Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Paper and coin


Hardliner is cruising that Yellow Brick
Pimping a reincarnation of Huggy Bear
Fedora hat – floor length fur coat – platform heels
Bedazzled cane and all
If sista gon pimp – she gon go hard
As that wicked bass from the Ojays
‘For the love of money’
Pools in a funky inferno at the base of her spine

“Money money money
Money money money…….
Talk about cash money …
Dollar bills yall….”

Now don’t get it twisted – sista aint sold her soul
To the money green devil
But a gurl does love a good enough hook up
From time to time
Ooooooops – Lawd she just done tripped over that coat
Or maybe it’s the 6 inch platforms she is fronting
Hardliner contemplates her love hate relationship with money
It’s like she is in this relationship by her dayum self
With money continuously spurning sista gurl’s
Impassioned requests for for hook ups
Oh heyul – there she goes and trips over her feet again
This time – avoiding a rather nasty
Facial collision with the yellow brick
Meanwhile the Ojays are preaching

“I know money is the root of all evil
Do funny things to some people….”

Lawd knows Hardliner does not want Oprah’s load
But just enough to do what she wants to do –
Shit – ankle twist and another freaking stumble

God is trying to tell you something

A voice cuts through her Pimping fog
Cutting through that wicked Ojays bass
Licking fiery tongues up the base of her spine

Good Lawd – Hardliner pulls up to a pee inducing halt
If that voice don’t sound like Almah
The fiery – tremor wielding – Earth mother guide
Whose real talk and brazen attitude
Terrorised her jungle experience some time ago

Hardliner looks around her
A considerable measure of panic infiltrating
The conflagration of funk at the base of her spine
Umph Jesus Lawd – she groans inwardly
As she meets the imperious stare of Almah
Who is decked to the nines in her signature red robes
With none other than Silver Shadow at her side
Humour pools in the fiery guides eyes
And Hardliner detects a little mock all up in that humour
Dang – sista feels just a bit silly
As she stands there in all her pimping gear
Especially dem 6 inchers that she thought
She could rock like Beyonce

Hardliner levels a glacial stare at the huge silver furred wolf
Sitting on its haunches at Almah’s side
His tongue lolling out with humour
Traitor – she hisses in his mind

Still acting the fool
The fiery Earth mother states in her blunt fashion

Hi Almah – how you doing?
Hardliner puts as much enthusiasm into the greeting
As that of having a Brazilian wax
This thang aint going like she planned – Hardliner muses
Her legs feel weak as she tries to hold it together
In the 6 inch platforms

Baby girl – don’t do that to yourself
You will throw your back out – take off the shoes
Almah reads her mind
Why are you out of your sphere?
You and Ms. Beyonce gats a different set of lemons
Come on over here chile
Let us take a walk

Hardliner can’t recall at what point
The tears began to wet her eyes
All she knows is that she is a hot mess
Her surrender to spirit begins with bare feet
On the yellow brick
Following a stripping of her pimping gear
Which is replaced by a white calico tunic

So you want money to hook you up?
Almah wields her blunt talk straight out of the gate

Dang – Hardliner moans

What – aint that what you said?

Just a figure of speech Almah

No baby girl – when it comes to money
There aint no figure of speech / jive talk
Money is about its business
And it don’t gats no time for foolery
Money my dear child is a state of mind
Almah looks directly into her eyes
What does money mean to you Hardliner
What does it feed

Hardliner is brought back to a Bob Marley song
Pimper’s Paradise – in which he sings
“Every need gats an ego to feed”

Money has always been a means to an end
Money equals security
Money equals validation
Money equals fly stuff
Money equals health care
Money equals her masters degree
Like she said – she don’t want Oprah’s load
She wants enough to do what she gats to do

And here I am thinking you were
All about living that limitless life
Do you think that an absence money stops you from
Feeling secure – getting your degree – good health care?
Everything starts in the spirit before manifestation chile
Almah looks her over – her eyes alive with wisdom
If money is indeed just a means to an end
Then you my dear have set yourself up
To only be greeted by dead ends in your life

Hardliner pauses her leisurely stroll
To consider the ah ha that ricochets up her spine
To light her dome ablaze
You mean – money responds to my jacked up internal dialogue
Her eyes widen as she takes in the break through
Money responds to what she tells herself about herself

Everything starts off with belief that life is limitless
Haven’t you heard of the saying word – sound – power?
Or the power of life and death is in the tongue?
Money aint just paper and coin Baby
If you see it as a tool for blocking the holes of lack in your life
Then you are really saying…Almah stops

And Hardliner picks up… I am not enough
The energy of lack feeds this insecurity
I ask for just enough because do not really believe
That I am courageous enough to command abundance in my life

To whom much is given – much is required Almah adds
If you keep asking for hook ups Boo
You are telling money that you are not whole
You want just enough to get by
And money aint about just getting by
So if you keep looking at it as a tool to blocking holes

Then I am speaking life to lack – Hardliner concludes
What an ah ha
Money is more than just paper and coin
Many people chase it – believing that will make life anxiety free
But really abundance is believing that you lack nothing
That things are just things
Money answers to purpose – not to desire
Lawd – Hardliner is on her knees with that one

When you live your life on purpose
Money will fall on you like God’s grace
You lack no good thing baby
There is no need to lust after possessions
If you are abundant by your bad little self
Why do you fear
Why do you drive yourself crazy
With going over figures and balances in your head
You gats everything you need –
Cause you lack…

No good thing – Hardliner completes the sentence

Keep telling yourself that chile
Now – you and that backbone gats some work to do
You need grounding power for your next steps
You are stepping into a new dimension
And this transition can gut a person
Who gats soft vertebrae

Hardliner looks at the Earth mother
Effrontery plastered all over her face
I aint no fowl Ms. Almah

I am talking substance Hardliner 
Settle your feathers – that is how chickens lose their heads
Almah pins Hardliner in the eye
You are made of something girl
The time has come to manifest that

I guess you are staying for while
Hardliner quips – hot sauce dousing her tone

Put the hot sauce back in the bag Boo
And get over your self
I don’t need your approval
Now walk up chile – put some of that sauce in your stride

The Earth mother is all about business
Her purposeful strides leaving mini tremors in her wake

Hardliner purses her lips and rolls her eyes
Ms. Almah always gats to have the last dayum say


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