High Queen Chronicles: Spirit dance


As if she don’t gats enough on her plate
Now she gats a resurgence of the Ethereal Pookie and company
To add to her marriage and mama drama
When it rains – it don’t mean it gats to pour
C’mon – here she is – high noon in the dayum Theban dessert
And a rainstorm has still managed to track her ass
Hatsheput is back to giving her death ray glares
Like she is some Sith Lord of a faraway Star Wars Galaxy
And sista gurl could whinge on ‘bout plenty more
Cause yes – damnit!

This is her official tale of woe
Although she has been warned by her Irates not to go there no more
But right now they’re outta sight – outta mind
Sheeeeit – she was on track – dealing with her issues and all
And here come that Oda Mae Brown – a la Ghost mess to jack her up
Just a reminder that she still gats her supernatural dirt
Left idle on her back burner
Dang – there just aint no other way left – except ratchet
To tell the dead she don’t want to be friends
To stay in their paranormal Universe and leave her the fuck –
Ooooooh Lawd help me Jes-us!
Some ratchet came out – umph!
See – see – this mess wanna soil her grace
Hardliner is turning this way and that
Like she gats hot foot – trying to find a spot of dry ground
And at the same time trying her best not to let her sulphurous mood
Leak some more ratchet from her lips
Meanwhile Hatshepsut – silent as a tomb
Watches her charge do battle with herself
The Pharaoh’s calm mien fuels Hardliner’s irascibility all the more

The death ray glares aint doing me no favours sister
Can you get Pookie awf my back?
Her salty words tase the air
Hatshepsut patiently waits for their shock waves to dissipate
Knowing that within this moment Hardliner is trapped
Inside her own cage of fear

By now sister – you should be aware that one cannot
Live outside of themselves

Hardliner rolls her eyes heavenward
She can’t deal with no profound talk right now
This right here is real talk
I don’t want to see – hear – feel anyone who
Has been officially pronounced dead
Been buried 6 feet in the dayum ground – at sea or cremated
It is not my fault they did not get a chance to square
Their shit in the living world before they kicked the dayum bucket
There are millions of mediums / psychics / kooks whatever
Who could deal with their shit
Leave me the hell alone
Now I personalized this – my intentions are very clear
Tell Pookie and company stay in the dayum Twilight Zone

It is not my place sister
To instruct the All – the Great I Am – on the matter
Of bestowing blessings and gifts to his children

Lawd – if she was not a Budda-seer in training
And if she did not recall that intergalactic beat down
At the hands of her Irates –
Coupled with their threat of dismemberment
You know – upon the release of her inner ratchet
She would definitely pop a bitch
Just because she can’t sense them
Don’t mean they aint there with their
Designer knock off shoe missiles

Hardliner – the Pharaoh’s voice sizzles the air
Catching sista gurl’s full attention
I grow tired of your pity binge
Stand in your truth as a grown woman
You have the gift of sight
Fight it or not – like it or not – it is yours
There is no negotiating or compromise
You have a gift that is special

And downright freaky
C’mon now – lets be real
In her neck of the woods – Voodoo looms large
Either someone puts a hex on you or your family
For some perceived wrong or plain jealousy
Folks are walking around with wounded souls
And use Obeah to make themselves feel good
By inflicting pain on others
Dang – she’s veered off track again
But the bottom line is folks think of chicken feet
And cemeteries when they hear medium
Communicating with the dead in her neck of the woods
Aint seen as anything positive

Are you badass on purpose sister?
The Queen poses

Not if it means burning up like a Salem witch
Or her being judged as a “Call Me UP for ah Free
Tarot Reading” Ms. Cleo

She aint no kook and she sure as heyul aint
Gon put herself in the position to be attacked as one

So really you are worried about judgments placed on you
For standing in your authentic truth
You are willing to play the part of a people pleaser

Dang mama!

It is so sister
Hatshepsut’s tone brooks no argument from Hardliner
Who smells a greater threat than that of an Asp bite

It is all well and good to say she is gifted
But another thing to be inundated by vast sea of Spirits
It is like opening a faucet to a wild gush of water
Plus she can’t control this shit
When they come
How they come
How long they gon stay
If they gon jack her up
A control freak don’t do the element of surprise
At all

It would also help your case sister if you would
Desist from watching paranormal reality TV
But you seem to be drawn towards the very same thing
You spend most of your time running away from

One for your side sister

Yeh after her latest supernatural episode
Hardliner was thinking that she’d lay off on
Long Island Medium for a while
Shit – a gurl can’t watch a stupid TV show
Without ghosts thinking that it gives them carte blanche
To do as they want with her

And now sister how does Budda seer fit into your Nivarna
The ancient High Queen asks

Hardliner pauses – well she is rethinking that
All she wants to do is own her shit and get rid of it
Grand Dame Queen beast – without ghosts
Floating around in her dome

I see
The Grand High Queen’s eyes have begun to get their twinkle on again
Like she is about to say some profound shit
Her direct gaze penetrates sista gurl’s core

When persons are called to step into their higher self
It is a scary thing and there is no shame in admitting
That you feel vulnerable in these moments
But sister – the fact is you are a bridge
To the world of the unseen
And you are called into service
To offer the chance of healing to persons in the waking world
It also offers you privilege of helping spirits find peace
By crossing into the light

Eh heh – now she’s a Ghost Whisperer?

Like you don’t know?
Haven’t you not been doing this already sister

Umph – yeh those dreams were intense
No need to remind her

What is it that you fear sister

Let’s see – some Papa Doc to snatch up my soul
And take me into Hades to jam there permanently

It is time free your Control Freak too Hardliner
How can you come into your shinning
Without fully accepting who you are
And you my sister High Queen are have the gift of sight
Ask God for guidance on how to deal with your visitations
Not to prevent them – that is a foolhardy request
The Great I Am – the All – set your purpose
Before you were even created
No harm can come to you from a thing
That you were born to do
Your fear is your biggest adversary sister
Master it and you will taste true freedom

Yeah – Badass on purpose
Begrudgingly she sits in this affirmation
What else is she to do

But to do better sister
When you know it


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