Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Paper and coin


Hardliner is cruising that Yellow Brick
Pimping a reincarnation of Huggy Bear
Fedora hat – floor length fur coat – platform heels
Bedazzled cane and all
If sista gon pimp – she gon go hard
As that wicked bass from the Ojays
‘For the love of money’
Pools in a funky inferno at the base of her spine

“Money money money
Money money money…….
Talk about cash money …
Dollar bills yall….” Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Shining star


There is a word for shit like this
Hardliner is sure of it – although nothing comes to mind
And she could succumb to the lust of Pisstossity
Deliciously warming her belly
But gurlfriend gats to keep her wits about her on this intimidating
Nocturnal trek through an eerie medieval type of wood
And to think – you were skipping all happily doo-da
Down that Yellow Brick like a nut two blinks and a wink ago
Now look at this here sit-chu-ation
Talk about the game changing on your ass
Caught up in her internal dialogue
Sista trips on an errant stone – gifting her an ankle twist
Which she repays in kind with a rancid cuss

What do people get when they get you? Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Seeing me


I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty, and witty and gay,
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me today.

Hardliner is channelling her inner Dorothy
Skipping down that yellow brick – all girly and shit
Cause it is a good day
Albeit she gats a five loaves of bread
And two dayum fish situation
Which has to cover that limitless-full bodied-living
Your-purpose-life-plan of hers
In other words her audacious-pee-running-down-your-leg
Plan of relocation-and-further-education
Aint quite all come together as yet
And sista is done with the worry and the anxiety
Of wanting this thing that is soooooo much bigger than her
To manifest in her life
So she has surrendered her rainbow dream
Knowing that God is large and in charge Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Wide open spaces


The thing about running from personal issues
Is that it creates a blissful buffer
Against emotional discomfort and pain
It provides a wonderful numbed-out vacay spot
Which back in the day – before committing to
Living each moment of her life present
Hardliner would do on a regular
O.K – on the real – sista would lay down good root there
Like a scrub who refused to leave his mama’s basement
Until painful uprooting by her Irates Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Chasing rainbows


Lawd have mercy – it is too dayum early for this shit
The sun is still turning over in its sleep at this ungodly hour
And Hardliner is awake – her dome pulsating with
A classic song from a child hood fairytale
Like nobody never noticed that Dorothy Gale is a headcase?
The chick has been missing in action since this Yellow Brick Road
Experience descended on Planet Hardliner
But now she decides to make an appearance
After all – what is Oz without Dorothy ‘Pigtails’ Gale?

Headache free I’ll bet – Hardliner quips
Wincing as Pigtails slays her ‘Over the Rainbow’ anthem song
Loud – proud – and pitchy as heyul! Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Salted peanuts


“Gurl you know this means war
Dem people just can’t do you like that
You are more than this peanut promotion
You are operating at a level that is not reflected
By the coin you earn – that shit aint right
Bunch of petty- puffed up – hateful
Manipulative – summabitches!”

Ms. Ego is salty and she is letting it rip
Her sulphuric fury is stanking up Hardliner’s dome
Sista knows better than to court an insurrection of Ms. Ego
But right now – her little bitch fit swaddles
Like a warm and comfy Alpaca wool blanket Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Trust issues


Hardliner don’t do quiet well
It unnerves her – quiet folk unnerve her
They are a set of dangerous mutherf-
Umph – see – there you go – sista gurl is on edge
Her new guides look like the ‘cool waters run deep-
And can turn psycho at any moment’
typa folk
Plus that dayum wolf is all up in her grill
With those intuitive luminous ice-blue eyes
This is the most quiet journey she has ever experienced
With any of her spirit guides /guardians / whatever
Dang – this chick don’t talk except when the need
To say something is paramount Continue reading

Yellow Brick Road Chronicles: Shattering Ceilings


“I surrender my ideas of what should be happening in my life”

The words of a favourite prayer
Reverberate in her dome – shattering ceilings
Adding a je ne sais quoi to this here twister inspired –
Gut purging experience

“I surrender habitual patterns that lead to the same results”

It aint no way for a Grand High Queen to be retching
By the side of some road – Yellow Brick or otherwise
Like she gats some deep reservoir of bile to expunge
Umph here we go again
Her soul is turned inside out by a swell of nausea
Mouth dry – body swaying – head heavy
This aint right – this aint the ‘hell or high water’ she was referring to Continue reading

War Cry Chronicles: Fearless joy


Howya doing 43?!
Yes – she is acknowledging it
Claiming it – walking in it
And celebrating being a grown ass woman
Grooving to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ anthem
As the sun gives birth to a brand new day

“Can nothin bring me down
My level is too high –
Bring me down – can nothing…”

Yasssssss – that Pharrell put it down on this joint
Though sista is still giving him the side eye
For his messy collaboration with that Thicke Boy
Ripping off Marvin Gaye like that
Come on now fellas – yall know yall weren’t right Continue reading

War Cry Chronicles: Hell or high water


She could do with that mojito right about now
This here Robinson Crusoe experience
Is working her last nerve
Dem Irates gats her on this castaway nonsense
Digging up graves and whatnot
And don’t let her get started on that big old ocean
Staring her down 24/7
Where the hell Ms. Oya at
Like the change and transition –tornado wielding
Earth quake stirring Goddess is on a break
Tell her that this here castaway scene has lost its touch
And another thing… Continue reading