High Queen Chronicles: Yes I am


“I am superwoman – yes I am – yes you are”
Go’ head Ms. Keys
Hardliner is vybing on this song real bad
For some reason it has taken up residence in her head 24/7
Right now she loves it like a newlywed getting her freak on
But real bitch ass soon it gon become the 7 year itch
And she gon be ready to drop that sucker like a bad rash
So she fervently prays for enlightenment to come real quick
And sure nuff – she smells a breakthrough a coming ‘round the corner

Lawd have mercy – she is like Old Mother “Hoe” Hubbard
Birthin’ endless breakthroughs until she don’t know what to do
Hey hoe – aint ya heard of birth control?
And if Hardliner could – right now she’d be popping
Dem pills like nobody’s business
Yeh – breakthroughs serve to make her a more spiritually
Enlightened individual – but dang they are painful as hell
This one thinks it’s real smart cause it is coming at her in song
Alicia’s “Superwoman” is on play back mode
Funking up her dome with female empowerment
Makes her eyes mist up to tell the truth man
What the hell is going on?
Why does it resonate with her so deeply
Hardliner muses how many females can claim this title
Straight up – with clear consciousness
From their toenail tips to the very depths of their soul
And screw the world of unbelievers
Existing in such a space must be surreal

What prevents you from existing in such a space sister?
The wise queen asks – her intense stare never wavering

Well she can’t say that she has ever thought about it

Or could it be that you have taken yourself
Totally out of this equation?

Hardliner takes in this ah ha moment without a whimper
Just the soulful acknowledgment that
Her self-visualisation and belief system is jacked
This brings her back to spaces –
Being fully present in the spaces she occupies
And call a thing a thing
It has been her norm to inhabit spaces she don’t
Particularly wanna be in – yet bitch about being there all the same
Umph – it dawns on Hardliner that she has never
Really thought of what it means to be fully present in her life
It would appear that her life has been a series
Of events based on happenstance
She finds that the spaces she inhabits are filled
With nervous energy and self-doubt
Leaving her to wander aimlessly in moments when
Life has called her to greatness
And then there are those times when sista gurl
Tirelessly tries to adapt to a space that she has outgrown
Because it feels safer than inhabiting a new place of being
That offers a limitless sky in which to soar yet
Without the guarantee that life will not pull her ass
Down to Earth at a death defying speed

And so – you have let your limited self-expectations
And weak self-image buoy your flight – at ground level
Because you fear failing in public

Ouch – kinda hash mama

You are a Queen Hardliner –
Meant to soar the skies of Horus
You are no simple thing – why do you keep your-self so small
Take off your chains sister and lay down your weapons
Inhabit the space you are in
Let people see you – not just skin and raiment
A queen is more than her physicality
Let your divinity shine like the Sun
Why waste what the Great I am has bestowed upon you

Hardliner knows what the High Queen asks of her
And that is no small thing
To be present in one’s life demands that they
Operate from a space of vulnerability
Risking failure and rejection as they open doors
To their most sacred treasures for public viewing

And what if they criticize your endeavours
Everything you stand for
What if you walk this life as a confident
Self-enlightened woman spurned by persons
Who in truth cannot bear to walk under your brilliant sun sister
Would you live your life to please others
Thus living a life that is beneath you?

Hatshepsut bores in relentlessly – giving Hardliner
Little breathing space – literally
Sista gurl is hyperventilating –
Cause dem contractions have taken on a menacing turn –
Coming sharper and vindictive
Yet Hatshepsut continues unperturbed

To what lengths are you willing to go
To do right by yourself sister?
Would you not do anything for your beloved daughter
Why not hold yourself up in the same regard?
Your Queen is rising Hardliner
Dare to live greatly
Dare to be worthy of her
And to do so demands that you walk this life
Fully aware of your dynamic presence
And make no apology for it
Open up your heart to life Hardliner
Open your inner doors and let your light out into the world
You will operate from a place of being
That is honest and pure

Forget past mistakes
Do not fret about future failures that may never happen
And if they do sister – so what
The path to greatness is littered with failures
Without failure how can you learn
How can you grow – supersede your own expectations
Do not trade your shining for fear
Do not trade a limitless future for a life of mediocrity
I see greatness in you sister –
Greatness that won’t manifest until you acquiesce
To the belief that it is within you
After all badass on purpose is the mantra of
A superwoman who embodies – yes I am

The heavy mists clouding her eyes have turned to rain
Lawd have mercy – that balls breaking queen
Is stirring up all her emotions

Yes Hardliner – even warrior queens cry
It is not a sign of weakness but one of courage
And stepping out in courage means operating
From a space of vulnerability –
A willingness to open your heart
Allowing yourself to have a human moment
And knowing that by submitting to deep emotion
Will not break you – but places you in
The space of authenticity
It offers freedom sister – do you dare to claim it

Hardliner finds herself rising before her alter
Standing spine arched and ready for whatever
“Cause I am a Superwoman
Yes I am, yes she is
Even when I’m a mess, I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes, I’m a Superwoman”

Ms. Keys is shutting it down with all that funk up in her dome
And the rain a keep on flooding her tear ducts
Sista Gurl is singing too – reverberating clear intent
To be fully present in her life
I am a Super woman – yes I am

Yes you are sister
Yes you are


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