
To just accept who you are
And you know what we’re talking about”

All these words –
Itsy bitsy words with big bitch-ass implications

Damn it yall
Yes – she gon put it out there
She is afraid – AFRAID
Excuse her for not trusting the transparent beings
Floating all up in her grill
And she gon put it out there too
That she aint a fan of all this medium business
The psychic thang – she can deal with
But seeing dead people –
Is a bit more than just bitch-ass freaky
Yall can get over the acquiesce thang
Humph – keeping her ass in this Matrix as a punishment
That is just ill
Plain jacked up

“Is your chest a lot less heavy now?”
Comes the dispassionate reply and they are
So inciting a rachet response

“Hardliner the Universe is not punishing you
But is trying to make you see
That you’re punishing yourself by not following your path
You have removed yourself from Spirit
You know this to be true Hardliner
Why do you let fear control over your life”

Hardliner has never thought about it
Yes fear has all her contact numbers
And even the ones she don’t know
What does she fear would happen
Eh – death – curses – some really nasty shit

“Ok – we’re getting somewhere”

Yeh – anywhere away from the Matrix?

“Gurl you aint there yet”

Jeeze – she did not expect a therapy session
Cause here she was planning an escape

“Apple and mangoes baby”
Hardliner ignores the dry humour swirling
Around in her dome
Right now – she’s thinking fast
If you can’t beat them – then you gats to at least
Try to work with them
So if she tries this acquiescing thing
Maybe the Irates will let up on her ass

“Hardliner the Universe does not negotiate
His way is the only way
Trust in his way – he’ll protect you
Cliché or not – God will never give you
More than you can handle”

Yeh tell a girl that knowing she has major trust issues
Plus she and lazy are real tight
As a matter of fact she also counts
Disobedience – indiscipline and obstinance
As part of her crew

“Hardliner – the master appears
When the student is ready”

Say what

“When laziness
No longer call the shots in your world
Will flood your dome
When you are ready you won’t have to escape
Only conquer
The ball is in your court”

Hardliner recognises real talk when she hears it
Her Irates/angels are on a holy mission
To get her to the place of authenticity and service
And Hardliner knows that she gats to get outta
Her own way first

“Alas – there is hope”


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