Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Flight


No longer an internal whisper – the voice is deadly serious
It is backed by an intense urge that has made Hardliner
Break out in a cold sweat
Sort of like an itch she is dying to scratch
This shit aint funny no more
But what part of being on the tipsy edge of
Killer cliff is actually funny
Coupled with the fact that sista’s movement
Is limited to forward strides only
Naw – this situation aint dayum near funny – at all

An imperious energy of knowing hits Hardliner
“Why do you wait? – fly!!”

Pee gushes down Hardliner’s leg as indecision
And doubt cripple her obedience
How did her ass end up here from the Yellow Brick Road?
This Oya’s doing – aka Change and Transition
She came outta nowhere and changed up the game – again
Carrying the pulsating energy of drums with her
The bat outta hell analogy is too tame
Naw – Oya is a law unto herself
The Change and Transition goddess rode in on her black stallion
Pimping those lightning bolts and tornadoes of hers
And commandeered Hardliner’s centre stage spot
She is dancing in that spot – as though lit from the inside
To her own fire breathing drums
Now that is a victory dance for the ages


Hardliner is shaking – the inner shake that lives beyond
Bone marrow – way beyond the confines of the soul
In this unknown deep within Hardliner
Oya’s drums of passion have set up shop
Their pulsations triggering tremors through out her body
This breakthrough equals death and resurrection

As if on que – Oya releases a piercing scream
Her feet moving in frenzied steps across sista gurl’s stage – her freaking stage man
Like this chick just rode up on her and snatched her mojo
Like a snatching a weave off of someone’s head
Hardliner beholds the sight of Change and Transition
Whipping and tearing through her stage with wild abandonment
It is a scary sight – yet Hardliner is strangely envious
Cause despite her fear – Oya has sista gurl envisioning
An incandescent sunrise – a birthing of something glorious
The drums are ablaze – their power quaking the ground
Hardliner catches a whiff of hope riding the wings of Oya’s crazy winds

Lawd – she wants to scratch this here itch so bad but…..

Enter here Ms. Ego – fully resurrected and rancid
About Oya’s dominion of Planet Hardliner
Bish are you serious
In case you haven’t noticed – you aint sprouting no feathers
Move away from the Gawd dayumed cliff Hardliner
Your vision don’t necessarily gats to have you flying off a cliff
You know you aint gon fly – far less glide
Bish – you gon die!

Fear releases a stream of acid into her nervous gut

Hardliner looks out – searching desperately for reassurance
Well looking for that safety net magically hidden somewhere
She left her home – relocated to another country
Wooed by her purpose for which she created a vision plan
It was a solid plan too
Enter here – the boil on her backside – Change and Transition
Which blew apart that solid plan of hers
Leaving her to work with alternatives that make her legs tremble

Which demand flight
Almah – the fiery earth mother guide supplies
Her voluminous blazing red robes fan out like a conflagration
Her head is wrapped in a blood red cloth
And she is rocking purpose with a vengeance
Standing strong – buoyed by Oya’s drums of passion

That cliff offers one hell of a view
The yellow brick road looks so miniscule below her
All about her is cloudless sky and it is rocking
An incandescent azure blue
There is that word again – incandescent
Hardliner knows Spirit’s MO enough by now to know that
This here word is of some significance in this
Death and resurrection breakthrough

Oya lets rip another primal scream
As her drums reach a crescendo
Hardliner’s feet inch forward with her heart
Palpitating wildly in her throat
Lawd – she moans – if this situation
Does not make her feel vulnerable
She cannot envision what else could
‘Help me!’
Sista would be on her knees if she could move
Instead her feet creep a few more inches towards the edge

‘Almah – I don’t do heights without safety nets’

Chile even if you got your magical safety net your
Feet would not leave this cliff to save your life

Point there – sista concedes
She is met with a signature stare down
Then earth mother states – let God be your safety net Hardliner
Let go of everything you think you know
And reach for all that you don’t know
Trusting that God will buoy you
This is your living greatly dream made manifest baby girl
If your dream does not scare you – it is not big enough
Aint that posted on your vision board chile?
Let Go Hardliner – surrender your vision
You hold it too tightly against your chest
Anything you want badly – you must be willing
To release it to the Universe
You have attached well laid out plans that dictate
The path to living your vision
But you keep forgetting – chile you don’t control jack

Hardliner purses her lips – like she is about to fold into
A salty rant

Little girl you have come too far to cower with petulance
Almah admonishes
You never listen – aint you tired of getting beat up
By change and transition due to disobedience
Because your plan has not unfolded in the manner
That you envisioned does not mean that you are
Not on the right path
Follow your intuition chile – adhere to the counsel
Of your spirit – trust that counsel
Now show me what you are made off
Take to the sky Hardliner – leave behind all what
You though you knew
Fly! – the earth mother bellows
And the earth quakes beneath Hardliner’s feet
Oya’s drums have set sista gurl’s stage on fire
Oh heyul naw – that heffa did not just burn down my stage!

You don’t need it for where you are going
Death and resurrection boo
Almah states – her eyes are incandescent

Lawd that word – Hardliner moans
She looks at Almah who smiles
It is then that Hardliner sees – it is not Almah’s eye that shine
But her own incandescent reflexion in them
Sista is a flame – who has already taken flight
A sublime peace enfolds her and Hardliner is moved to tears
Glory be to God!

And so it is – Almah’s reply is carried on wings of the wind
And so it is


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