The Matrix Chronicles: Graduation day


Hardliner stretches with a lazy – nonchalant flair
She has finally awoken from her coma to a glorious sunrise
Its light so serene
The crisp air is infused with
The summery fragrance of wildflowers
Damn – she half expects Snow White or one of her
Sista prissy friends like Sleeping Beauty
To come by singing to all the birdees and forest animals
In that virginal – saccharine – sweet Soprano voice
That makes her wanna slap somebody

Yea – the sun is shining on Planet Hardliner
She sniffs – somethin’ feels different
And the Irates are giving off a rather complacent vybe
That has put her on high alert
Hardliner feels surprisingly good –
Like a gaping hole within suddenly filled
And she feels so powerful and content
Like she wants to go out into the world in new skin
Healing folks and communing with Pookie and his crew
Oh hold up now – what the fu**#!
This right here is some jacked up shate
Where is all this comin from –
Because she is feeling real good bout stuff
That should stank like a reopened grave

Explain yourselves – she hurls the accusation at the Irates

“Huh?” they counter
Their innocence reeking of fish guts

Don’t huh me – why has Snow white invaded my dome?
Where am I?

“Breathe Hardliner – time has no consequence or meaning”

Panic threatens her unnervingly peaceful armour

Oh Lawd – she done moved planets
They changed planets on her
Now she bonafide scared – or at least she should be scared
Why aint she scared
What is she gon do?
Panic is striking her core right now
Springing her house slave into action

Why does she feel so good?

“Don’t you like to feel good Hardliner?”
They ask with that dry wit

What she wants to know is – where are the ghetto Irates
Guardian angels – spiritual consciousness – whatever
That abducted and slapped the ebony off her
Exiling her ass to the Matrix of spiritual retardation?
Cause she can deal with those
Having come to a place of familiarity with their unorthodox
Tell it like it is counsel

Where am I –
A primal scream to find familiarity

“Peace and be still Hardliner – you already know
The answers you seek”

Silence stealthily seeps into her mind
It Centres her – banishing errant thoughts
Hardliner senses the battle that went down
Within her to arrive in this PLACE beyond planets
It was fierce and merciless
The Irates fought for her
Simply knowing that she is destined for greatness
They fought for her so that she could believe
And acquiesce to this destiny
She is bathed in sage and jasmine
And anointed in olive oil
Being prepared to walk her life in Purpose

Surrender is beauty aint it
Hardliner wistfully concludes

What is it baby” the Irates enquire

Her inner voice comes through surprisingly gentle
I don’t want to lose my mojo – my cray cray
You know – that badass diva who lives on her rock of sass
Third in line from the sun

“No Hardliner – this badge of honour you keep
his honour you have earned”


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