Life on the Outside Chronicles: Adjustment issues


No one said that life after serving time
In the Matrix of Spiritual Retardation
Would be all Disney like – living that happily
Ever after – forever and ever – and ever – ever – ever?
But dayum can she just hang with Snow White
And her crew for a little while
Before the sheeeeet piles on her happy ass
Hardliner is just getting used to living on the outside
And the damn!@#*

Ummph! – Lawd Jesus!
She don’t wanna cuss – no disrespect

But she aint Hardliner the Budda-seer yet

That man she is married too
Wanna jack up her peaceful flow
Cause he gats issues with her spiritual declaration
Heyul – even she gats issues with her spiritual mandate
That supernaturally arrived in her dome
Forever altering her existence
So what the fuck?
Ooooh God she needed that one

She aint no Budda-seer yet

But the brutha done injected her peaceful flow
With negativity and judgment
Burning her up at stake like a Salem witch
To say that she is out of sorts is an understatement
And the beauty in this situation is that
She feels the void keenly from pulling the plug
On her sessions with the Irates
Man – prayer works like a mutha!
But the latest incident almost broke her

This is new to him Hardliner
He needs time to process things
After all he has burned fire on your gift for so long in others
Now the closest person to him lives with spirit in the same way
He does not know how to deal with it as yet
It is a lot to swallow Boo

Oh- excuse me
So now she gats to feel pain and rejection
As an outgrowth of his issues
Y’all know how to kick a sista in the gut

Enlightenment does not come with body pads Hardliner
Suck it up – you are in a state of constant evolution
And your lesson in this situation is to Keep the Faith
In yourself and your purpose despite opposition
But we guess you already knew it

Her is mouth twitching – itching for a sweet ‘n’ sour reply
As the scent of sarcasm hits her dome
Like a strong gust of wind – crisp and clear
Hardliner sucks it up and waits for the counsel
With doubt and indecision equally waiting to crush her resolve

Take a deep breath Baby girl – you’re doing well
Though we did have to navigate through your landmines
Of disobedience and impudence for you to get the lesson
Keep to the plan Hardliner – even when surrounded
By fear – doubt and judgment from others
Yes – especially those who are closest to you
Acquiescing to Purpose does not guarantee you
A traffic-free ride up the freeway to enlightenment
All the potholes are faith builders that
Make you strong enough to own the Budda-seer in you

Hardliner smells that familiar scent of forgiveness
Wafting in her dome and cringes at the implication

Get used to it boo – you and forgiveness are best friends now

She gats to have that little chat yet again
Suddenly knowing that she can’t make the man see
What he don’t want to see
That is a journey he has take for himself
All she can do is just trust her spirit to strengthen
Her conviction – to stir her in the right direction
And politely inform him that his path is not her own

Well aren’t we evolved
Back in the day you would have blown up half his Universe with your jihad

The Irates complement

But we really know at whose expense Hardliner admits
Cause her jihad would have been more destructive
On planet Hardliner than on Planet Libra

Yeh – yeh
She forgives him
But she aint no Budda-seer yet!


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