High Queen Chronicles: Badass on Purpose


Be who you are designed to be
The Universe made only ONE YOU
Be YOU – organic and authentic
Unapologetically live your purpose
On the point of death
That is how you go hardcore sister
This IS badass on purpose

Hatshepsut lays down a strong flow
Hardliner is in awe of this bad diva

So far she has been a good gurl
Aint uttered not one cuss word or nuttin
Humph – her Irates must be having a good dry chortle
At her expense
Cause they know what they meant by –  “is you bad enough”
To undertake her High Queen training
From the Queen of Badass herself – Hatshepsut
And here she was thinking that she owned badass
Yah – one for their side
Like she said she aint gonna be frick/freaking/ fracking
Up a Yosemity Sam about it
She is here wading in her deep waters for a purpose
And that is to sit squarely on her throne

And so you shall sister

Hardliner has always focused on the end result
In all her life’s affairs and dreams
And never the course of action needed
To achieve those results

Lawd I want this – Lawd give me that
And no game plan in sight
Hell – as Hatshepsut pointedly asked her
Do you know what is it that you really want
This has gotten Hardliner thinking
About her badass philosophy
Cause she is coming to realize that badass
Aint just about sass flying outta her mouth Usain Bolt style
It is about living her life with clear purpose and intent
About knowing what it is that she wants to do
And what she wants to say
How she gon do it
How she gon say it
And being disciplined and responsible for the things
That are produced by her hands and come outta her mouth
This is no easy task for Hardliner
Her modus operandi basically has been to ask for nuttin
Cause someone will always tell you NO
Ego hammered this into her nappy head

“Don’t lower yourself for anyone by showing them
That you can’t get your shit by your own dayum self”

And Hardliner aint no wishy washy chick
But see – Ms. Ego is an underhand biatch
Always on some covert mission to keep
All Hardliner’s truths in the dark
Hardliner acknowledges the truth that she lacks
The self-belief to VOICE her wants and desires
More importantly her objections to things and situations
That are not in alignment with her spirit
And if she does ask for something
She asks for smaller fearing that she will not receive
Whet she really wants
Because aiming for smaller is better than getting nothing at all
Oooooh Lawd – that is some kind of bullshit

Do not judge yourself so harshly sister
Acknowledge your truth and move on
Your self-judgment keeps you in the rut
Now that you are aware of this pattern
Press pause and change the flow

True – dat
Hardliner also comes full circle with the fact that
Like so many people she prays superficially to the Universe
For the manifestation of her wants and desires –
Never giving thought to what it is
That she is really praying for and then half expecting
The Universe to deliver her goods – like yesterday
But she aint gats no plan and no belief
And wants her stuff – like yesterday
Hardliner can see why her flow is jacked up most of the time
One cannot petition the Universe for something
And do not have an understanding of what
It is that they are willing to do to attain it

In deed sister
When you send out prayers of petition to the Universe
You are in fact brokering a deal with the Universe
Who in turn expects clarity of mind
And a purity of heart from you
She needs to know what you are willing to do
To get what you request of her
She needs to see that you are serious
About getting your business
The Universe does not shower blessings on
The lazy and the witless

Hardliner for the first time is at a loss for words
Her sass done gone left her like a pit bull
Pulling a punk ass retreat – with tail and balls
In a defeated position
Gawd the weight of such expectation
What is she willing to do to walk in her purpose
On the point of freaking death
Well this already sums it up

Sister call out your fear of failure
It is bubbling within you like molten lava
The fear of answering the call to challenge
Your punk ass pit bull is really hungry
But has given up her desire to eat meat
Because she lacks the belief that she is
Capable of getting this nourishment
Where are your teeth sister
For once step out on faith
Not simply believing that the Universe will grant
All that you seek if it is in its will
But faith in your abilities to go out and
Do what is required of you to get what you want
Your Queen is ascending
Make sure she rises with the Sun
Strong – determined and prayerful
Settle your score with your issues of lack

How the heyul –

Forgiveness Hardliner
Start first with forgiving yourself
For allowing people and circumstances
To make you make you believe
That you are lacking as a child of God
When in reality you are unlimited
Entitled to endless possibilities
You are open as space itself
Then you forgive those persons
Who created the circumstances
From which you created your story

Hardliner acknowledges the wisdom of the High Queen
Her lesson now is learning to speak up for herself
To ask for what she wants unapologetically
And to tell her truth uncompromisingly
Until then she will remain punkass

Limited – be mindful of the power of your words
You are a High Queen in training sister
You have no choice but to navigate and master
Your deep unknown

Yep – on the point of death

There is no other way


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