Valley of the Queens Chronicles: Deep Waters


Valley of the Queens
How appropriate that Oya would
Land her in this desolate waste land
That could easily be the training ground
For a life brimming with infinite possibilities
Hatshepsut has been keeping her company dem days
Hardliner has been so caught up in her own drama
That she has ignored the ancient queen
Who has been intently watching – waiting for Hardliner
To come into her readiness for training
Albeit she does not know when this day of readiness will arrive

“It will come when you least expect it
Like that psychedelic sunset capping off a stormy day
Trust the process Hardliner”

Yeh – though she still gats some anger that is clingy
With separation anxiety

“And that is on you Boo – you are the one keeping
The umbilical cord attached to the anger – cut it”

Hardliner is 50/50 on that one
It is not like she wants to be angry – cause she
Has seen what anger can do to a person
But why is it so dayum hard to get rid of it
Maybe she associates her hurt with it
And so letting go the anger – diminishes
Her severity of those hurts

“Or maybe you feel safe in this anger
Tucked away from the vulnerability
Perceived from opening yourself up to love”

Instinctively Hardliner wants to bolt – like Usain
But she digs her heals in the desert dirt
Spine starched and arched
Heals chafed and lips in needs of lip balm
But sista gurl aint gon wilt under the Sahara sun

Let’s do this
And they go in for the kill right away

“What is it that you fear most?”


“Why Boo”

It leads to pain

“Rephrase – pain from what?”

Rejection and abandonment
There is no safety net in being open
No self-preservation haven
If she cant feel safe with those she loves the most
What is the point to opening up – exposing herself to that
Kind of high risk

“Because that is life – either you live limited
Or you are limitless
You are a runner Hardliner
If you are so bone tired from running away from your life
Then stop running – claim freedom Boo
To soar your skies freely you have to invite love in
Risk everything to walk a life of truth”

The people pleaser raises her head
With eyes bespeaking terror

“There is no freedom without high risk
You have to risk ticking people awf
When standing your ground Hardliner
Be respectful and all that – but with all that due respect
You live only for God and the purpose he has laid out for you
When you love and walk this life with a clear conscious
Sleep in peace when day is done a la Nina Simone
There aint nothing sweeter than soaring life at this altitude”

And there aint nothing more that she wants
Other than to taste that kind of freedom

“Let go of yourself mama” they reply
And then go in a little deeper

“What is it that you do want Hardliner
You spend most of your time whining about
What you don’t want or don’t have
What is it that you do truly want
Not just from your lion – child – family
But from and for yourself”

They gon jack her up with that question

And instantly your back is up – why”

Things are getting uncomfortable – like all the
Fresh air being sucked out of her Universe

“Maybe because right now you do not feel safe
And so you are fighting your blooming
Have you taken the time to find out from yourself
What is it that you truly want from and for your life
Not material things mama – they come and go like a passing wind
We are talking substance
The thing you die with and take with you
As you continue your evolution as a learned spirit
What is it that you want?
Or more importantly – do you feel deserving of it
And do you believe that it is within your reach?’

Gurlfriend is sweating – from the revolution rising within her
First thought would be she don’t know
The answers to any of their jacked up questions
But something within assures her that she does
She don’t like this sudden vulnerability
Cause she knows herself – she is the indomitable Hardliner
She could close her dayum eyes and talk off the
Top of her head about all her monogrammed baggage

“And yet you run from the stuff that
Your third eye can see – and could tell you about if you allow it
What you think you know about yourself
May not necessarily be in line with the truth of your inner being
Below the surface lies mystery Boo
Do you know that what scientists have not discovered yet
Lies beneath the ocean?
You are a surface swimmer Hardliner
Once your feet are touching sand – you’re badder than Flipper
Deep water terrifies you
The thought of delving into your deep waters
Pushes all your panic buttons
Summons your impervious iron warrior Ego
To fling you into the shallow again
It is pill popping time again
We are not going to glamour you into taking the red
This is a conscious decision Boo
Are you up for diving into your deep?
Are you ready to conquer your fears?”

Dem Irates are real hardcore this session
Mellow this streets vybe with some ultra-Morpheus
Where is the cool

Silence prevails

Oh heyul

She has been a good girl for the whole dang session
Aint utter not one cuss

“This is the fear talking Hardliner
But you are more than your fear
Sass is not a viable excuse any more
You are a high queen in training Boo
Don’t demean your station”

So she is about to pop a pill that will lead
Her down into an inner matrix

“Ground zero baby – is you bad enough?”

Hardliner realizes that the Grand High Queen
Is about to make her entrance
Her day of readiness is here
All hail the queen

“And so it begins”


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